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Mineralogy and facies variations of Devonian and Carboniferous shales in the Ukrainian Dniepr-Donets Basin

. Paleozoic Source Rocks in the Dniepr-Donets Basin (Ukraine). Petroleum Geoscience, 16, 377-399. Sachsenhofer R.F., Privalov, V.A. and Panova, E.A., 2012. Basin evolution and coal geology of the Donets Basin (Ukraine, Russia): An overview. International Journal of Coal Geology, 89, 26-40. Sachsenhofer, R.F., Hentschke, J., Bechtel, A., Coric, S., Gratzer, R., Gross, D., Horsfield, B., Rachetti, A. and Soliman, A., 2015. Hydrocarbon potential and depositional

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Is the Charlottenthal fan (marginal zone of the Pomeranian phase, NE Germany) an end moraine?

References Bartkowski, T., 1972. Internal structure of marginal zone forms in the area of last glaciation in the Polish Lowland. Sprawozdania Poznańskiego Towarzystwa Przyjaciół Nauk, Wydział Matematyczno-Przyrodniczy 13, 27-67. Blair, T. C. & McPherson, J. G., 1994. Alluvial fans and their natural distinction from rivers based on morphology, hydraulic processes, sedimentary processes, and their facies assemblages. Journal of Sedimentary Research A64, 450-489. Börner, A

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Jurassic–Cretaceous radiolarian-bearing strata from the Gresten Klippen Zone and the St. Veit Klippen Zone (Wienerwald, Eastern Alps, Austria): Implications for stratigraphy and paleogeography

, South Poland. Annales Societatis Geologorum Poloniae, 70, 165–179. Griesbach, K., 1868. Der Jura von St. Veit bei Wien. Verh. d. k. k. geol. R.-A., 1868, 54. Griesbach, C. L., 1869. Die Klippen im Wiener Sandsteine. Jahrbuch der k. k. Geologischen Reichsanstalt, XIX. Bd., p. 217. Handy, M. R., Schmid, S. M., Bousquet, R., Kissling, E., Bernoulli, D., 2010. Reconciling plate-tectonic reconstructions of Alpine Tethys with the geological– geophysical record of spreading and subduction in the Alps. Earth-Science Reviews, 102, 121–158.

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On the applicability of in situ soil probings to geological analyses

-154. Jamiołkowski, M., Lo Presti, D. C. F. & Manassero, M., 2001. Evaluation of relative density and shear strength of sands from CPT and DMT. Proceedings of C. C. Ladd Symposium , M. I. T., Cambridge, 56 pp. Janbu, N., Tokheim, O. & Senneset, K., 1981. Consolidation tests with continuous loading. Proceedings of 10 th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering (Stockholm) 1, pp 645-654. Krygowski, B., 1964. Graniformametria mechaniczna - teoria, zastosowanie. [A method for mechanical analysis of

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Computer-Assisted Design of Sheet Metal Component Formed from Stainless Steel

References [1] Shafaat, M.A., Abbasi, M., Ketabchi, M. (2011): Investigation into wall wrinkling in deep drawing process of conical cups. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 211(11), pp. 1783-1795, doi: 10.1016/j.jmatprotec.2011.05.026. [2] Neto, D.M., Oliveira, M.C., Santos, A.D., Alves, J.L., Menezes, L.F. (2017): Influence of boundary conditions on the prediction of springback and wrinkling in sheet metal forming. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 122, pp. 244-254. [3] Nan, L., He, Y

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Obtaining a new kind of organic fertilizer on the basis of low-grade phosphorite of Central Kyzylkum

.E., Zhiltsova, D.F., Nikondrov, I.S. (1970): Method for purification of natural phosphorus-containing raw materials from impurities of magnesium compounds. The patent of the USSR Cl. From 05 to 9/00.-No. 283243.- Published on 18.12.70. [13] Wengeler, W., Volstein, F., Hoffmann, E. (1977): Preparation of phosphate ores (for processing). The patent of Germany Cl. C 01 to 25/22.-No. 2531519.-Published on -20.01.77. [14] Petersen A.W. (1973): Process of processing phosphate ore. US Patent. Cl. 423-320, С 01 в 25/16.-No. 3717702.-pub.20

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Environmental life cycle assessment of railway bridge materials using UHPFRC

. 895–902. [9] Denarié, E. & Brühwiler, E. (2006a): Structural rehabilitations with Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concretes, International Journal for Restoration of Buildings and Monuments , Aedificatio; 12(5 and 6), 453–467. [10] Denarié et al. (2006b): Full scale application of UHPFRC for the rehabilitation of bridges – from the lab to the field, Deliverable SAMARIS D22 . [11] Denarié et al. (2006c): Guidance for the use of UHPFRC for rehabilitation of concrete highway structures, Deliverable SAMARIS D25b

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Geochemical assessment of claystone deposits from the Patti Formation, Southern Bida Basin, Nigeria

Press Balkema,13, pp. 71–197. [26] Fagbohun, B.J., Adeoti, B., Aladejana, O.O. (2017): Litho-structural analysis of eastern part of Ilesha schist belt, Southwestern Nigeria. Journal of African Earth Sciences , 133 p. Available on: < >. [27] Nton, M.E. (1999): Sedimentology and depositional environment of Awi Formation, Calabar Flank, southeastern Nigeria. Journal of Mining and Geology , 35(1), pp. 23–36. [28] David, J.W., Roger, M.S. (1977): Late Quarternary and clay-minerals distribution on the

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