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Service charge collection in multi-unit developments

References Arkcoll, K., Guilding, C., Lamminamki, D., McManus, L., & Warnken, J. (2013). Funding common property expenditure in multi-owned housing schemes. Property Management, 31 (4), 282–96. Bailey, N., & Robertson, D. (1997) Management of flats in multiple ownership: Learning from other countries . Bristol: Policy Press. Bowe O’Brien Solicitors. (2009). Show me the money – Collecting debts in difficult financial times. Retrieved from [13 March 2018]. Christudason, A. (2004). Common property in strata titled

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Local government, 2017

References Government of Ireland. (2017). Housing delivery 2017: Social housing and new home indicators. Retrieved from [6 February 2018]. LGiU Ireland. (2017). Briefing: Local government grants and subsidies from central government. Retrieved from [20 December 2017]. National Oversight & Audit Commission. (2017a). A review of the management and maintenance of local

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The National Spatial Strategy: Lessons for implementing a National Planning Framework

policy and European integration: Building multilevel governance (pp. 320-41). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Lyons, M. (2007). Inquiry into local government. Place-shaping: A shared ambition for the future of local government. London: The Stationery Office. Meredith, D., & van Egeraat, C. (2013). Revisiting the national spatial strategy: Ten years on. Administration, 60 (3), 3-13. Morgenroth, E. (2016) Getting value from infrastructure. Presentation at the annual Dublin Economics Workshop Policy Conference, Wexford, 24

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Education, 2016

. Dublin: Irish League of Credit Unions. Liston, M., Frawley. D., & Patterson, V. (2016). A study of progression in Irish higher education 2012/13 to 2013/14. Dublin: Higher Education Authority. OECD. (2016). Education at a glance 2016: OECD indicators. Paris: OECD Publishing. Shiel, G., Kelleher, C., McKeown, C., & Denner, S. (2016). Future ready? The performance of 15-year-olds in Ireland on science, reading literacy and mathematics in PISA 2015. Dublin: Educational Research Centre.

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From Knowledge Utilization to Building Knowledge Networks

References Colebatch, H. K., Hoppe, R. and Noordegraaf, M. (2010). Understanding policy work. In: H. K. Colebatch, R. Hoppe and M. Noordegraaf (eds.): Working for Policy. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 11-25. Dolowitz, D. and Marsh, D. (1996). Who learns what from whom: a review of the policy transfer literature. Political Studies 21:343-351. Dror, Y. (1979) Think tanks: a new invention in government. In: Weiss, C. H. and Barton, A.H. (eds.): Making Bureaucracies Work. pp. 139-152. Beverly Hills: Sage

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The Patient Survey Programme: Transforming the patient experience in Irish healthcare

. Jenkinson, C., Coulter, A., & Bruster, S. (2002). The Picker Patient Experience Questionnaire: Development and validation using data from in-patient surveys in five countries. International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 14 (5), 353-8. Jenkinson, C. E., Dickens, A. P., Jones, K., Thompson-Coon, J., Taylor, R. S., Rogers, M., & Richards, S. H. (2013). Is volunteering a public health intervention? A systematic review and meta-analysis of the health and survival of volunteers. BMC Public Health, 13 (1), 773. Lally, J., Byrne, F., McGuire

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Reforming the Irish public service: A multiple streams perspective

. Basingstoke: Palgrave. Coen, D., & Roberts, A. (2012). A new age of uncertainty. Governance, 25 (1), 5-9. Department of Finance. (2011). Reforming Ireland’s budgetary framework: A discussion document. Retrieved from [13 April 2017]. Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. (2011). Public service reform plan. Dublin: Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. (2014). Public service reform plan 2014

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Czech Study of Public Policy in the Perspective of Three Dominant Approaches

Policies to Support Active Citizens: Czech Republic and Europe (pp. 13-26). Praha: Matfyzpress. Novotný, V. (2012). Vývoj českého studia veřejných politik v evropském kontextu. Praha: Karolinum. Ochrana, F. (2009). Metodologie věd: Úvod do problému. Praha: Karolinum. Ochrana, F. et al. 2010. Strategické řízení ve veřejné správě a přístupy k tvorbě politiky. Praha: Matfyzpress. Ochrana, F., & Maaytová, A. (2012). Starting points for creating a transparent and noncorruption public procurement system

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Local government reform: Community planning and the quality of life in Northern Ireland

. Local Government Studies, 24 (3), 1–13 Knox, C. (2012). The Reform of Public Administration in Northern Ireland: A squandered opportunity? Administration, 60 (1), 117–38. McAlister, R. (2010). Putting the ‘community’ into community planning: Assessing community inclusion in Northern Ireland. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 34 (3), 533–47. Pearson, I. (2004). Improvements to quality of service key to public administration reform [news release, 19 July]. Belfast: Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister

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What Can We Learn About Regulatory Agencies and Regulated Parties from the Empirical Study of Judicial Review of Regulatory Agencies’ Decisions? The Case of Croatia

References Barbic, J. (2006). Foreword. In J. Barbic (ed.), The reform of the administrative judiciary and administrative procedures (pp. 7-10). Scientific Council for Public Administration, Justice and the Rule of Law, Croatian Academy of Science and Arts, Book Forth, Zagreb. Bernstein, M. H. (1995). Regulating Business by Independent Commission. Princeton University Press, USA. Bovens, M. (2007). Analysing and Assessing Accountability: A Conceptual Framework. European Law Journal, 13(4), 447

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