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Exploiting the Irish Border to Estimate Minimum Wage Impacts in Northern Ireland

–2000Q1 NI minimum hourly wage N/A £3.60 RoI minimum hourly wage N/A N/A NLW introduction, 25+ years 2015Q4–2016Q1 2016Q2–2016Q3 NI minimum hourly wage £6.70 £7.20 RoI minimum hourly wage €8.65 (2015Q4) €9.15 €9.15 (2016Q1) Note : In sensitivity analysis, we also explore the exclusion of 2015Q4 in the “before” period for the introduction of the NLW. NI, Northern Ireland; NLW, National Living Wage; NMW, National Minimum Wage; RoI, Republic of Ireland. 2 Institutional details, data, and methods The

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Fragmenting the Family? The Complexity of Household Migration Strategies in Post-apartheid South Africa

. Table 1 illustrates the strong role of mothers who, in all years, lived together with nearly half of children in the absence of their fathers, whereas only 2–4% of children lived with their fathers but not their mothers. Table 1 Parental co-residence with children, 1993–2017 Child lives with 1993 2008 2017 Both parents 34.6 (1.06) 27.1 (1.37) 30.4 (0.60) Mother, not father 43.4 (0.90) 44.7 (1.17) 45.4 (0.59) Father, not mother 2.7 (0.23) 2.5 (0.31) 3.1 (0.18) Neither parent 19.3 (0.72) 25.8 (0.99) 21.1 (0

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Economics of Artificial Intelligence: Implications for the Future of Work

.; U. Akcigit; H. Alp; N. Bloom; W. Kerr (2018): Innovation, Reallocation, and Growth. American Economic Review 108(11), 3450-3491. Acemoglu D. Akcigit U. Alp H. Bloom N. Kerr W. 2018 Innovation, Reallocation, and Growth American Economic Review 108 11 3450 3491 Acemoglu, D.; D. Autor (2011): Skills, Tasks and Technologies: Implications for Employment and Earnings, in: Ashenfelter, O.; D. Card (eds.), Handbook of Labor Economics, Vol. 4B. Amsterdam, North Holland: Elsevier, 1043-1172. Acemoglu D. Autor D. 2011 Skills, Tasks and

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Patterns of Overeducation in Europe: The Role of Field of Study

effects and for the single countries separately to allow for country-specific associations of the included explanatory variables to the dependent variable. In line with previous studies ( Reimer et al., 2008 ; Smyth and Steinmetz, 2008 ), we restrict our sample to highly educated individuals, as the issue of overeducation is by definition most relevant for members of this group and, with a sharp increase of graduates’ population shares during the last decades in OECD countries (from 23.3% in 1995 to 43.1% in 2016 on average), affecting more and more people ( OECD

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Lithuanian Exporters in the Financial Crisis

Journal, 43(3), 342-361. Berman, N. (2009). Financial crises and international trade: the long way to recovery. Bernard, A. B., & Jensen, J. B. (2004). Why some firms export. Review of Economics and Statistics, 86(2), 561-569. Bernard, A. B., Redding, S. J., & Schott, P. K. (2007). Comparative advantage and heterogeneous firms. The Review of Economic Studies, 74(1), 31-66. Berthou, A., & Fontagné, L. (2008). The euro and the intensive and extensive margins of trade: Evidence

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Determinants of Trade Credit in European Construction Firms: A Preliminary Study

References Alatalo, R. (2010). Trade credit use during a financial crisis: evidence from the U.K. of a nonexisting trade credit channel, Aalto University, School of Economics. Altunok, F. (2011). Determinants of trade credit contract terms, North Carolina State University. Brennan, M.J., Maksimovic, V., Zechner, J. (1988). Vendor financing, Journal of Finance, Vol. 43, Issue 5, p. 1127-1141. Chant, E.M., Walker D.A. (1988). Small business demand for trade credit, Applied Economics, Vol. 20, p

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The Significance of Country-Specific and Common Risk Factors for CEE Government Bond Spreads Changes

. 5th ed. Chichester, UK: Wiley. Barrios, S., Iversen, P., Lewandowska, M., Setzer, R. (2009). Determinants of intra-euro area government bond spreads during the financial crisis. European Economic Paper. 388. Battistini, N., Pagano, N, Simonelli, S. (2013). Systemic risk and home bias in the euro area. European Economy - Economic Papers 494. Beber, A., Brandt, M. W., Kavajecz, K. A. (2009). Flight-to-quality or áight-to-liquidity? Evidence from the Euro-area bond market. Review of Financial Studies, vol. 22(3), pp

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Substitution between Immigrant and Native Farmworkers in the United States: Does Legal Status Matter?

following wage differential equation between native (denoted by N ) and immigrant (denoted by M ) farmworkers in each age ( a ) and skill ( s ) group at time t , which is a function of relative labor supply in each skill–age–time cell (refer to Appendix A for details of the theoretical framework). (1) l n W s a t N W s a t N = − l n β s a t − 1 σ I ( l n L s a t N L s a t M ) $$ln\frac{W_{sat}^{N}}{W_{sat}^{N}}=-ln{{\beta }_{sat}}-\frac{1}{{{\sigma }_{I}}}\left( ln\frac{L_{sat}^{N}}{L_{sat}^{M}} \right)$$ where β sat reflects the efficiency of

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The Relationship Between Public Expenditure and Economic Growth in Kosovo: Findings from a Johansen Co-Integrated Test and a Granger Causality Test

.C., A. (1998). “Modeling the Relationship between Output and Goverment Expenditure in Canada”. Keio Economic Studies, 17-43. Afzal, M. (2006). Causality between exports, world income and economic growth in Pakistan . International Economic Journal, 63-77. Alexious, C. (2007). Unraveking the ‘Mystery’ Between Public Expenditure and Growt: Emperical Evidence from Greece. International Jornal of Economics, 21-31. Al-Faris, A. F. (2002). Public Expenditure and Economic Growth in the Gulf Co-operation Council Countries

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A Quantitative Analysis of the Main Lithuanian Taxes and Their Optimisation During the Crisis

References Ahrend, R., Cournède, B., Price, R. (2008). Monetary Policy, Market Excesses and Financial Turmoil. OECD Economics Department Working Papers, No. 597, OECD. Alesina, F., Campante R., Tabellini G. (2008). Why Is Fiscal Policy Often Procyclical? Journal of the European Economic Association. Bachmann, R., Jinjui, H. Bai, N. (2013). Public Consumption Over the Business Cycle. Quantitative Economics 4/3. Benetrix, A. S., Lane, P. R. (2011). Financial Cycles and Fiscal Cycles. Trinity

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