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Appreciation of the Swiss Franc and its Impact on Romania and other Central and Eastern European Countries

During Financial Crises. BIS Quarterly Review, March 2010. Available at SSRN:; 9. Popa D. (2015), Scurta recapitulare a dosarului „francul elvetian”,, Accessed in february 2015; 10. Skolimowski P., Maciej O., (2015), Eastern European Currencies Dive as

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Direction of Causality Between Financial Development and Economic Growth. Evidence for Developing Countries

., Jovanovic, B. (1993) Stock Markets and Development, European Economic Review,37, 632-64 5. Aslan, A., Gör. Ö., Kucukaksoy, İ. (2006) Finansal Gelisme ve Ekonomik Buyume Iliskisi: Turkiye Ekonomisi Uzerine Ekonometrik bir Uygulama, Ekonometri ve Istatistik 4, 12-28. 6. Baier, S., Dwyer, G.P.,Tamura, R. (2004) Does Opening a Stock Exchange Increase Economic Growth?, Journal of International Money and Finance, 23(3). 311-331. 7. Beck, T., Levine, R. (2004) Stock Markets, Banks and Growth: Panel Evidence, Journal of Banking and

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What Drives Economic Growth in Some CEE Countries?

: Journal of Common Market Studies , 53 (2), 218-236. 4. Capello, R., & Perucca, G. (2016). Industrial restructuring in CEE regions: determinants of regional growth in the accession and in the crisis period. Journal of Baltic Studies , 1-21. 5. Chubrik, A., 2005. Market Reforms and Economic Growth in Post-Communist Economies: A Panel Data Approach. Policy Document Center , 1(2), 1-6. 6. Cuaresma, J. C., Doppelhofer, G., & Feldkircher, M. (2014). The determinants of economic growth in European regions. Regional Studies , 48 (1), 44-67. 7. Flek

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Competitiveness - higher education

References 1. Aghion P. (2008): Higher aspirations: an agenda for reforming European universities. Bruegel Blueprint 5, 59. 2. Barakonyi K. (2014): Felsőoktatasi versenykepesseg es strategia. Educatio, 2014/4. 555-566. oldal. 3. Berde E. (2013): A felsőoktatas lehetseges letszampalyai Magyarorszagon , Statisztikai Szemle, 91. evfolyam 1. szam. 4. Charnes, A. Cooper, W.W.. Rhodes. E. “‘Measuring the Epciency of Decision Making Limits”. European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 2. No. 6, pp. 429-444, 1978. 5. Charnes, A., Cooper

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How Taxes Can Contribute to The Implementation of The Public Governance Strategy? – An Analysis for Eastern European Countries

References 1. Allard C. et al. (2013), Toward a Fiscal Union for the Euro Area, IMF, Staff Discussion Note, SDN/13/09, September 2013 2. Andrle M., Bluedorn J., Eyraud L., Kinda T., Koeva-Brooks P., Schwartz G., Weber A. (2015), Reforming Fiscal Governance in the European Union, International Monetary Fund Report, May 2015 3. Baldacci E., Petrova I., Belhocine N., Dobrescu G., Mazraani S. (2011), Assessing Fiscal Stress, IMF Working Paper 4. Besancon, M. (2003), Good Governance Rankings: The Art

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Regional Specialisation and Economic Concentration in Romania

on the empirical literature on specialization and concentration of industries. Retrieved from: Accessed: 14.03.2016. 4. Aiginger, K., Davies, St. (2004). Industrial specialization and geographic concentration: two sides of the same coin? Not for the European Union. Journal of Applied Economics, Vol.12, pp.231-248. 5. Aiginger, K., Pfaffermayr, M. (2004). The Single Market and Geographic Concentration in

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Labour Taxation – A Comparative Study

_burden_on_labour.pdf Accessed december 2014 14. Tax reforms in EU Member States, 2013, Retrieved from Accessed december 2014 15. Taxation trends in the European Union - Data for the EU Member States, Iceland and Norway, 2013 edition, Retrieved from economic_analysis/tax_structures/2013/report.pdf Accessed november 2014

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Essential Attributes of the Accounting Information in Applying The Financial Reporting Differences Between Ifrs and us Gaap

efficiency, Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2-3, pp. 112-131 3. Briciu S., Scorte C. & Mester I., (2013), Impactul informatiei contabile asupra deciziilor manageriale - Studiu empiric realizat la entitatile din industria ospitalitatii din Romania, Economie teoretica si aplicata, Vol. XX, no.9(586), pp.25-37 4. Chen Huifa, Tang Q., Jiang Y. & Lin Z., (2010), The Role of International Financial Reporting Standards in Accounting Quality: Evidence from the European Union, Journal of International Financial Management & Accounting, vol 21

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Petroleum – Strategic Resource for World Economy

8. References 1. Canete MA., (2015). Combatre ensemble les changes climatiques , Revue d’Union Europeene, Notre planette, notre futur, ISBN: 978-92-79-42893-7 2. Paşa F. (2016). Tribuna Economică, Actualitatea , nr. 22 / 2016 3. Economics Dictionary, Bucharest: Economic Publishing, 2011 4. Ziarul Financiar, nr. 4688 / 2016 5. Buletin de Europa [Europe Bulletin], nr. 49 / 2016 6. Univers Ingineresc, nr. 638 / 16 august 2017 7. EIA, S.U.A - Monthly Energy Review & Energy Information Administration, 2016 8. World

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Analysis of the Evolution of SMEs in Western Romania Between 2011–2014, Using the Mathematical Modelling

alternative applications for your technologies. R&D Management, 40(4). 7. Blei, D.M. (2008) Hierarchical clustering, Princeton University, 2-83. 8. Porras, B, G (coord) (2014) European Union, Regional Innovation Scoreboard, printed in Belgium, 14-21. 9. Bostan, I. (2014) Legislative Study on the Government regulation on some economic recovery measures, Journal of Public Administration, Finance and Law, Issue 6. 10. Brad, B., Mocan, B., Brad, E., & Fulea, M. (2014) Leading Innovation to Improve Complex Process

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