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N. Arab

: Freezing of Cast Iron. Transactions of ASM. 59. [14] Thorgrimsson, J.T., Fredriksson, H., Swenson, I.L. (1987). Solidification Process of Flake Cast Iron Castings. In J. Beech and H. Jones Editor. Solidification Processing. Institute of Metals, London. [15] Basutkar, P., Yew, S. & Lopper. E. “Effect of Certain Additions to the Melt on the As-Cast Dendritic Microstructure of Gray Cast Iron. AFS Tran. 77(1). [16] Clybe, T. & Kurz, W. (1981). Solute Redistribution during Solidification with Rapid Solid State Diffusion. Met

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M. S. Soiński, A. Jakubus, P. Kordas and K. Skurka

Gußeisen. Giessereix-Prax. 1966 (5), 76-82. [6] Laplanche, H. (1970). Aluminium castings. (Les fontes á l’aluminium). Metall. Constr. Mec. 102(9), 499-512. [7] Neumann, F., Schenck, H., Patterson, W., (1959). Eisen- Kohlenstoff-Legierungen in thermodynamischer Betrachtung. Giesserei. Tech.-Wissen. (23), 1217-1246, 1339. [8] Dumitrescu, T. (1959). Study of influence of aluminium on microstructure of cast iron with flake or nodular graphite. Rev. Roumaine Metall. 4 (1), 15-28. [9] Bobro, Ju. G. (1976

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A.W. Orłowicz, M. Mróz, G. Wnuk, O. Markowska, W. Homik and B. Kolbusz

. (1999). Machine Design. Delmar Publishers Inc. [7] Murgaš, M., Pokusova, M. (2007). Graphitization inoculant for cast iron synthetic (Grafitizačné očkovadlo pre syntetickú liatinu). Proceedings of scientific papers VSB - Technical University of Ostrava (Sborník vědeckých prací Vysoké školy báňské – Technické university Ostrava), čislo 1, ročnik L, 173-178. [8] Aleksandric, D. & Duboka, C. (2007). Fade performance prediction of automotive friction materials by means of artificial neural networks. Wear . 262, 778-790. [9] Myshkin, N.K. (2000

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R. Mola, T. Bucki and K. Wcisło

intermetallic phases during interdiffusion between low-carbon steel and aluminium alloys. Acta Mater. 59, 1586-1600. DOI: 10.1016/j.actamat.2010.11.023. [7] Maitra, T. & Gupta, S. P. (2003). Intermetallic compound formation in Fe-Al-Si ternary system: Part II Mater. Charact. 49, 293-311. DOI: 10.1016/S1044-5803(03)00005-6. [8] Lin, M. B., Wang, C. J. & Volinsky, A. A. (2011). Isothermal and thermal cycling oxidation of hot-dip aluminide coating on flake/spheroidal graphite cast iron.Surf. Coat. Technol. 206, 1595-1599. DOI: 10.1016/j. surfcoat

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Ivona Petre, Aurora Anca Poinescu, Adrian Catangiu and Simona Mihai

, Balbahadur AC, Lashmore DS (1997) The friction and wear of Cu-based silicon carbide particulate metal matrix composites for brake applications, Wear, vol. 203-204:715-721. [18] Collini L, Nicoletto G, Konecna R (2008) Microstructure and mechanical properties of pearlitic grey cast iron, Materials Science and Engineering A 488: 529-539. [19] Hecht RL (1999) The Effect of Graphite Flake Morphology on the Thermal Diffusivity of Grey Cast Irons Used for Automotive Brake Discs, Journal of Material Science 34: 4775 - 4781. [20

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Ali Belhocine and Mostefa Bouchetara

a cylindrical brake system. J Heat Mass Transf 36:45-49 (2000). [5] Mosleh M., Blau P.J., Dumitrescu D.: Characteristics and morphology of wear particles from laboratory testing of disk brake materials. J Wear 256:1128-1134 (2004). [6] Mutlu I., Alma M.H., Basturk M.A.: Preparation and characterization of brake linings from modified tannin-phenol formaldehyde resin and asbestos-free fillers. J Mat Sci 40(11): 3003-3005 (2005). [7] Hecht R.L., Dinwiddie R.B., Wang H.: The effect of graphite flake morphology on the