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Krystyna Zatoń and Stefan Szczepan

V. A new electronic system for the control of swimming speed. In: Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming IX. Ed. Chatard JC.; Publications de l'Université de Saint-Étienne: France, 67-69; 2002 Hay JG, Guimaraes ACS, Grimston SKA. Quantitive Look at Swimming Biomechanics. In: Starting, Stroking & Turning. A Compilation of Research on the Biomechanics of Swimming. Ed. Hay JG.; The University of Iowa: Iowa; 1983 Hay JG. Cycle rate, length and speed of progression in human locomotion. J. Appl. Biomech, 2002; 18: 257-270 Kolmogorov S, Duplischeva O. Active drag

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Jose I. Priego, Rodrigo R. Bini, F.J. Lanferdini and Felipe P. Carpes

. Jobson S.A., Hopker J., Arkesteijn M., Passfield L., Interand intra-session reliability of muscle activity patterns during cycling. J Electromyogr Kinesiol, 2013, 23 (1), 230-237, doi: 10.1016/j.jelekin.2012.08.013. 24. Fregly B.J., Zajac F.E., A state-space analysis of mechanical energy generation, absorption, and transfer during pedaling. J Biomech, 1996, 29 (1), 81-90, doi: 10.1016/0021-9290(95)00011-9. 25. Bini R.R., Carpes F.P., Diefenthaeler F., Mota C.B., Guimaraes A.C.S., Physiological and electromyographic responses during 40-km

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Joanna Kantyka, Damian Herman, Robert Roczniok and Lidia Kuba

Higher Education, New York 2009. 27. Kannel W.B., Anderson K., Wilson P.W.F., White blood cell count and cardiovascular disease. Insights from the Framingham Study. JAMA, 1992, 267 (9), 1253-1256, doi: 10.1001/jama.1992.03480090101035. 28. American College of Sports Medicine, ACS M’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription. 7th Edition. Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins, Baltimore 2006. 29. National Heart, Blood, and Lung Institute, Third Report of the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) Expert Panel

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Ágnes Szabó

References Ács, P., Hécz, R., Paár D. & Stocker M. (2011). A fittség (m)értéke /The Value of fitness/. Közgazdasági Szemle /Economic Review/, 58(4), 689-708. Andreff, W., Szymanski, S. (2006). Handbook on the economics of sport. UK: Edward Elgar Publishing Inc. Berrett, T. (2001). The economic significance of amateur sport and active recreation in Edmonton in 2000. Edmonton: Caminata Consulting. Retrieved November 21, 2006, from http

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Enrique García Ordóñez, María del Carmen Iglesias Pérez and Carlos Touriño González

their analysis: an introduction Compositional Data Analysis in the Geosciences, Special Publication Buccianti A. Mateu-Figueiras G. Pawlowsky-Glahn V. London Geological Society 1 10 2006 Pesenson M, Suram S, Gregorie J. Statistical Analysis and Interpolation of Compositional Data in Material Science. ACS Comb Sci, 2015; 17(2): 130-136 10.1021/co5001458 Pesenson M Suram S Gregorie J Statistical Analysis and Interpolation of Compositional Data in Material Science ACS Comb Sci 2015 17 2 130 136 Prieto J, Gómez MA, Pollard R. Home Advantage in Men´s and Women

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Gustavo A. Callegari, Jefferson S. Novaes, Gabriel R. Neto, Ingrid Dias, Nuno D. Garrido and Caroline Dani

. The importance of a priori sample size estimation in strength and conditioning research. J Strength Cond Res , 2013; 27: 2323-2337 10.1519/JSC.0b013e318278eea0 Beck TW. The importance of a priori sample size estimation in strength and conditioning research J Strength Cond Res 2013 27 2323 2337 Bessa A, Oliveira VN, De Agostini GG, Oliveira RJS, Oliveira ACS, White G, Wells G, Teixeira DNS, Espindola FS, Mineiro U. Exercise intensity and recovery: Biomarkers of injury, inflammation and oxidative stress. J Strength Cond Res , 2016; 30: 311-319 10