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The Use of Data Mining Methods to Predict the Result of Infertility Treatment Using the IVF ET Method

References Boser, B. E., Guyon, I. M., & Vapnik, V. N. (1992). A training algorithm for optimal margin classifiers. In D. Haussler (Ed.), 5th Annual ACM Workshop on Computational Learning Theory (pp. 144-152). Pittsburgh, PA, USA: ACM Press. Breiman, L. (2001). Random Forests. Machine Learning, 45(1), 5-32. Kohonen, T. (1982). Self-Organized Formation of Topologically Correct Feature Maps. Biological Cybernetics, 43, 59-69. Kohonen, T. (1988). Self-organization and associative memory (2nd ed

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Online Interactivity – A Shift towards E-textbook-based Medical Education

REFERENCES Bates, M. L., Strother, E. A., Brunet, D. P., & Gallo, J. R. (2012). Electronic textbooks as a professional resource after dental school. Journal of Dental Education , 76 (5), 635–640. Berezovskaya, I. P., & Shipunova, O. D. (2015). Reverse side of multimedia pedagogics: clip thinking. Mediterranean Journal of Social Science , 6 (6) S1, 277–280. doi: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n6s1p277 Bibliotech (2018). Subscription eTextbooks. Retrieved from Ditmyer, M. M., Dye, J., Guirguis, N., Jamison, K., Moody

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Ad Hominem Arguments, Rhetoric, and Science Communication

(29), 3623-3629. Tomljenovic L., Christopher A.S. 2015. Answers to common misconceptions regarding the toxicity of aluminum adjuvants in vaccines. In Shoenfeld Y., Agmon-Levin N., Tomljenovic L. (Eds.). Vaccines and autoimmunity. Hoboken: John Wiley and Sons, 43-56. Walton, D. 1989. Reasoned use of expertise in argumentation. Argumentation 3, 59-73. Walton, D. 1997. Appeal to Expert Opinion. Arguments from Authority. University Park: Penn State University Press. Walton, D. 2002. Informal Logic. A Pragmatic

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Argumentative Polylogues: Beyond Dialectical Understanding of Fallacies

. Eemeren, F. H. van, & Grootendorst, R. (2004). A systematic theory of argumen- tation. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Eemeren, F. H. van, Houtlosser, P., & Snoeck Henkemans, A. F. (2007). Argumenta- tive indicators in discourse: A pragma-dialectical study. Dordrecht: Springer. Fairclough, I., & Fairclough, N. (2012). Political discourse analysis: A method for advanced students. London: Routledge. Fogelin, R. J. (1985). The logic of deep disagreements. Informal Logic, 7(1), 1-8. Goffman, E. (1981

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Distance Learning Methods in Continuing Education of Paramedics

). Effective e-learning for health professionals and students-barriers and their solutions. A systematic review of the literature-findings from the HeXL project. Health Information and Libraries Journal, 2 (Suppl. 2), 20-32. Dąbrowski, M. (2008). Analiza pomiaru efektywności kosztowej procesow elearningowych. E-mentor, 5(27). Della Corte, F., La Mura, F., Petrino, R. (2005). E-learning as educational tool in emergency and disaster medicine teaching. Minerva Anestesiologica, 71(5), 181-195. Ghasemi, N., Falsafi, P., Asl

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Ontological Structures in an Editorial as a Mechanism for the Creation of Meaning in Persuasive Press Texts

). Psycholinguistique textuelle. Une approche cognitive de la compréhension et de la production des textes. Paris: Armand Colin. Dijk Van, T. A. & Kintsch, W. (1983). Strategies of Discourse Comprehension. New York: Academic Press. Delbecque, N. (Ed.). (2006). Linguistique cognitive. Comprendre comment fonctionne le langage. Préface de Jean-Rémi Lapaire. Bruxelles: Champs linguistiques De Boeck-Duculot. Entman, R. M. (1991). Framing U.S. coverage of international news. Contrasts in narratives of KAL and Iran Air incidents. Journal of

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Mediation in Legal English Teaching

, Grammar and Rhetoric 38 (1): Issues in Teaching and Translating English for Specific Purposes (ed. by Halina Sierocka and Halina Swieczkowska), 43-57. Chromá, Marta (2004) Legal Translation and the Dictionary. T¨ubingen: Max Niemeyer Verlag. Chromá, Marta et al. (2011a) New Introduction to Legal English, Revised Edition. Volume I. Praha: Univerzita Karlova. Chromá, Marta et al. (2011b) New Introduction to Legal English, Revised Edition. Volume II. Praha: Univerzita Karlova. Common European Framework of Reference for

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The Use of Cluster Analysis for Non-Continuous Variables in the Assessment of Dietary Behaviours and Physical Activities in Primary School Children

., Eiser, S., Ferrari, N., et al. (2014). Recommendations for promoting physical activity for children and adolescents in Germany. A consensus statement. Obesity Facts , 7(3), 178–190. Hills, A. P., Andersen, L. B., & Byrne, N. M. (2011). Physical activity and obesity in children. British Journal of Sports Medicine , 45(11), 866–870. Hills, A. P., Dengel, D. R., & Lubans, D. R. (2015). Supporting public health priorities: recommendations for physical education and physical activity promotion in schools. Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases , 57(4), 368

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Analyzing Outcomes of Intrauterine Insemination Treatment by Application of Cluster Analysis or Kohonen Neural Networks

References Ahmed, M. N., & Farag, A. A. (1997). Two-stage neural network for volume seg- mentation of medical images. Pattern Recognition Letters , 18, 1143-1151. DeLapaz, R. L., Herskovits, E., Di Gesu, V., Hanson, W. J., & Bernstein, R. (1990). Cluster analysis of medical magnetic-resonance images data: diag- nostic application and evaluation. Proceedings of SPIE , 1259, Extracting Meaning from Complex Data: Processing, Display, Interaction, 176. DOI: 10.1117/12.19984. Derwich, K., Jędrzejczak P

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Mechanisms of Formation of Human Culture in Education

, V., Terent’ev, Yu., Lezov, S., Mironov A., Makhankov I. (trans). Republic, Moscow, pp: 464. Bubnova, S.S. (1999). Value orientations of personality as a multidimensional nonlinear system. Journal of Psychology, 3:37–43. Danchai-ool, A.A. (2014). The influence of civilization processes in education. Philosophy of Education, 5:5–15. Dilthey, W. (1996). Descriptive psychology. Zaitseva ED (trans). Aleteia, Saint Petersburg, pp: 154. Erikson, E.H. (1950). Childhood and society. Norton, New York, pp: 592. Fromm, E. (1993). Psychoanalysis

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