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Eugeniusz Mironowicz

Election in Ukraine], Serwetnyk T., Moskwa: Kijow spiskuje z NATO [Moskow: Kiev Is Plotting With NATO], Rzeczypospolita, 22 - 23.06.2010, nr 144. Snyder T., Rekonstrukcja narodow. Polska, Ukraina, Litwa, Białoruś 1569 - 1999 [Reconstruction of nations. Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belaruss 1569 - 1999], Sejny 2009. Соломатин Ю., Всесоюзный референдум 17 марта 1991 года о сохранении СССР: помним! [The Whole-Union Referendum on the 17th March 1991 on Preserving the USSR: We

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Zenonas Norkus

REFERENCES Anton, F. J. 2009. Staatlichkeit und Demokratisierung in Lettland. Entwicklung – Stand – Perspektiven. Würzburg: Ergon. Arlauskas, S. 2010. Sovereignty of a Nation in the Parliamentary System of Lithuania: Problems and Proposals. Limes , 3(2), pp. 99–109. Bagehot, W. 2001 (1867). The English Constitution . Ed. by Paul Smith. Cambridge: Cambridge UP. Baltic Reports. 2010. Zatlers: increase presidential powers . < >. 27.09.2013. Beichelt, T., Keudel, D. 2011. Horizontale Gewaltenteilung

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Tomas Bekišas

. and Ray, L., 2002. National Political Parties and European Integration. American Journal of Political Science, [e-journal] 46(3), pp.585-594. Mikkel, E., and Kasekamp, A., 2008. Emerging Party-based Euroscepticism in Estonia. In: P. Taggart and A. Szczerbiak, eds. 2008. Opposing Europe?: The Comparative Party Politics of Euroscepticism, Vol. 1. New York: Oxford University Press. pp.295-314. Ramonaitė, A., 2007. Posovietinės Lietuvos politinė anatomija (Political Anatomy of Post-Soviet Lithuania

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Mindaugas Kuklys

of Institutional Development and Elite Transformations’, in in Maurizio Cotta and Heinrich Best (eds.), Democratic Representation in Europe: Diversity, Change, and Convergence . Oxford: Oxford University Press, 417–473. Crowther, W.E. and Matonyte, I. (2007). ‘Parliamentary elites as a democratic thermometer: Estonia, Lithuania and Moldova compared’. Communist and Post-Communist Studies 40: 281–299. Dreifelds, J. (1996). Latvia in Transition . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Edinger, M. (2010). ‘Elite Formation and Democratic Elitism in

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Gunta Pastore

–14. Grøn, H.C. and Wivel, A. 2011. Maximizing Influence in the European Union after the Lisbon Treaty: From Small State Policy to Smart State Strategy. Journal of European Studies , 33(5), pp. 523–539. Interview, 09.07.2013, MFA of Lithuania. Interview, 18.01.2013, MFA of Latvia. Interview, 20.06.2013, MFA of Sweden. Interview, 28.06.2013, EEAS. Interview, 12.07.2013, EEAS. Interview, 09.07.2013, MFA of Lithuania. Interview, 13.02.2013, Permanent Representation of Latvia in EU. Jakniūnaitė, D. 2009. Neighbourhood politics

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Eero Medijainen

REFERENCES Bacino, L. J. 1999. Reconstructing Russia. U.S. Policy in Revolutionary Russia, 1917–1922 . Kent, Ohio, London. Davis, D. E., Trani, E. P. 2002. The first Cold War: the legacy of Woodrow Wilson in U.S. – Soviet relations . Columbia, University of Missouri Press. The Estonian Debt Settlement . 69th Congress, 1st Session, Senate, Document No 7, pp. 1–7. Eidintas, A. 2003. Lithuanian emigration to the United States: 1868–1950 . Mokslo ir enciklopediju leidybos institutas, Vilnius. Fic, V. M. 1995. The Collapse of American

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Mare Ainsaar and Helina Riisalu

REFERENCES Aassve, A., Mazzuco, S. and Mencarini, L., 2005. Childbearing and well-being: a comparative analysis of European welfare regimes. Journal of European Social Policy , 15(49), pp. 283-299. Aidukaite, J., 2004. The Emergence of the Post-socialist Welfare State: The Case of the Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania . Stockholm: Södertörns Högskola. Dissertation no 1. Aidukaite, J., 2006. Reforming family policy in the Baltic States: The views of the elites. Communist and Post-Communist Studies , 39(1), pp. 1-23. Aidukaite

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Aleksandra Kuczyńska-Zonik

- Estonia. Amnesty International [pdf]. Available at: <> [Accessed 12 December 2016]. Auers, D., 2015. Comparative Politics and Government of the Baltic states Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the 21st Century. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Batelaan, P., 2002. Bilingual education in Latvia: International expertise. Riga: The Soros Foundation -Latvia. Bjola, C., 2011. The power of the public sphere: (anti)-diplomacy and crisis management within security communities, in: Arguing