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Mamdouh Maher Matter and Magda Mahmoud Sabbour

Safe Alternatives to Pesticides for Pest Managements. Assiut, Egipt, 28-29 October, 325 pp. Abdel-Rahman M.A.A., Abdel-Mallek A.Y., Omar S.A., Hamam A.H. 2004. Natural occurrence of entomopathogenic fungi on cereal aphids at Assiut a comparison study between field and laboratory observations. Egypt. J. Boil. Sci. 14 (1): 107-112. Abdel-Rahman M.A., Ahmed A.Y., Abdel-Mallek G., Hamam H.A. 2006. A comparative abundance of entomopathogenic fungi of cereal aphids in Assiut Egypt. J. Boil. Pest Cont. 16: 39-43. Baverstock J

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Marcin Szymanek

., 1981. Distribution of the snail Pirenella conica in Sinai and Israel and its infection by Heterophydae and other Trematodes. Marine Ecology - Priogress Series 5, 193‒205. Vesper, B., 1975. To the problem of noding on Cyprideis torosa (Jones, 1850). Bulletin of American Paleontology 65, 205‒216. Welc, F., 2016. Holocene climate change in the Lower Nile Basin based on geoarchaeologcal data from the Faiyum Oasis (Egypt) (Holoceńskie zmiany klimatu w dorzeczu dolnego Nilu w świetle danych geoarcheologicznych z Oazy Fajum (Egipt