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Transient expression of green fluorescent protein in parasitic dodder as a tool for studying of cytoskeleton

) Analysis of metabolites in stem parasitic plant interactions: interaction of Cuscuta - Momordica versus Cassytha - Ipomoea. Plants 5: 43-57. García MA, Costea M, Kuzmina M, Stefanović S (2014) Phylogeny, character evolution, and biogeography of Cuscuta (dodders; Convolvulaceae) inferred from coding plastid and nuclear sequences. Am. J. Bot. 101: 670-690. Gelvin SB (2012) Traversing the cell: Agrobacterium T-DNA´s journey to the host genome. Front Plant Sci. 3: 52-62. Gould J, Devey M, Hasegawa O, Ulian EC, Peterson G, Smith

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The effect of 2-hydroxypropyl β-cyclodextrin on the stability of polyphenolic compounds from Moringa oleifera Lam leaf extracts in a natural low-transition temperature mixture

C, Miranda S, Zapata-Torres G, Mendizábal F, Olea-Azar C (2007) Studies of inclusion complexes of natural and modified cyclodextrin with (+) catechin by NMR and molecular modeling. Bioorg. Med. Chem. 15: 3217-3224. Kalogeropoulos N, Yannakopoulou K, Gioxari A, Chiou A, Makris DP (2010) Polyphenol characterization and encapsulation in β -cyclodextrin of a flavonoid-rich Hypericum perforatum (St John's wort) extract. LWT-Food Sci. Technol. 43: 882-889. Karageorgou I, Grigorakis S, Lalas S, Makris DP (2017) Enhanced extraction of antioxidant

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Comparison Of Cd2+ Biosorption And Bioaccumulation By Bacteria – A Radiometric Study

, 2006, 4020-4027. HRYNKIEWICZ, K., ZLOCH, M., KOWALKOWSKI, T., BAUM, CH., NIEDOJADLO, K., BUSZEWSKI, B.: Strain-specific bioaccumulation and intracellular distribution of Cd 2+ in bacteria isolated from the rhizosphere, ectomycorrhizae, and fruitbodies of ectomycorrhizal fungi. Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res., 4, 2015, 3055-3067. HUANG, F., DANG, Z., GUO, CH.L., LU, G.N., GU, R.R., LIU, H.J., ZHANG, H.: Biosorption of Cd(II) by live and dead cells of Bacillus cereus RC-1 isolated from cadmium-contaminated soil. Colloids Surf. B Biointerfaces, 107, 2013, 11

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Rutin in buckwheat grain meal determined by UV photoacoustic spectroscopy and HPLC

direct determination of the total phenolic content in red sorghum flours. J. Agric. Food Chem. 52: 2133-2136. Deineka VI, Grigor’ev AM, Staroverov VM (2004) HPLC analysis of flavonoids: determining rutin in plant extracts. Pharm. Chem. J. 38: 487-489. Eggum BO, Kreft I, Javornik B (1980) Chemical composition and protein quality of buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench). Plant Food Hum. Nutr. 30: 175-179. Fabjan N, Rode J, Kosir IJ, Wang Z, Kreft I (2003) Tartary buckwheat (Fagopyrum tataricum Gaertn.) as a source of

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Can β-D-Glucan Protect Oat Seeds against a Heat Stress?

References AMES, N., RHYMER, C., ROSSNAGEL, B.: Genotype and environment effects on oat β-glucan, total dietary fiber and antioxidant activity. Agriculture Agri-Food Canada, 15, 2006, 1-9. AOAC METHOD 995.16: β-D-Glucan in barley and oats, streamlined enzymatic method. AOAC International. Maryland, 2000. BHATTY, R.S., MACGREGOR, A.W., ROSSNAGEL, B.G.: Total and acid-soluble β-glucan content in hulless and its relationship to acid-extract viscosity. Cereal Chem., 68, 1991, 221-227. BUCKERIDGE, M.S., RAYON, C., URBANOWICZ, B., TINÉ, M

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Application of Isotopic Dilution and Single-Step Extractions for Labile Soil Zinc Determination

., 406, 2008, 385-395. LUOMA, S.N., RAINBOW, P.S.: Why is metal bioaccumulation so variable? Biodynamic as a unifying concept. Environ. Sci. Technol., 39, 2005, 1921-1931. FRIŠTÁK, V., VALOVČIAKOVÁ, M., PIPÍŠKA, M., AUGUSTÍN, J.: Simultaneous and sequential extraction protocols as tools for determination of zinc bioavailability in dried anaerobic sludge. Nova Biotechnol. Chim., 11, 2012, 167-175. TESSIER, A. CAMPBELL, P.G.C. BISSON, M.: Sequential extraction procedure for the speciation of particulate trace metals. Anal

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Metagenomic Analysis of Slovak Bryndza Cheese Using Next-Generation 16S rDNA Amplicon Sequencing

. DeSANTIS, T. Z., HUGENHOLTZ, P., LARSEN, N., ROJAS, M., BRODIE, E. L., KELLER, K., HUBER, T., DALEVI, D., HU, P., ANDERSEN,G. L.: Greengenes, a chimera-checked 16S rRNA gene database and workbench compatible with ARB. Appl. Environ. Microbiol., 27, 2006, 5069-72. HOLKO, I., BISOVA, T., HOLKOVA, Z., KMET, V.: Virulence markers of Escherichia coli strains isolated from traditional cheeses made from unpasteurised sheep milk in Slovakia. Food Control, 17, 2006, 393- 396. HUSON, D. H, MITRA, S., RUSCHEWEYH, H-J., WEBER, N., SCHUSTER, S. C

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Effect Of Wood-Based Biochar And Sewage Sludge Amendments For Soil Phosphorus Availability

References ATKINSON, C.J., FITZGERALD, J.D., HIPPS, N.A.: Potential mechanisms for achieving agricultural benefits from biochar application to temperate soils: a review. Plant Soil, 337, 2010, 1-18. BREWER, C.E., HU, Y.Y., SCHMIDT-ROHR, K., LOYNACHAN, T.E., LAIRD, D.A., BROWN, R.C.: Influence of extent of pyrolysis on corn stover fast pyrolysis biochar and soil properties. Soil Biol. Biochem., 41, 2012, 1115-1122. DE LA ROSA, CH., PANEQUE, M., MILLER, A.Z., KNICKER, H.: Relating physical and chemical properties of four different biochars and

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Influence Of Fine-Grained Montmorillonite On Microfungal Pellets Growth In Aqueous Suspensions

.-M., CHANG, Y.-N.: Effects of fungal pellet size on the high yield production of destruxin B by Metharhizium anisopliae . Enzyme Microb. Technol., 34, 2004, 22-25. FOMINA, M., GADD, G.M.: Influence of clay minerals on the morphology of fungal pellets. Mycol. Res., 106, 2002, 107-117. GONCIARZ, J., BIZUKOJC, M.: Adding talc microparticles to Aspergillus terreus ATCC 20542 preculture decreases fungal pellet size and improves lovastin production. Eng. Life Sci., 14, 2014, 190-200. JESENÁK, K.: Zrnitostná charakteristika bentonitových suspenzií. Zborník

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Interaction Of Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticles With Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Modifies Secondary And Tertiary Protein Structure

. Cambridge University Press: New York, Humana Press Inc., Totowa, NJ., 2006, 261-275. JIN, L., ZENG, X., LIU, M., DENG, Y., HE, N.: Current progress in gene delivery technology based on chemical methods and nano-carriers. Theranostics, 4, 2014, 240-255. KHAN, T., AMANI, S., NAEEM, A.: Glycation promotes the formation of genotoxic aggregates in glucose oxidase. Amino Acid., 43, 2012, 1311. KUMAR, P., RAMALINGAM, S., SATHISHKUMAR, K., KOREAN, J.: Adsorption characteristics of methylene blue onto the N-succinyl-chitosan-g-polyacrylamide/attapulgite composite

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