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Edyta Gheribi

foodservice businesses Performance in the foodservice industry in Poland is closely related to the general- and regional economy which in turn is dependent on macro trends. Factors favoring the development of foodservice companies in big cities are also associated with the development of urbanization, an increasing share of the population living in urban areas ( Gheribi 2015 ). Most urbanization is the result of net rural to urban migration. The most important factor for the development of foodservice in Poland is the level of citizens’ wealth, which is above all affected

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Nick Bailey, Joanna L. Stewart and Jon Minton

Introduction Historically, the urban cores of cities in many western European countries as well as other English-speaking countries such as the US and Australia had an over-representation of poorer households. This reflected the patterns of selective migration to suburban locations by more affluent groups as cities spread outwards over the twentieth century. The suburbs achieved a reputation for quality of environment but also social desirability. The inner cities, by contrast, were associated with social decline and disorder ( Robson 1988 ). As a number of

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Péter Bucsky

trucks, platooning on highways could be such a solution or even an AV mode for highways and conventional driving on land and city roads. After leaving highway exits automation seems to be challenging: going through highly populated areas, treating unexpected pedestrians, animals or even improper drivers, finding industrial parks and companies which are pretty commonly not well marked on digital maps, dealing with traffic control, police, illegal migration, safeguarding security of the cargo, fixing minor technical defects, and loading and unloading cargo are challenges

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Katarzyna Nikorowicz-Zatorska

new connections with Western Europe. Regarding the latest changes in the demographic structure and migration patterns, it would be appropriate to search for new eastern destinations. Wherever possible, Lodz Airport development should be geared to high-quality general aviation and VIP aviation ( Nowak & Sikora 2005 ) services and innovative products with added value capable of satisfying demanding markets and market niches. A commitment to VIP aviation is recommended as the city and region of Lodz has attracted many foreign direct investments of late. A great

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Natalia Bursiewicz

preservation to new uses of this public space. Many Lower Silesian towns and cities, marked by post-war destruction and demolition, gradually underwent restoration, reconstruction, retroversion (historic core in Głogów), cleansing spaces with a more conservative approach and finally introduction of contemporary architecture in the city centre are among the main, identified renovation approaches. Majority of analysed towns (exception: Wrocław) possessed historic, architectural and spatial structures that became degraded due to the migration, ageing of population and other

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Aleksandra Sas-Bojarska

pollution, unsuitable bio-climatic conditions, low quality of natural recreational areas); flood risk; fragmentation of ecosystems (which does not ensure either flora and fauna migrations or growth in biodiversity); creating the technical character of water systems and their surroundings; and stream regulations, which transform them into artificial underground pipes which prevent the processes of self-cleansing. Many of the problems indicated take place within linear systems. Other scientists present a more holistic approach in relation to revitalization processes