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Institutional Efficiency, Entrepreneurship, and the Premises of Economic Development in the Eastern European Countries

-1402. Capello, R. (2018) Cohesion policies and the creation of a European identity: The role of territorial identity. JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies , 56 (3), 489-503. Capello, R., Perucca, G. (2018) Understanding citizen perception of European Union Cohesion Policy: the role of the local context. Regional Studies , 52 (11), 1451-1463. Comes, C. A., Bunduchi, E., Vasile, V., Stefan, D. (2018) The Impact of Foreign Direct Investments and Remittances on Economic Growth: A Case Study in Central and Eastern Europe. Sustainability , 10 (1), 238

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External Resources and Economic Growth: An Empirical Analysis of South Asian Countries

References Almfraji, M., & Almsafir, K, M. (2014). Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth Literature Review from 1994 to 2012. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 129; 206-213. Arif, I., Kazmi, S. W., & Khan, L. (2017). Relationship between Trade Openness and Energy Consumption in Oil Importing Asian Countries. Journal of Finance & Economics Research, 2(1), 37-53. Arif, I., Khan, L., Raza, S. A., and Maqbool, F., (2017) “External resources and economic growth: New evidence from EAGLE countries using

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The FDI-Growth Nexus in South Africa: A Re-Examination Using Quantile Regression Approach

References Adams S. (2009), Foreign direct investment, domestic investment and economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, Journal of Policy Modeling , 31, 939-949. Alfaro L. (2003), Foreign direct investment and growth: Does the sector matter, Harvard Business School , pp. 1-31. Alfaro L. and Chen M. (2011), Surviving the global financial crisis: Foreign ownership and establishment performance, NBER Working Paper No. 17141, June. Alfaro L., Chanda A., Kalemli-Ozcan S. and Sayek S. (2004), FDI and economic growth: The role of local financial

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Fiscality - A Relevant Factor Influencing Regional Development in Romania and the European Union

. (1981), Income Tax Evasion, Labour Supply,and the Equity-Efficiency Tradeoff, Journal of Public Economics, 16(3) 18. Smith, S. (1986): Britain's Shadow Economy, Clarendon Press, Oxford Tsuru, K. (2000), Finance and growth, OECD Economics Department Working Paper 228 19. Werner D. (2014), New insights into the development of regional unemployment disparities, Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Germany 20. Wisnewiski A. (2005), The impact of foreign direct investment on regional development in Poland, Institute for

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A Causality Analysis of the Relationships Between Gross Fixed Capital Formation, Economic Growth and Employment in South Africa

-30. Attanasio, O., Picci, L., Scorcu, A. (2000). Saving, Growth, and Investment: A Macroeconomics Analysis using a Panel of Countries. The Review of Economics and Statistics, 82(2): 182-211. Bakare, A.S. (2011). A theoretical analysis of capital formation and growth in Nigeria. Far East Journal of Psychology and Business , 3(2): 11-24. Bekhet, H.A., Othman, N.S. (2011). Causality analysis among electricity consumption, consumer expenditure, gross domestic product (GDP) and foreign direct investment (FDI): Case study of Malaysia. Journal of Economics and

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Ifrs Versus Cz Gaap: Influence of Construction Contracts on Financial Indicators

-48. Retrieved from Márquez-Ramos, L. (2011, September 1.). European accounting harmonization: Consequences of IFRS adoption on trade in goods and foreign direct investments. Emerging Markets Finance and Trade , 47(SUPPL.4), 42-57. doi:10.2753/REE1540-496X4705S403 Pavláková Dočekalová, M., Kocmanová, A., & Koleňák, J. (2015, March 30). Determination of economic indicators in the context of corporate sustainability performance. Business: Theory and Practice , 16(1), 15-24. doi:10.3846/btp.2015

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Government Tax Policy and Performance of Listed Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria: Evidence from Dynamic Panel Data Model

). Arellano , M. and Bond S. (1991). Some specification test for panel data Monte Carlo evidence and application to employment equation. Review of Economic Studies, 58,277,97. Becker, K. and S. Holmes (2006). Corporate Income Tax Reform and Foreign Direct Investment in Germany: Evidence from Firm-Level Data, Cesifo Working Paper No.177 Category 1: Public Blundell, R. and Bond S. (1998). Innitial conditions and moment restrictions in dynamic panel data models,’ Discussion Paper No. 97-07, University College London. Boadway, R

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The Quality of Macro-Environment and Business Environment and University Student Entrepreneurship - Comparison of the Czech and the Slovak Republic

. Journal of Competitiveness, Vo. 8, Issue 1, pp. 66-78. Ključnikov, A. and Belás, J. (2016). Approaches of Czech Entrepreneurs to Debt Financing and Management of Credit Risk. Equilibrium. Quarterly Journal of Economics and Economic Policy, 11(2), 343-365. Ključnikov, A., Junger, R. (2013). Barriers for foreign direct investments in Belarus: Case of business logistics. In Proceedings of the Carpathian Logistics Congress. Ključnikov, A., Sobeková Majková, M. (2016). Impact of Gender in the Perception of Administrative Burdens among Young

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Internationalization of Japanese Business Groups – Literature Review

Timing and Market Performance of Foreign Direct Investments in Emerging Economies: The Case of Japanese International Joint Ventures in China, Academy of Management Journal, 43(3), pp. 468-484. [42] Iwasa, T. and Odagiri, H. (2004). Overseas R&D, knowledge sourcing, and patenting: An empirical study of Japanese R&D investment in the US, Research Policy, 33(5), pp. 807-828. [43] Iwasaki, K. (2015). Nihon kigyou no jinzai gurobaruka ni muketa kewashii michinori [Difficult paths for the globalization of Japanees companies], Research for

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Innovation and Internationalization: Relationship and Implications for Management and Public Policy

-nationalization performance and competitiveness. International Business Review, 21(6), 1065-1086. Geroski, P.A., Reenen J.V., Walters C.F. (1997). The effect of export assistance program usage on export performance. Journal of International Marketing, 9(2), 51-72. Gençtürk, E. F., & Kotabe, M. (2001). The effect of export assistance program usage on export performance. Journal of International Marketing, 9(2), 51-72. Greenaway, D., & Kneller, R. (2007). Firm heterogeneity, exporting and foreign direct investment. Economic Journal, 117 (517

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