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The influence of Europeanization policies on immigrants’ participation in Scandinavian higher education

:// Pettersen, S. V., & Østby, L. (2013). Immigrants in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Samfunnsspeilet , 5 , 76-83. Radaelli, C. M. (2002). The domestic impact of European Union public policy: Notes on concepts, methods, and the challenge of empirical research. Politique Européenne , 1 , 105-136. Sin, C., & Saunders, M. (2014). Selective acquiescence, creative commitment and strategic conformity: Situated national policy responses to Bologna. European Journal of Education , 49 (4), 529-542. Retrieved from https

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A side effect of a university boom: rising incidence of overeducation among tertiary educated workers in Poland

). A comparative time series analysis of overeducation in Europe: is there a common policy approach? (University of Brighton STYLE Working Papers, WP 5.1). McGuinness, S., & Wooden, M. (2009). Overskilling, job insecurity and career mobility. Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society, 48(2), 265-286. Pouliakas, K. (2013). The Skill Mismatch Challenge in Europe. In Employment and Social Developments in Europe 2012. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. Quintini, G. (2011). Over-qualified or

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Strategic trade and FDI policies in a unionized industry

investment: cost saving vs. signaling and welfare. Journal of Economics , 90 (1), 29-43. Mukherjee, A., & Sinha, U. B. (2016). Competition, foreign direct investment and welfare. Economics Letters , 139 , 43-45. Naylor, R. (1998). International trade and economic integration when labour markets are generally unionised. European Economic Review , 42 , 1251-1267. Naylor, R. (1999). Union wage strategies and international trade. Economic Journal , 109 (452), 102-115. Naylor, R., & Santoni, M. (2003). Foreign direct investment and wage bargaining

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Lessons from TARGET2 imbalances: The case for the ECB being a lender of last resort

? . (In-depth analysis for the ECON Committee, European Parliament). Eichengreen, B., Mehl, A., Chitu, L., & Richardson, G. (2014). Mutual assistance between federal reserve banks. 1913-1960 as prolegomena to the target debate . (ECB Working Paper No. 1686). Eisenschmidt, J., Kedan, D., Schmitz, M, Adalid, R., & Papsdorf, P. (2017). The Eurosystem asset purchase programme and target balances . (ECB Occasional Paper No. 196). Friedman, M. (1971). The euro-dollar market: Some first principles. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review , 53 (7), 16

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Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure: An economic perspective

Management , 28 (5), 413-422. Conti, M., Kumar, E. S., Lal, C., & Ruj, S. (2017). A survey on security and privacy issues of Bitcoin. IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials , 20 (4), 3416-3452. Council of Economic Advisers. (2018). The cost of malicious cyber activity to the U.S. economy . Washington, DC: The White House. Retrieved from ENISA (2012). Introduction to return on security investment . Athens: European Union Agency for

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Side Effects of Fiscal Rules: A Case of Polish Local Self‑Government

Bank (2016 July). Retrieved from Easterly, W. (1999). When is fiscal adjustment an illussion?. Economic Policy, 28, 55-86. Eyraud, L., & Gomez Sirera, R. (2015). Constraints on subnational fiscal policy. In C. Cottarelli, M. Guerguil (Eds.), Designing a European fiscal union. Lessons from the experience of fiscal federations (pp. 90-132), New York: IMF & Routledge. Filipiak, B., & Dylewski, M. (2013). Indywidualny wskaźnik zadłużenia jednostek samorządu terytorialnego - problemy

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Bold vision: Gender diversity stuck in transition

Gargouri, R. & Francoeur, C. (2010). Ethics, diversity management, and financial reporting quality. Journal of Business Ethics, 93(2), 335-353. LeBlanc, R. (2016). The handbook of board governance: A comprehensive guide for public, private, and not for profit board member. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. Leszczynska, M. (2018). Mandatory quotas for women on boards of directors in the European Union: Harmful to or good for company performance. European Business Organization Law Review, 19, 35-61. Li, J., Zhao, F., Chen, S

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Determinants of under-representation of women on Boards of Directors: an exploratory study of African public and private firms

management: current research issues vol. 2, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Desrosiers, M., & Lepine, I. (1991). La place des femmes dans la gestion: perspectives de recherche, In I. Lepine, & C. Simard, Prendre sa place dans l’univers organisationnel (3-52). Ottava, Editions Agence d’Arc. Dillard, J., & Reynolds, M. A. (2008). Green owl and the corn maiden. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, 28(4), 556-579. European Union. (2016). Gender diversity on European boards. Annual report, Brussels. Farrell, K

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