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Dubravka Jurlina Alibegović, Sabina Hodžić and Emira Bečić

Decentralization: A Comparative Analysis of Arguments and Practices in European Countries.” European Journal of Political Research 38(2), 193 – 224. . Do Vale, H. F. 2015. “Comparing and Measuring Subnational Autonomy across Three Continents.” Lex Localis: Journal of Self-Government 13(3), 741 – 764. . Feld, L., G. Kirchgässner and C. A. Schaltegger. 2004. “Fiscal Federalism and Economic Performance: Evidence from Swiss Cantons.” Marburg Working Paper on Economics 20. Marburg

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Beáta Mikušová Meričková, Andrea Bašteková, Jan Stejskal and Bernard Pekár

(5), 655–670. Němec, V. 2002. Projektový management . Praha: Grada Publishing. Nye, J. P. P. 1967. “Corruption and Political Development: A Cost-Benefit Analysis.” American Political Science Review 61(2), 417–427. Ochrana, F. and A. Maaytová. 2012. “Východiska pro vytváření transparentního a nekorupčního systému zadávání veřejných zakázek.” Ekonomický časopis 60(7), 732–745. Panizza, U. 2001. “Electoral Rules, Political Systems, and Institutional Quality.” Economics and Politics 13(3), 311–342. Papula, J. 1995. Strategický manažment

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Piret Tõnurist

References Amaratunga, D. and D. Baldry. 2001. “Case Study Methodology as a Means of Theory Building: Performance Measurement in Facilities Management Organisations.” Work Study 50(3), 95 - 105. Bento, N. and M. Fontes. 2015. “Spatial Diffusion and the Formation of a Technological Innovation System in the Receiving Country: Th e Case of Wind Energy in Portugal.” Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 15, 158 - 179. Bernstein, S., R. N. Lebow, J. G. Stein and S. Weber. 2000. “God Gave Physics the Easy

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Juraj Nemec

. 2004. Public Management Reform: A Comparative Analysis. London: Oxford University Press. Randma-Liiv, T. 2008. "New Public Management versus Neo-Weberian State in Central and Eastern Europe." Journal of Public Administration and Policy 1 (2), 49-71. Schick, A. 1998. "Why Most Developing Countries Should not Try New Zealand Reforms." World Bank Research Observer 13 (1), 123-131. Setnikar-Cankar, S., J. Seljak and V. Petkovšek. 2009. "Awarding Work to External Contractors in Slovenian

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Aet Kiisla

References Abu-Jarad, Ismael Younis, Nor’Aini Yusof and Davoud Nikbin. 2010. “A Review Paper on Organizational Culture and Organizational Performance.” International Journal of Business and Social Science 1(3), 26 - 46. Andrews, Rhys; George A. Boyne, Kenneth J. Meier, Laurence J. O’Toole Jr and Richard M. Walker. 2005. “Representative Bureaucracy, Organizational Strategy, and Public Service Performance: An Empirical Analysis of English Local Government.” Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 15, 489 - 504

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Lucia Makýšová and Gabriela Vaceková

Supporting the International Conference on Modernization and State Reform. Vol. 13 Rio de Janeiro. Pryor, F. L. 2012. “Determinants of the Size of the Nonprofi t Sector.” Th e European Journal of Comparative Economics 9(3), 337 - 348. Salamon, L. M. 1987. “Partners in Public Service: Th e Scope and Th eory of Government- Nonprofit Relations.” In W. W. Powell (ed.). The Nonprofit Sector: A Research Handbook. New Haven, CT, USA: Yale University Press, 99 - 117. Salamon, L. M. 1994. “Th e Rise of the Nonprofit Sector.” Foreign

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Vincent Mabillard and Martial Pasquier

References Adams, B. D. 2005. Trust vs. Confidence. Paper prepared on behalf of the Department of National Defence, June 28, in Toronto, Canada, 1 – 14. Birkinshaw, P. 2006. “Freedom of Information and Openness: Fundamental Human Rights ?” Administrative Law Review 58(1), 177 – 218. Blomqvist, K. 1997. “The Many Faces of Trust.” Scandinavian Journal of Management 13(3), 271 – 286. Bouckaert, G. 2012. “Trust and Public Administration.” Administration 60(1), 91 – 115. Bouckaert, G. and S. Van de Walle. 2003. “Comparing Measures

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Ivan Langr

ale pokutu zrušil., 18 June 2017, Praha: MAFRA Publishing. Tendrem na vyběr myta se zabyva antimonopolni uřad. Pochybuje o spravnem postupu ministerstva., 13 October 2017, Praha: Economia Publishing. Jowitt, Ken. 1983. “Soviet Neotraditionalism: Th e Political Corruption of a Leninist Regime.” Soviet Studies 3, 275 - 297. Jowitt, Ken. 1992. New World Disorder: the Leninist extinction. Angeles: University of California Press. Klitgaard, Robert, Ronald Maclean-Abaroa and

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Attila Ágh

: Building on the Experience of Plan D for Democracy, Dialogue and Debate. Brussels, 2 April 2008, COM(2008) 158/4. Commission. 2008b. Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion: Turning Territorial Diversity into Strength. Brussels, 6 October 2008, COM(2008) 616 final. Commission. 2006. White Paper on a European Communication Policy. Brussels, 1 February 2006, COM(2006) 35 final. Commission. 2005. Plan-D for Democracy, Dialogue and Debate. Brussels, 13 October 2005, COM(2005) 494 final

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Michal Plaček, František Ochrana and Milan Půček

(4), 218 - 230. Kelly, A. 2001. Benchmarking for School Improvement: A Practical Guide for Comparing and Achieving Eff ectiveness. Abingdon: Routledge. Levy, D. and L. S. Ronco. 2012. “How Benchmarking and Higher Education Came together.” New Direction on Institutional Research 12(156), 5 - 13. McKinnon, R. K., H. S. Walker and D. Davis. 2000. Benchmarking: A Manual for Australian Universities. Canberra: Higher Education Division. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. 2015. Breakdown of Universities