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Relationship between VAT Revenue and Intermediate Consumption - A VAR Approach

in developing countries? . International Studies Program, working paper 06-17, 2006, Georgia State University. Bogetic, Z. & Hassan, F. (1993). Determinants of Value-Added Tax Revenue. A Cross-Section Analysis . The World Bank, working paper 1203, Europe and Central Asia Country Department. Boiciuc, I. (2015). The effects of fiscal policy shocks in Romania. A SVAR Approach. Procedia Economics and Finance , 32 (2015) 1131-1139, Elsevier. Brașoveanu, L.O. & Brașovanu, I. (2008). The Correlation between Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth

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On building early-warning systems for preventing the deterioration of financial institutions’ performance

References Borio, C., & Lowe, P. (2002). Assessing the risk of banking crises. BIS Quarterly Review , No. December, 43-54. Bussière, M., & Fratzscher, M. (2002). Towards a newly warning system of financial crisis. European Central Bank Working Paper Series , Working Paper No. 145. Candelon, B., Dumitrescu, E., & Hurlin, C. (2009). How to evaluate an early-warning system: Toward a unified statistical framework for assessing financial crises forecasting methods. Maastricht University ( RM/10/046 ). Cerna, S., Donath, L., Seulean, V

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Graph Models and GeoData Based Web Portal in Cargo Transportation

/TR/ws-arch/ [12] W3C. SOAP Specification. [Online]. Available: [13] Daigneau, R., Service Design Patterns: Fundamental Design Solutions for SOAP/WSDL and RESTful Web Services. Addision-Wesley Professional, p. 352, 2011. [14] Aldous, J.M., Wilson, R.J., Graphs and Applications: An Inroductory Approach . Springer-Verlag, London, p. 444, 2000, ISBN I-85233259-X [15] Council of the European Union, “The European Union and Central Asia. New Partnership in Action,” [Online]. Available:

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Improvement of the Two-Hemisphere Model-Driven Approach for Generation of the UML Class Diagram

3, Issue 1, Huzar Z., Madeyski L. (eds.), Wrocław University of Technology, Institute of Applied Informatics, Wrocław University of Technology, Wrocław, Poland, Copyright by Oficyna Wydawnicza Politechniki Wrocławskiej, Wrocław, Poland, [Online]. Available:, 2009, pp. 59-72. [7] O. Nikiforova and N. Pavlova. “Open Work of Two-Hemisphere Model Transformation Definition into UML Class Diagram in the Context of MDA” In: Software Engineering Techniques, 3rd IFIP TC2 Central and East European

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Enhancing Conflict Resolution Mechanism for Automatic Model Composition

, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, Canada, 1997. [17] A. Rezi and M. Allam, “Techniques in array processing by means of transformations,” Control and Dynamic Systems , Multidemsional Systems: Signal Processing and Modeling Techniques , C. T. Leondes, Ed. San Diego: Academic Press, vol. 69, pp. 133–180, 1995. [18] N. Osifchin and G. Vau, “Power considerations for the modernization of telecommunications in Central and Eastern European and former Soviet Union (CEE/FSU) countries,” in Second Int. Telecommun

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Obtaining of elements of UML class diagram from initial information about problem domain

:// Chen P. The entity relationship model - towards a unified view of data // ACM Trans. Database Systems, 1976, P. 9-36. Nikiforova O., Pavlova N. Open Work of Two-Hemisphere Model Transformation Definition into UML Class Diagram in the Context of MDA // Preprint of the Proceedings of the 3rd IFIP TC 2 Central and East Europe Conference on Software Engineering Techniques (CEE-SET 2008), October 13-15. - Brno: 2008. - pp. 133-146 GRADE Business

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System Modeling in UML with Two-Hemisphere Model Driven Approach

, J. Eder, and A. Caplinskas, Eds. IOS Press, Series "Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications," 2007, pp. 291-304. O. Nikiforova and N. Pavlova, "Open work of two-hemisphere model transformation definition into UML class diagram in the context of MDA," in Preprint of the Proceedings of the 3rd IFIP TC 2 Central and East Europe Conference on Software Engineering Techniques, CEESET , October 2008. Brno, pp. 133-146. "MDA guide version 1.0.1." [Online]. Available:

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Further Development of Information Technology Transfer Concept for Adaptation and Exploitation of European Research Results in the Baltic Sea Region Countries

Central and Eastern European Countries?" in NISPAcee Newsletter, News 2008 - Volume XV - No. 4 (Autumn), 2008. D. Gago, L. Rubalcaba, "Innovation and ICT in service companies: towards a multidimensional approach for impact assessment", Journal of Evolutionary Economics , Vol. 17, issue 1, 2007, pp. 25-44. T. K. Sung, "Technology Transfer in IT industry: A Korean Perspective" in Technological Forecasting and Social Change , Volume 76, Issue 5, June 2009, pp. 700-708. G. H. Lee, Y. G. Kim

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Family Benefits In Member States Of The European Union: A Comparative Perspective

References Austria (1967). Families' Compensation Act (Familienlastenausgleichsgesetz) of 24 October 1967 Băluţă, I. (2014). Child Care in Post-communist Romania between Familialist Ideology, Labour Market and Gender Roles. Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala , 46, 227-242. Belgium, (1939). Lois coordonnées relatives aux allocations familiales pour travailleurs salariés 19 Decembre 1939. Blum, S., Rille-Pfeiffer, C. (2010). Major Trends of State Family Policies in Europe . Austrian Institute for Family Studies, University of

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