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Leaf compressions from the Late Miocene sections of NW Italy: research on an efficient, easy and quick consolidation treatment

.1080/19455224.2013.796887 Bertini, A., Martinetto, E. (2008): Messinian to Zanclean vegetation and climate of Northern and Central Italy. – Bollettino della Società Paleontologica Italiana, 47(2): 105–121. Bertini, A., Magri, D., Martinetto, E., Sadori, L., Vassio, E. (2014): The Pleistocene flora of central Italy. – In: Kustatscher, E., Roghi, G., Bertini, A., Miola, A. (eds), Palaeobotany of Italy. Naturmuseum Südtirol, Bolzano, pp. 308–328. Cavallo, O., Pavia, G., Macagno, M. (1986): Fossili dell’Albese: aspetti geologici e paleontologici delle Langhe e del Roero [Fossils of the

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An approach to compare the environmental conditions of Acer in the Miocene and in the modern flora of Turkey, based on wood anatomy

in Ghana. Wood Sci. Technol., 50(1): 91–104. DENK T., GÜNER T.H., KVAČEK Z. & BOUCHAL M.J. 2017a. The early Miocene flora of Güvem (Central Anatolia, Turkey): a window into early Neogene vegetation and environments in the Eastern Mediterranean. Acta Palaeobot., 57(2): 237–338. DENK T., VELITZELOS D., GÜNER T., BOUCHAL J.M., GRIMSSON F. & GRIMM G.W. 2017b. Taxonomy and palaeoecology of two widespread western Eurasian Neogene sclerophyllous oak species: Quercus drymeja Unger and Q. mediterranea Unger. Rev. Palaeobot. Palynol., 241: 98–128. DENK

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Risk Management as a Basis for Integrated Water Cycle Management in Kazakhstan

References Abdullaev, I., Atabaeva, S. 2012. Water sector in Central Asia: slow transformation and potential for cooperation. Int. J. Sustainable Society 4 (1/2), 103–112. DOI: 10.1504/ijssoc.2012.044668 Abdullaev, I., Rakhmatullaev, S. 2013. Transformation of water management in Central Asia: from State-centric, hydraulic mission to socio-political control. Environmental Earth Sciences 73 , 849–861. DOI: 10.1007/s12665-013-2879-9 Andreu, J., Capilla, J., Sanchís, E. 1996. AQUATOOL, a generalized decision-support system for water

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A review of the Pleistocene dwarfed elephants from the Aegean islands, and their paleogeographic context

elephants from Turkey. – Quaternary International, 276: 198–211. Anastasakis, G. C., Dermitzakis, M. D. (1990): Post-Middle-Miocene paleogeographic evolution of the Central Aegean Sea and detailed Quaternary reconstruction of the region. Its possible influence on the distribution of the Quaternary mammals of the Cyclades Islands. – Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie, Monatshefte, 119(1): 1–16. Anastasakis, G. C., Piper, D. J. W., Dermitzakis, M. D., Karakitsios, V. (2006): Upper Cenozoic stratigraphy and

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Past environments of Sardinian archaeological sites (Italy, West Mediterranean Sea), based on palynofacies characterization

REFERENCES ACQUARO E., CARAMIELLO R., VERGA F., ORTU E. & AROBBA D. 2001. Analyses palynologiques et anthracologiques du site phénicien-punique de Tharros (Sardaigne). Revue d’Archèometrie, 25: 45–51. ANTONIOLI F., ANZIDEI M., LAMBECK K., AURI-EMMA R., GADDI D., FURLANI S., ORRÙ P., SOLINAS E., GASPARI A., KARINJA S., KOVAC V. & SURACE L. 2007. Sea-level change during the Holocene in Sardinia and in the northeastern Adriatic (central Mediterranean Sea) from archaeological and geomorphological data. Quat. Sci. Rev., 26: 2463–2486. ANTONIOLI F

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A Review of Growth Stage Deficit Irrigation Effecting Sticky Maize Production

. Agricultural water management. 2012, 103, 140-149. [7] ANDRIOLI K. G., SENTELHAS P. C. Brazilian maize genotypes sensitivity to water deficit estimated through a simple crop yield model. Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira. 2009, 44(7), 653-660. [8] ISLAM A., AHUJA L. R., GARCIA L. A., MA L., SASEENDRAN A. S., TROUT T. J. Modelling the impacts of climate change on irrigated corn production in the Central Great Plains. Agricultural water management. 2012, 110, 94-108. [9] KLOCKE N. L., SCHNEEKLOTH J. P., MELVIN S. R., CLARK R. T

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The idea of Morava-Vardar water canal and its long-term geopolitical context

challenge for Serbia’s strategy Toward the Mediterranean Sea and the Suez Canal. Medjunarodni Problemi 61(1−2): 74−91. Ejupi A (2017) Functional transformation of Albanian and Serb settlements in Presheva Valley, Serbia. Environmental and Socio-Economic Studies 5(2): 1−9. Ejupi A, Ramadani I (2016) Regional differentiantion and the geopolitical and transboundary position of the Presheva Valley. Miscellanea Geographica Polonica 20: 22−28. Faye LM, McArthur JW, Sachs JD, Snow T (2004) Challenges of land locked developing countries. Journal on Human

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Optical Dating of Sediments in Khari River Basin and Slip Rate Along Katrol Hill Fault (KHF), Kachchh, India

studies on neotectonic events in south-central Kumaun Himalaya - a feasibility study. Quaternary Science Reviews 13: 595-600. Singhvi AK, Chauhan N and Biswas RH, 2010. A survey of some new approaches in extending the maximum age limit and accuracy of luminescence application to archeological chronometry. Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology (in press). Thakkar MG, Maurya DM, Raj Rachna and Chamyal LS, 1999. Quaternary tectonic history and terrain evolution of the area around Bhuj, Mainland Kachchh, western India

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Cricetidae (Rodentia, Mammalia) from the early Miocene site of els Casots (Vallès-Penedès Basin, Catalonia)

of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen, Biological, chemical, geological and medical sciences, 98(4): 343–360. Roca, E., Sans, M., Cabrera, L., Marzo, M. (1999): Oligocene to Middle Miocene evolution of the central Catalan margin (northwestern Mediterranean). – Tectonophysics, 315(1-4): 209–229. Rotgers, C., Alba, D. M. (2011): The genus Anchitherium (Equidae: Anchitheriinae) in the Vallès-Penedès Basin (Catalonia, Spain). – In: Pérez-García, A., Gascó, F., Gasulla, J. M., Escaso, F

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Quantitative Application of the Whole-Plant Concept to the Messinian – Piacenzian Flora of Italy

(1): 5-27. Gentilini, G. (1989): The Upper Miocene dragonflies of Monte Castellaro (Marche, Central Italy) (Odonata Libellulidae). - Memorie della Società Entomologica Italiana, 67(2): 251-271 (1988). Gregor, H. J. (1990): Contribution to the Late Neogene and Early Quaternary floral history of the Mediterranean. - Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 62; 309-338. Günther, T., Gregor, H.-J. (1990): Computer-Analyse mitteleuropäischer Frucht- und Samenfloren Europas, Band 2

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