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Bide Nu Æt Gode Þæt Ic Grecisc Cunne: Attitudes to Greek and the Greeks in the Anglo-Saxon Period

References Adams, J. N. 2003. Bilingualism and the Latin language. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Amsler, Mark. 1989. Etymology and grammatical discourse in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: Benjamins. Bately, Janet. 1980. The Old English Orosius. (Early English Text Society, Supplementary series 6.) Oxford: Oxford University Press. Bodden, Mary Catherine. 1988. Evidence for knowledge of Greek in Anglo-Saxon England. Anglo-Saxon England 17. 217

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In Defence of the Textual Integrity of the Old English Resignation

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Teaching Punctuation in Early Modern England

-102.) Hill, John 1696 The young secretary's guide. London: Printed for H. Rhodes. (pp. 101-104.) Hodges, Richard 1644 The English primrose. London: Printed for Richard Cotes. (pp. N2v-N3.) Hodges, Richard 1653 Most plain directions for true-writing. London: Printed by W.D. for Rich. Hodges. (pp. 40-42.) Hogarth, Richard 1689 Thesaurarium trilingue publicum: Being an introduction to English, Latin and Greek. London: Printed by J. L. (pp. 42-55.) Johnson, Ralph

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Laurence Housman’s The Moon-Flower and Victorian Mystic Imagination

Wind . London: Strahan & Co. MacDonald, George. 1976 [1890]. The fantastic imagination. In Lance Salway (ed.), A peculiar gift. Nineteenth century writings on books of children , 162–167. Middlesex: Penguin Books. Patmore, Coventry K.D. 1893. Religio poetae. London: G. Bell. Prel, Carl du. 1889. The philosophy of mysticism (translated by C.C. Massey). London: George Redway. Ribot, Theoudule A. 1906. Essay on the creative imagination (translated by Albert H. N. Baron). Chicago, IL: The Open Court Publishing Co. Rosicrucian

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On the Diversity of Linguistic Evidence for Conceptual Metaphor

metaphor", in: Raymond W. Gibbs - Gerard J. Steen (eds.), 9-27. Johnson, Mark 1987 The body in the mind: The bodily basis of imagination, reason, and meaning. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Johnson, Mark 2005 "The philosophical significance of image schemas", in: Beate Hampe (ed.), 15-33. Keysar, Boaz - Shen Yeshayahu - Sam Gluckensberg - William S. Horton 2000 "Conventional language: How metaphoric is it?", Journal of Memory and Language 43: 576-593. Koenig

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American Literature in Studia Anglica Posnaniensia 1968-2008 A Comprehensive Bibliography

-173. Dylewski, Radosław 2004 "The n -less versus - n past participle forms of certain ablaut verbs in seventeenth and eighteenth century American and British English", Studia Anglica Posnaniensia 40: 193-208. Elandt, Ewa 1983 "Puritan and Quaker opposition to performances of Shakespeare in the early American theatre", Studia Anglica Posnaniensia 16: 241-254. Elandt, Ewa 1991-1993 "‘The judicious author’: A note on possibly the first American production of Romeo and Juliet ", Studia Anglica Posnaniensia 25-27: 267

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The Morphosemantic Transparency/Opacity of Novel English Analogical Compounds and Compound Families

in grammar: Form and acquisition , 118-136. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Lakoff, George & Mark Johnson. 1980. Metaphors we live by . Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Lehrer, Adrienne. 1996. Identifying and interpreting blends: An experimental approach. Cognitive Linguistics 7(4). 359-390. Lehrer, Adrienne. 2003. Understanding trendy neologisms. Italian Journal of Linguistics / Rivista di Linguistica 15(2). 369-382. Levi, Judith N. 1978. The syntax and semantics of complex nominals. New York: Academic Press. Libben, Gary

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Let Them Be Heard: Bringing Native American Experience Closer in Teaching

& Arnold Krupat (eds.), The Norton Anthology of American Literature , vol. A (7th ed.), 57–66. New York, NY & London: W.W. Norton. Spack, Ruth. 2006. Translation moves: Zitkala-Ša’s bilingual Indian legends. Studies in American Indian Literatures 18(4). 43–62. Tapahonso, Luci. 1993. Sáanii Dahataał/The women are singing: Poems and stories. Tuscon, AZ: University of Arizona Press. U.S. Census Bureau. 2007. The American community – American Indians and Alaska Natives , 2004. American Community Survey Reports. ACS-07. Venables, Robert. 1990

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The Loss of Grammatical Gender and Case Features Between Old and Early Middle English: Its Impact on Simple Demonstratives and Topic Shift

. Barðdal, Jóhanna. 2001. The perplexity of Dat-Nom verbs in Icelandic. Nordic Journal of Linguistics 24(1). 47–70. DOI: 10.1080/03325860117730 Bartnik, Artur. 2007. Categorial heterogenity: Old English determiners. Studia Anglica Posnaniensia 43. 75–96. Bartnik, Artur. 2011. Noun Phrase structure in Old English. Quantifiers and other functional categories . Lublin: Wydawnictwo KUL. Bech, Kristin. 2012. Word order, information structure, and discourse relations: A study of Old and Middle English verb-final clauses. In Anneli Meurman-Solin, Maria

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From Cubes to Ribbons: Transformation of an Illusion

-perspective paintings. Perception, 43 , 989–1000. Guimier-Sorbets, A.-M. (1994). Mosaïques et dallages dans le monde grec aux époques classique et hellénistique. In P. Johnson, R. Ling, & D. J. Smith (Eds.), Fifth International Colloquium on Ancient Mosaics. Bath, England 5–12, 1987. Journal of Roman Archaeology Supplement 9.1 (pp. 13–25). Portsmouth, RI: Journal of Roman Archaeology. Hill, H. C., & Johnston, A. (2007). The hollow-face illusion: Object specific knowledge, general assumptions or properties of the stimulus. Perception, 36 (2), 199–223. Mazzoleni

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