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Advocacy Coalitions in Transport Policy: A Case of Rail Sector in Croatia

Gazette Since 1990. Zbornik Pravnog fakulteta u Zagrebu, 67 (5), 815-841. Petković, K. (2014). Javne politike u povijesti časopisa Politička misao od 1964. do 2013: kako izgledamo u ogledalu poddiscipline? Politička Misao , 51 (1), 11-38. Pierce, J. J., Peterson, H. L., Jones, M. D., et al. (2017). There and Back Again: A Tale of the Advocacy Coalition Framework. Policy Studies Journal, 45 (S1), 13-46. Pollitt, C., & Bouckaert, G. (2011). Public Management Reform: A comparative analysis-new public management, governance, and the Neo-Weberian state

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Policy Implementation: Lessons from the Chilean Policy on Public Management Modernization

SAGE Handbook ofPublic Administration, Concise Second Edition (pp. 100 - 114). London, Great Britain: SAGE. Hasenfeld, Y., & Brock, T. (1991). Implementation of Social PolicyRevisited. Journal of Administration and Society, 22, (4), 451-479. Hondeghem, A., & Vandermeulen, F. (2000). Competency managementin the Flemish and Dutch civil service. The International Journal of PublicSector Management,13 (4), 342 - 353. Howlett, M., &, Ramesh, M. (2003). Studying Public Policy: policycycles and policy subsystems, Second

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Policy, learning and regime change: Western concepts and CEE experience

REFERENCES Bailey, F.G. (1969). Stratagems and Spoils . Oxford: Basil Blackwell. Bevir, M., & Rhodes, R.A.W. (2010). The State as Cultural Practice . Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. Boxelaar, L., Paine, M., & Beilin, R. (2006). Community engagement and public administration: Of silos, overlays and technologies of government. Australian Journal of Public Administration , 65(1), 113-126. Buduru, B., & Pal, L.A. (2010). The globalized state: Measuring and monitoring governance. European Journal of Cultural Studies , 13(4), 511

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Parameters for the Assessment of the Impact of Internationalisation Policy on Quality in Higher Education and its Influence on the Development of Society: The Lithuanian Case

International Students, 5, 50-59. Palmer, J. D. & Cho Y. H. (2012). South Korean Higher Education Internationalization Policies: Perceptions and Experiences. Asia Pacific Education Review , 13 (3), 387-401. Pawlowski, J. M. (2005). Global Learning Quality. The Quality of Higher Education, 8, 12-31. Pukelis, K., Patry, J.-L., Vaicekauskienė, V., Braslauskienė, R., Pileičikienė, N., Oblenenienė, B. & Fokienė, A. (2008). Methodology for Assessment of Quality in Education. Student’s book, Kaunas: VMU. Promotion Programme of Internationalisation of

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An Overview of Discourses on Knowledge in Policy: Thinking Knowledge, Policy and Conflict Together

Impact of Social Science Research: Conceptual, Methodological and Practical Issues. A background discussion paper for ESRC Symposium on Assessing Non-Academic Impact of Research. St Andrews: University of St Andrews, Research Unit for Research Utilisation. URL: Davies, H., Nutley, S. and Walter, I. (2008). Why ‘knowledge transfer’ is misconceived for applied social research. Journal of Health Services Research & Policy 13(3): 188-190. Davies, H., Nutley, S. M. and Smith, P. C. (2000

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Response of Central European Civil Security Systems to the Economic Crisis

References Act No. 129/2002 Coll. On Integrated Rescue Service of the Slovak Republic Act No. 239/2000 Coll. On Integrated Rescue System of the Czech Republic Alexander, D. E. (2013). Resilience and disaster risk reduction: an etymological journey. Natural Hazards and Earth System Science, 13(11), 2707-2716. Birkland, T. A. (1998). Focusing Events, Mobilization, and Agenda Setting.Journal of Public Policy, 18(1), 53-74. Bossong, R., & Hegemann, H. (2013). Synthesis report on comparison of civil

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Measuring the Use of Knowledge in Policy Development

. (2014). Policy networks, stakeholder interactions and climate adaptation in the region of South East Queensland, Australia. Regional Environmental Change, 14:527-539. Mooney, C. Z. (2015). Information Sources in State Legislative Decision Making. Legislative Studies Quarterly, 16(3):445-455. Nicolaisen, J. (2007). Citation Analysis. In Annual Review of Information Science and Technology, chapter 13, pages 609-641. O’Connor, L. and Rapchak, M. (2012). Information use in online civic discourse: a study of health care

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The Development of Mental Health Policies in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic since 1989

References Bražinová, A. et al. (2011). Sociálna rehabilitácie pre osoby s duševnými poruchami [Social rehabilitation for persons with mental disorders]. Národná rada občanov so zdravotným postihnutím. available at WWW: Breier, P. (2005). Súčasný stav psychiatrickej starostlivosti na Slovensku [The current state of psychiatric care in Slovak Republic]. Available at WWW: http

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Czech pension reform: how to reconcile equivalence with fiscal discipline

Social Policy], 3, pp. 19-20. Howlett, M., & Ramesh‚M. (1995). Studying Public Policy: Policy Cycles and Policy Subsystems. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Hupe, P. L., & M. J. Hill. M. J. (2006). The Three Action Levels of Governance: Re-Framing the Policy Process Beyond the Stages Model. In B. G. Peters, J. Pierre. Handbook of Public Policy. (pp. 13-30). London: SAGE Publications. Jaeger, C.C., Renn, O., Rosa, E.A., & Webler, T. (2001) Risk, Uncertainty, and Rational Action. London: Earthscan Publications Ltd

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Policy Entrepreneurship and Policy Transfer: Flood Risk Governance in Northern Sweden

-574. doi: 10.1017/s0008423913000851 Dolowitz, D. P. (2000). Introduction. Governance, 13(1), 1-4.doi: 10.1111/0952-1895.00120 Dolowitz, D., & Marsh, D. (1996). Who Learns What from Whom: aReview of the Policy Transfer Literature. Political Studies, 44(2), 343-357.doi: 10.1111/j.1467-9248.1996.tb00334.x Dror, Y. (1993). Steering Requisites for Crises-Opportunities: On-GoingChallenges. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, 1(1), 13. Evans, M., & Davies, J. (1999). Understanding Policy Transfer: A

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