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Computer Simulation - Efficient Tool of Crisis Management

součinnosti aktérů krizového řízení a subjektů kritické infrastruktury. Příloha k průběžné zprávě 2016. Brno: VR Group and Universiy of Defence, 2016, p. 51. [7] Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) [online]. Washington: Homeland Security, 2013. Available at: [8] Kolektiv autorů. Simulační prostředek - Příprava experimentálního cvičení. Výzkum avývoj simulačních prostředků pro výcvik součinnosti aktérů krizového řízení a subjektů kritické

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Opinions Regarding the Fundamental Domains of National Security

. [18] Ibidem. [19] Ibidem, p. 13. [20] Ibidem, p. 14. [21] Legea nr. 51, din 8 iulie 1991, privind siguranţa naţională a României, publicată în Monitorul Oficial nr. 163, din 07 august 1991, art. 1. [22] Ordonanţa de urgenţă a Guvernului României nr. 98, din 3 noiembrie 2010, privind protecţia infrastructurilor critice, publicată în Monitorul Oficial al României nr. 757, din 12 noiembrie 2010, art. 3, lit. c). [23] Legea nr. 481, din 8 noiembrie 2004, privind protecţia civilă, publicată

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A Numerical and Experimental Aproach of Stress Waves Propagation in Short Tronconical Bars Under Axial Impact

References [1] Brillhart, L.V., and Dally, J. W. A Dynamic Photoelastic Investigation of Stress-wave Propagation in Cones,. Experimental Mechanics, 1968, pp.145-153. [2] Iliescu, N., The Study of Stress Wave Propagation in a Tronconical Bar by Dynamic Photoelasticity, Symposium on Experimental techniques in Applied Mechanics, Bucharest, 1-3 November 1972. [3] Kenner, V. H., and Goldsmith, W., Elastic waves in Truncated Cones, Experimental Mechanics, 8, 1968. [4] Landon, I. W. and Quinney, I

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Communication and Monitoring- Necessary Processes for Managing and Measuring Conflicts, Absenteeism, Fluctuation and Work Accidents

: Editura Economică, 2001). 13. Deaconu A. şi col., 2004, cit. ed. 14. Saiyadain M.S., Human Resources Management, (India: Tata McGraw Hill, 2009): 457. 15. Mercer A., Basic Supervisory Management and Labour Relations, (CCH Canadian Ltd., 1999), 39. 16. Marin A.L., Sociology of organizations, (Madrid, 2012): 338. 17. Furnham A., The Psychology of Behavior at Work. The Individual in the Organization, (USA: Routledge Press, NY, 2005): 376. 18. Plunkett W.R. et al., Management

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The Indirect Intent in The International Criminal Case-Law

Law Review, Volume 13, 2014, p. 667-668. [5] Prosecutor v. Duško Tadić, nr. IT-94-1-T, 14th of July 1997, par. 127-179. [6] M. A. Summers, op.cit., p. 672. [7] Prosecutor v. Duško Tadić, nr. IT-94-1-A, 15th of July, par. 194-195. [8] Idem, par. 195. [9] Prosecutor v. Duško Tadić, nr. IT-94-1-A, 15th of July 1999, par. 204. [10] Idem, par. 228. [11] Idem, par. 220. [12] Prosecutor v. Duško Tadić, nr. IT-94-1-A, 15th of July 1999, par. 220

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Actions of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Europe

:// . Accessed 16 February 2019. [13] . Accessed 20 February 2019. [14] . Accessed 20 February 2019. [15],75477,19123651,dzihad-wedrowny-zagrazaeuropie.html#ixzz40AAtTSFp . Accessed 26 February 2016. [16] https

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Analysis of the Impact of Intangible Resources at Macroeconomic Level. The Case of Romania

References [1] Malhotra, Y., Measuring knowledge assets of a nation: knowledge systems for development, Invited Research Paper Sponsored by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Keynote Presentation at the Ad Hoc Group of Experts Meeting at the United Nations Headquarters, New York City, 2003. [2] Malhotra Y., Knowledge Management and New Organization Forms: A Framework for Business Model Innovation, Information Resources Management Journal, Jan-Mar, 13(1), 5-14, 2000. [3] Solow, R., A

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Vocabulary Acquisition

another language , Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press; [8] Laufer, B., & Yano, Y.; (2001). Understanding unfamiliar words in a text: Do L2 learners understand how much they don’t understand ? Reading in a Foreign Language, 13, 539-566. [9] Carter, R., and McCarthy, M. (Eds).; (1988). Vocabulary and language teaching , New York: Longman [10] Laufer, B., & Nation, P.; (1999). A Vocabulary-Size Test of Controlled Productive Ability , Language Testing, 16, pp. 33-51. [11] Schmitt, N.; (1998) Tracking the incremental acquisition of second

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Comprehensive Approach in the Full Spectrum of Conflict

References [1] Allied Joint Publication, AJP-3.2 Allied Joint Doctrine for Land Operations, Published by the NATO Standardization Office, 2016, p. 1-7. [2] Ibidem, p. 1-3. [3] Eric Dion, Synergy: A Theoretical Model of Canada’S Comprehensive Approach, Publisher iUniverse, Bloomington, USA, 2017, p. 186. [4] Ibidem, p.186. [5] Conin de Cedric, The United Nations and the Comprehensive Approach, Danish Institute for International Studies, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2008, p. 3

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The Implications of Propaganda as a Social Influence Strategy

References Albu, G. (2008). Comunicarea interpersonală. Iași: European Institute Publishing House. David, M. (2018). Propaganda digitală şi securitatea naţională, available at:, accessed on 13 December 2018. Domenach, J.H. (2004). Propaganda politică. Iaşi: Editura Institutul European. Ellul, J. (2008). Propagandes. Paris: Éditions Economica. Erhan, I. (2014). Internetul ca spaţiu de exprimare a terorismului

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