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Usefulness and Potential Benefits of Analyzing New Media from the Perspective of L. Manovich’s Soft Technological Determinism – The Case of Instagram and Smartphone

References CASTELLS M. (2008), Społeczeństwo sieci, Warszawa, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN. INNIS H, (1951), The Bias of Communication, Toronto, University of Toronto Press. KALLAS P. (2017), Top 15 most popular social networking sites, [online: December 3, 2017],, compare: [online: December 13, 2017]. KRUG S. (2017), Don’t make me think: A Common

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Anglicisms in Online German Newspapers and Magazines. A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Articles in ‘Die Welt’, ‘Der Spiegel’, and ‘Der Stern’ in February 2016

-Arbeitgeber-darf-ueberpruefen-wo-sie-privat-surfen.html; Die Welt online (2016), Diese Fotos macht die Canon Powershot G9 X. [online: February 13, 2016],; Die Welt online (2016), Diese Länder haben bisher keinen Flüchtling aufgenommen [online: February 1, 46 2016],; Die Welt online (2016), Diese neuen Notebooks sorgen 2016 für Furore [online: February 13, 2016], http

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Strategic Management of Crossmedia Production at Estonian Public Broadcasting

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The Use of the Educational Function of Media in Foreign Language Teaching

1 (13). ŁOŚ E., RESZKA A. (2010), Metody nauczania stosowane w kształtowaniu kompetencji kluczowych. Języki obce, podręcznik metodyki operacyjnej, Wydawnictwo Naukowe Wyższej Szkoły Ekonomii i Innowacji, Lublin. MCQUAIL D. 2007, Teoria komunikowania masowego, PWN, Warszawa. M-learning czyli ®ewolucja w nauczaniu, Think Global, Warszawa. MOLGA A. (2015), Platformy e-learningowe - serwis internetowy o profilu dydaktycznym, „Dydaktyka Informatyki”, Nr 10. MROZOWSKI M. (2001), Media Masowe. Władza

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Is Facebook Really Facing the Needs of its Current Users?

REFERENCES: PALERMO C. J. (2016). How isSocial Networking SitesEffectingTeen’sSocial and Emotional Development: A SystemicReview. St. Catherine University, [online: February 11, 2019], CORDEIRO M., SARMENTO R. P., BRAZDIL P., GAMA J., (2018) Evolving Networks and Social Network Analysis Methods and Techniques, [online February 12, 2019], LEE S.J., (2009) Journal of Computer-MediatedCommunication, Volume 14

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Preference Dimensions of the Estonian Opera-Consumer: A Comparison of the Audiences at Opera Houses and Mediated Opera Performances

:// (1 March 2017). Skantze, P. A. 2002. ‘Watching in Translation: Performance and the Reception of Surtitles’. - A Journal of the Performing Arts 7, 2, 26-30. Smith, Alistair 2013. ‘Ticketmaster Report: Theatre Audiences Getting Younger and More Experimental’. - The Stage, 26 September. (1 March 2017). Sproles, George B. 1983. ‘Conceptualisation and Measurement of Optimal Consumer

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How Movies Influence Our Dietary Behaviour?

, 11, 1, i81-i91. Mekemson, C.; Glik, D.; Titus, K.; Myerson, A.; Shaivitz, A.; Ang, A. 2004. ‘Tobacco use in popular movies during the past decade’. - Tobacco Control, 13, 4, 400-402. Mitchell, A. P. 2005. ‘Tivo blamed for massive increase in product placement in television shows’. - The Internet Patrol, December 14. (27 April 2012). Newell, J.; Salmon, C. T.; Chang, S. 2006. ‘The hidden history of product

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Polish as a Foreign Language: New Context, Regulations and Prospects

–2015. Strategia rozwoju nauki w Polsce do 2015 roku (21.12.2013). Ustawa o języku polskim , (2011), Dziennik Ustaw, No. 90. Ustawa o języku polskim oraz ustawy o organizacji i funkcjonowaniu funduszy emerytalnych , (2015), Dziennik Ustaw, No. 43. WALKIEWICZ E. (2010), Proces Boloński – co warto o nim wiedzieć? , (13.10.2013). WILKOWICZ Ł. (2014), W polskich bankach mówimy tylko po

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The Image of the Country in Journalists’ Tweets – Case Study

References APPLEBAUM A. (2013), Revolutionary eating in Poland [online: February 26, 2016], ; APPLEBAUM A. (2014), Anne Applebaum: Jews celebrate their place in Poland’s history [online: February 26, 2016], ; APPLEBAUM A. (2015), FBI director got it wrong on the Holocaust [online: April 26, 2016], https

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Events At Maidan Nezalezhnosti Of Ukraine In Autumn 2013 – Winter 2014 (In View Of Different Ukrainian And Russian Printed Media)

REFERENCES Ahresiya u Den Sobornosti Dvichi Destruktyvna. Uryadovyy kuryer, 13 (5142), 1, 4. ALESHINA, M., DULMAN, P., FEDYAKINA, A. (2014). S Mesta Sobytiy. Ukrainskaya Noch: Konets Tishini . Rossiyskaya gazeta, 6311 (39), 1. BAZAK, O. (2013). Elka na Meste Boyn i. Moskovskiy komsomolets, 26339, 1. BAZAK, O. (2013). Imenem Evrolyutsii. Moskovskiy komsomolets, 26400, 1. BAZAK, O. (2014). Kiev Proshel Kreshchenie Ognem . Moskovskiy komsomolets, 26433, 1. BARABANOV, I. (2014). Bezprezidentskaya Forma Pravleniya . Kommersant

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