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The CAC 40 Index’s Reaction to Terrorist Attacks: The Case of Charlie Hebdo

response to earnings announcements and interim reports: an analysis of SBF120 companies. Annales D’économie et de statistique , 60, 151-175. Binder, J. (1998). The event study methodology since 1969. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting , 11(2), 111-137. Bowman, R. (2006). Understanding and conducting event studies. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting , 10(4), 561-584. Brown, S., & Warner, J. (1980). Measuring security price performance. Journal of Financial Economics , 8(3), 205-258. Brown, S., & Warner, J. (1985). Using daily

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Catholic Social Teaching as a Pillar of Social Market Economy

D., Der Globalisierungskritiker, In: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), (Nr. 277), 8, 2013. Erhard L., Freiheit und Verantwortung. Ansprache vor dem Evangelischen Arbeitskreis der CDU, 2. Juni 1961, zit. nach Otto Schlecht, Ordnungspolitik für eine zukunftsfähige Marktwirtschaft, Frankfurt a.M., Hamburg, 2001. Goldschmidt N., Der Streit um das Soziale in der Marktwirtschaft, In: Kirche und Gesellschaft, Nr. 344, Kath. Sozialwissenschaftliche Zentralstelle Mönchengladbach (Ed.), Köln, 2007. Höffner, J., Wirtschaftsordnung und Wirtschaftsethik

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European Projects of Common Interest: Impact on Fuel and Energy Markets in Poland

(317), 162-168. Kamiński, J. (2009). Metody szacowania siły rynkowej w sektorze energetycznym. Polityka Energetyczna, T. 12, z. 2/2, 229-241. Kryzia, D. (2010). Analiza zmian koncentracji na światowym rynku gazu ziemnego. Wiertnictwo, Nafta, Gaz, T. 27, z. 3, 539-555. Le Coq, C., & Paltseva, E. (2009). Measuring the security of external energy supply in the European Union. Energy Policy, 37(11), 4474-4481. ME. (2009

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Rental Housing Market in Riga: Price Determinants and Lesson Keys of Helsinki

(2). Retrieved from Korhonen, E. (2004). Helsinki City tenants are satisfied with their housing but problems exist. Retrieved August 30, 2018, from Latio (2016). Housing Market Overview: Riga and regions. (Latio. (2016). Mājokļu Tirgus Pārskats: Rīga un reģioni.) Riga. Retrieved from

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The Issues of Real Estate Valuation in the Process of Privatization

References The Law of Georgia on Accounting, Reporting and Audit. (2017). 08.06.2016. Retrieved from Gongladze, S. (2012, May 23). How Real Estate Will be Evaluated. Newspaper Akhali Taoba. Barbakadze, K. (2016). About Financial Assurance of Small and Medium Enterprises. Proceedings of the 24th International Academic Conference, June 28 to July 1, Barcelona, ISBN 978-80-87927-25-0.

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Dependent Market Economies and Hierarchical Market Economies and their National Innovation Systems: The Case of Poland and Mexico

equitativo . In Barbieri, M y Zurbriggen, C. (Coord.) Acción colectiva, Gobierno y Territorio: experiencias Cono Sur. (pp. 81–106). Flacso: Montevideo. . (20.05.2018). 7. Ginebra, X., (2008), La propiedad industrial y la competencia económica en México, Boletín Méxicano de Derecho Comparado. UNAM , no. 121, pages. 117–171. (20/05/18). 8. Hall, P., Soskice, D. (2001). An Introduction

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Case Study of Standard Multi-Storey Residential Building Owners and Tenants’ Perception of Building Technical Conditions and Renovation Issues

centrālās statistikas pārvaldes portāls]. (2016). Statistic Database. [Palielinās atjaunīgo energoresursu īpatsvars pārveidošanas sektorā]. Retrieved June 20, 2016, from [in Latvian] Chau, C. K., Tse, M. S., & Chung, K. Y. (2010). A choice experiment to estimate the effect of green experience on preferences and willingness-to-pay for green building attributes. Building and Environment, 45(11), 2553-2561.

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Factors Influencing Green Roof Development in Recife, Brazil

. 108-112). New York: Schiffer. Köhler, M. (2003). Plant survival research and biodiversity: Lessons from Europe. Paper presented at the First Annual Greening Rooftops for Sustainable Communities Conference, Awards and Trade Show; 20-30, Chicago. Li, D., Bou-Zeid, E., & Oppenheimer, M. (2014). The effectiveness of cool and green roofs as urban heat island mitigation strategies. Environmental Research Letters, 9(5), 055002. Martello, A. (2017). Governo reduz de 1% para 0,5

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Application of Aaker’s Brand Personality Scale on Human Brands in Surf Sports

:// Barrick, M.R. and Mount, M.K. (1991). The big five personality dimensions and job performance: A meta-analysis. Personnel Psychology , 44 (1): 1–26, Bosnjak, M., Bochmann, V. and Hufschmidt, T. (2007). Dimensions of brand personality attributions: A person-centric approach in the German cultural context. Social Behavior and Personality , 35(3): 303−316, . Braunstein, J. and Ross, S. (2010). Brand personality in sport

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Determinants of Default in Lithuanian Peer-To-Peer Platforms

References 1. Barasinska, N., Schäfer, D. (2014). Is Crowdfunding Different? Evidence on the Relation Between Gender and Funding Success from a German Peer-To-Peer Lending Platform // German Economic Review. Vol. 15, No. 4, pp. 436–452. 2. Cai, S., Lin, X., Xu, D., Fu, X. (2016). Judging Online Peer-to-Peer Lending Behavior: A Comparison of First-Time and Repeated Borrowing Requests // Information & Management. Vol. 53, No. 7, pp. 857–867. 3. Davis, K., Murphy, J

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