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Disrupting video game distribution
A diachronic affordance analysis of Steam’s platformization strategy

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Linguistic and Non-Linguistic Elements in Detecting (Hungarian) Fake News

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Polish as a Foreign Language: New Context, Regulations and Prospects

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Moral Neutrality of Religion in the Light of Conflicts and Violence in Mediatized World

evolutionary roots of property rights, In K. Sterelny, R. Joyce, B. Calcott,B. Fraser (Eds.), Cooperation and its evolution, Cambridge MA, MIT. GUNNING J., JACKSON R. (2011). What’s so ‘religious’ about ‘religious terrorism’? Critical Studies on Terrorism, 4 (3), 369–388. HANSDAK S. G., PAULRAJ R. (2013). Are we doing harm by omission? Addressing religiosity of the mentally ill,World Psychiatry, 1 (40). HERZFELD N. (2007). Lessons from Srebrenica. The Danger of Religious Nationalism,Journal of Religion & Society, Supplement Series 2, 110

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Necromarketing as Advertising Strategy in American Television

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Cultural Taboo in Advertising. Differences in the Transmissions of Audiovisual Advertising in American and Hindu Market

the Spheres of Justice, “Political Psychology”, 18(2). Guarian Fashion (2011), Benetton’s most controversial adverts [online: May 6, 2018], https://www.theguardian. com/fashion/gallery/2011/nov/17/benettons-most-controversial-adverts; HALL E. T. & HALL M. R. (1987), Understanding Cultural Differences, New York. LEŚNIAK-MOCZUK K. (2015), Kobieto, kim jesteś we współczesnym świecie?, „Nierówności Społeczne a Wzrost Gospodarczy”, nr 43. MACH Z. (2002), Tabu

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