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Classification of the Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Field Radiation Measurement from the Laptop Computers

] Calvente, I., Fernandez, M.F., Villalba, J., Ilea, N. (2010). Exposure to electromagnetic fields and its relationship with childhood leukemia: A systematic review. Science of Total Environment, 408 (16), 3062-2069. [12] International Commision on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). (1998). Guidelines for limiting exposure to time varying electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. Health Physics, 74, 494-522. [13] Koppel, T., Tint, P. (2014). Reducing exposure to extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields from portable

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Global Calibration Method of a Camera Using the Constraint of Line Features and 3D World Points

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Micro Fluxgate Sensor using Solenoid Coils Fabricated by MEMS Technology

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An Improved Linearization Circuit Used for Optical Rotary Encoders

] Benammar, M., Ben-Brahim, L., Alhamadi, M.A., Al-Naemi, M. (2008). A novel method for estimating the angle from analog co-sinusoidal quadrature signals. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical , 142 (1), 225–231. [5] Benammar, M., Gonzales, A.S.P. (2015). Angular position measurement using resolvers together with a robust linearization technique. In 13th IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN) , July 22-24, 2015. Cambridge, United Kingdom. IEEE, 1510-1514. [6] Benammar, M., Gonzales, A. Jr. (2015). Simple and precise analog arcsine

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B-Tree Algorithm Complexity Analysis to Evaluate the Feasibility of its Application in the University Course Timetabling Problem

. [4] R. Johnsonbaugh, Discrete Mathematics, 6th Edition, Prentice Hall, U.S.A., ISBN 0-13-117686-2, ISBN 0-13-117686-2. [5] B. Paechter, R. C. Ranking, A. Cumming and T. C. Fogarty, Timetabling the Classes of an Entire University with an Evolutionary Algorithm. Parallel Problem Solving from Nature (PPSN) V. Lectures Notes in Computer Science 1498, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, pp. 865-874, 1998. [6] O. Rossi-Doria, M. Samples, M. Birattari, M. Chiarandini, M. Dorigo, L. M. Gambardella, J. Knowles, M. Manfrin, M. Mastrolilli, B. Paechter, L

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Decoupling Analysis of a Sliding Structure Six-axis Force/Torque Sensor

References [1] Fung, Y.C. (1993). Biomechanics: Mechanical Properties of Living Tissues (2nd ed.). New York: Springer. [2] Bummo Ahn, Jung Kim. (2007). An efficient soft tissue characterization method for haptic rendering of soft tissue deformation in medical simulation. In Frontiers in the Convergence of Bioscience and Information Technologies (FBIT 2007) , 11-13 October 2007. IEEE, 549-553. [3] Greenish, S., Hayward, V., Steffen, T., Chial, V., Okamura, A.M. (2002). Measurement, analysis and display

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Rule Based Networks: An Efficient and Interpretable Representation of Computational Models

Networks, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2014 [13] J. Furnkranz, Separate-and-Conquer rule learning, Artificial Intelligence Review, vol. 13, pp. 3–54, 1999 [14] R. Quinlan, C4.5: programs for machine learning, Morgan Kaufman, 1993 [15] J. Cendrowska, PRISM: an algorithm for inducing modular rules, International Journal of Man-Machine Studies, vol. 27, p. 349-370, 1987 [16] X. Deng, A covering-based algorithm for classification: PRISM, SK, 2012 [17] A. Gegov, Complexity Management in Fuzzy Systems, Berlin: Springer, 2007 [18] T. J. Ross, Fuzzy Logic

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A Cost-effective Method for Resolution Increase of the Twostage Piecewise Linear ADC Used for Sensor Linearization

systems. ATP Journal PLUS, 2/2006, 13-17. [7] Hamdy, N. (2008). Applied Signal Processing: Concepts, Circuits, and Systems. CRC Press. [8] Ahmed, R.E. (1990). New design technique for twostep flash A/D convertors. Electronic Letters, 26 (15), 1185-1186. [9] Lee, W.T., Huang, P.H., Liao, Y.Z., Hwang, Y.S. (2007). A new low power flash ADC using multipleselection method. In IEEE Conference on Electron Devices and Solid-State Circuits (EDSSC 2007), 20-22 December 2007, Tainan, Taiwan. IEEE, 341-344.

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Critical Values for Testing Location-Scale Hypothesis

. (1973). A table for a combined Wilcoxon Ansari-Bradley statistic. Biometrika 60, 113-116. Podgor, M. J. & Gastwirth, J. L. (1994). On non-parametric and generalized tests for the two-sample problem with location and scale change alternatives. Statistics in Medicine 13, 747-758. Rublík, F. (2005). The multisample version of the Lepage test. Kybernetika 41, 713-733. Rublík, F. (2007). On the asymptotic efficiency of the multisample location-scale rank tests and their adjustment for ties

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Hybrid Time-Base Device for Coherent Sampling Oscilloscope

Measurement , 61 (10), 2689-2694. [12] Cirulis, R., Greitans, M., Hermanis, E. (2013). Time domain distortion estimation and correction using sample shifting procedure. Elektronika ir elektrotechnika (Electronics and Electrical Engineering) , 19 (9), 81-84. [13] Jargon, J.A., Hale, P.D., Wang, C.M. (2010). Correcting sampling oscilloscope timebase errors with a passively mode-locked laser phase locked to a microwave oscillator. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement , 59 (4), 916-922. [14] Boaventura, A., Williams, D., Avolio, G., Hale, P

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