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Experimental Verification of Numerical Calculations with the Use of Digital Image Correlation

BIBLIOGRAPHY [1] Osmęda, A., 2012, „Strength and construction analysis of aerospace test structure - Internal report (Analiza wytrzymałościowo-konstrukcyjna demonstratora, Raport wewnętrzny),” 05/BU/2012/TEBUK, Institute of Aviation, Warsaw. [2] Osmęda, A., 2016, “Result comparison of numerical analysis and structural tests of aerospace test structure (Porównanie wyników analiz numerycznych i prób wytrzymałościowych demonstratora struktury lotniczej),” Transactions of the Institute of Aviation, Warsaw, No. 244(3). pp. 123-134. [3] Bajurko, P

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Impact of incorporation of chromium on electrochemical properties of LiFePO4/C for Li-ion batteries

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Microwave dielectric properties of BiFeO3 multiferoic films deposited on conductive layers

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Synthesis of LiNiO2 by two-step solid-state method

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Preparation and characterization of (Co0:3Zn0:7)(Ti1–xSnx)Nb2O8 microwave dielectric ceramics

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Annealing and Ni content effects on EPR and structural properties of Zn1–xNixO aerogel nanoparticles

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Substitutional effect of copper on the cation distribution in cobalt chromium ferrites and their structural and magnetic properties

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A general formula for the transmission coefficient through a barrier and application to I–V characteristic

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Structural and conductivity studies of LiNi0.5Mn0.5O2 cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries

, AC conductivity exhibits dispersion and increases with an increase in frequency and temperature [43] . The maximum AC conductivity of the synthesized sample is 1.03 × 10 −6 S/cm at 60 °C. Fig. 6 Variation of AC conductivity of LiNi 0.5 Mn 0.5 O 2 material as a function of frequency at different temperatures. The activation energies for AC conductivity at different temperature regions were obtained by measuring the slope of the curves and using the Arrhenius relationship: σ ac = σ 0 exp ( − E a k B T ) $${\sigma _{{\text{ac}}}} = {\sigma _0}\exp

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Synthesizing cysteine-coated magnetite nanoparticles as MRI contrast agent: Effect of pH and cysteine addition on particles size distribution

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