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Dual Solutions for Boundary Layer Flow of Moving Fluid over a Moving Surface with Power-Law Surface Temperature

References Abdulhafez T.A. (1985): Skin friction and heat transfer on a continuous flat surface moving in a parallel free stream . - Int. J. Heat Mass Transf., vol.28, pp.1234-1237. Abussita A.M.M. (1994): A note on a certain boundary-layer equation . - Appl. Math. Comp., vol.64, pp.73-77. Afzal N., Badaruddin A. and Elgarvi A.A. (1993): Momentum and heat transport on a continuous flat surface moving in a parallel stream . - Int. J. of Heat Mass Transfer, vol.36, No.13, pp.3399

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Thermal Radiation, Chemical Reaction, Viscous and Joule Dissipation Effects on MHD Flow Embedded in a Porous Medium

Journal of Science and Engineering, vol.13, No.4, pp.359-364. [4] Chamkha A.J. (2002): On laminar hydromagnetic mixed convection flow in a vertical channel with symmetric and asymmetric wall heating conditions . – Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, vol.45, pp.2509-2525. [5] Singh A.K. (1988): Natural convection in unsteady Couette motion . – Def. Sci. J., vol.38, No.1, pp.35-41. [6] Jha B.K. (2001): Natural convection in unsteady MHD Couette flow. – Heat and Mass Transfer, vol.37, pp.329-331. [7] Rajput U.S. and Sahu P.K. (2012): Natural convection

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Fem Simulation of Triple Diffusive Natural Convection Along Inclined Plate in Porous Medium: Prescribed Surface Heat, Solute and Nanoparticles Flux

Thermal Sciences, vol.50, pp.2154-2160. [13] Kuznetsov A. and Nield D. (2011): Double-diffusive natural convective boundary-layer flow of a nanofluid past a vertical plate. - International Journal of Thermal Sciences, vol.50, No.5, pp.712-717. [14] Rana P., Bhargava R. and Beg O.A. (2012): Numerical solution for mixed convection boundary layer flow of a nanofluid along an inclined plate embedded in a porous medium. - Computers and Mathematics with Applications, vol.64, pp.2816-2832. [15] Murthy P.V.S.N., Sutradhar A. and

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Perturbation Solutions For Magnetohydrodynamics (Mhd) Flow of in a Non-Newtonian Fluid Between Concentric Cylinders

and internal heat generation . – Journal of King Saud University – Engineering Sciences, (to be published). [13] Jayeoba O.J. and Okoya S.S. (2012): Approximate analytical solutions for pipe flow of a third grade fluid with variable models of viscosities and heat generation/absorption . – Journal of the Nigerian Mathematical Society, vol.31, pp.207-227.

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Electrically Conducting Flow through Exponential Power Law Fluid with Variable Thermal Conductivity

): Nonsimilar, laminar, steady, electrically conducting forced convection liquid metal boundary layer flow with induced magnetic field effects . – International Journal of Thermal Science, vol.48, pp.1596-1606. [9] Takhar H.S. (1999): Unsteady flow and heat transfer on a semi-infinite flat plate with an aligned magnetic field . – Int. J. Engineering Science, vol.37, No.13, pp.1723-1736. [10] Srinivasa A.H. and Eswara A.T. (2011): Unsteady MHD Laminar Boundary Layer due to an impulsive stretching surface. – World Congress on Engineering (WCE), vol.1, pp.252

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Slip effects on squeezing flow of nanofluid between two parallel disks

and Analysis, vol.13, pp.565–576. [4] Domairry G. and Aziz A. (2009): Approximate analysis of MHD Squeeze flow between two parallel disks with suction or injection by homotopy perturbation method . – Mathematical Problems in Engineering, vol.2009, pp.603916. [5] Haya T., Yousaf A., Mustafa M. and Obaidat S. (2011): MHD squeezing flow of second-grade fluid between two parallel disks. – International Journal of Numerical Method in Fluids, vol.69, pp.399-410. [6] Mustafa M., Hayat T. and Obaidat S. (2012): On heat and mass transfer in the unsteady

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Laminar Mixed Convection Flow from a Vertical Surface with Induced Magnetic Field and Convective Boundary

suction and heat sink . – Int. J. Appl. Math. Mech., vol.19, pp.97-109. [11]. Megakhed A.A. (1974): Effect of induced magnetic field and heat transfer on non-stationary magneto hydrodynamic flow around a porous plate . – Magnetohydrodynamics, vol.10, No.1, pp.48-52. [12]. Chaudhary R.C. and Bhupendra K.S. (2006): Combined heat and mass transfer by laminar mixed convection flow from a vertical surface with induced magnetic field . – J. Appl. Phys., vol.99, 349. [13]. Md. Alom S. Rahman M.M. and Md. A. Sattar (2007): Similarity solutions for

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The Effect of Pendolino high-speed rail on the structure of buildings located in the proximity of railway tracks

statistical analysis of the dynamic response of a railway viaduct . – Engineering Structures, vol.71, pp.244-259. [5] Morassi A. and Tonon S. (2008): Dynamic testing for structural identification of a bridge . – J. Bridge Eng., vol.13, No.6, pp.573–585. [6] Calçada R., Cunha A. and Delgado R. (2002): Dynamic analysis of metallic arch railway bridge . – J. Bridge Eng., vol.7, No.4, pp.214–222. [7] Yang Y. and Yau J. (1997): Vehicle-bridge interaction element for dynamic analysis . – J. Struct. Eng., vol.123, No.11, pp.1512–1518. [8] Jose Olmos M

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Chemical Reaction Effects on MHD Flow Past an Impulsively Started Isothermal Vertical Plate with Uniform Mass Diffusion

References Carnahan B., Luther H.A. and Wilkes J.O. (1969): Applied Numerical Methods. - New York: John Wiley and Sons. Chambre P.L. and Young J.D. (1958): On the diffusion of a chemically reactive species in a laminar boundary layer flow. - The Physics of Fluids, vol.1, No.1, pp.48-54. Das U.N., Deka, R.K. and Soundalgekar V.M. (1999): Effects of mass transfer on flow past an impulsively started infinite vertical plate with chemical reaction. - The Bulletin of Guma, vol.5, pp.13-20. Kumari M

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Similarity Solution for Combined Free-Forced Convection Past a Vertical Porous Plate in a Porous Medium with a Convective Surface Boundary Condition

. – Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, vol.13, No.2, pp.434–438. [6] Wilks G. (1973): Combined forced and free convection flow on vertical surfaces . – Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, vol.16, No.10, pp.1958–1964. [7] Raju M.S., Liu X.R. and Law C.K. (1984): A formulation of combined forced and free convection past horizontal and vertical surfaces . – Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, vol.27, No.12, pp.2215–2224. [8] Hossain M.A. and Ahmed M.U. (1990): MHD forced and free convection boundary layer flow near the leading edge. – Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, vol.33, No

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