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Geopolitics of the High North and its consequences

_rLp6M7NFbbBSD1XRPyUSHQqqp0PADu9DXlEy2OwiKPv84DK_P_y&sig=AHIEtbSnFSDCqPaanUd1a-NtU5G_8dtMOw . KETELS, C. 2008. Global Pressure – Nordic Solutions? The Nordic Globalization Barometer 2008. Copenhagen: Nordic Council of Ministers. KRONIKA MONTREALSKA. 2012. Retrieved from KUBIAK, K. 2013. Arktyka. Między dziedzictwem zimnej wojny a współczesnością . In: Bellona no. 2/2013(673) , Warszawa, pp. 51-75. LAPOUGE, G. 2010. Bogactwa w lodowym skarbcu, kto je dostanie

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Politics in the Balkan countryside: case study in Serbia

and Switzerland’, European sociological review, Vol. 25 (3): 271-286. Hopkin, J., 2012. Paying for party response. How Political Parties Respond to Voters, p. 176. Einhorn, B., 1993. Cinderella Goes to Market: Citizenship, Gender, and Women’s Movements in East Central Europe. New York: Verso. Kendall, C., Nannicini, T., Trebbi, F., 2013. How do voters respond to information? Evidence from a randomized campaign. No. w18986. National Bureau of Economic Research. Kligman, G., 1996. Women and the

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(In)efficiency of EU Common Foreign and Security Policy: Ukraine, Brexit, Trump and beyond

-369. ROSÉN, G. 2015. EU Confidential: The European Parliament’s Involvement in EU Security and Defence Policy, Journal of Common Market Studies, 53 (2): 383-398. SAVORSKAYA, E. 2015. The Concept of the European Union’s Normative Power, Baltijskij Region, 4 (26): 66-76. SCHAKE, K. 2016. Post-Brexit Defense Policy, Foreign Policy, 25. 6. 2016. Retrieved from April 4, 2017. . SMITH, M. 2013. Foreign policy and development in the post-Lisbon European Union, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 26

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The Hungarian Experiences with Handling Irregularities in the Use of EU Funds

Government & Public Policy University of Strathclyde. Davies, S and L. Polverari. 2011. “Financial Accountability and European Union Cohesion Policy.” Regional Studies 45(5):695-706 DOI:10.1080 / 00343404.2010.529118 Dragan, G. 2008. “Who’s Afraid of the Absorption Capacity ? A Romanian Perspective.” Presented at 48 th ERSA Congress, 27 – 31 August 2008, Liverpool, United Kingdom. Grazianoa, P. and C. Halpern. 2015. EU Governance in Times of Crisis: Inclusiveness and Effectiveness beyond the ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’ law divide. Comparative European Politics DOI

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”Sprutbyte – visst bara de slutar med droger”. Svenska myndigheters och politikers hantering av rena sprutor till narkomaner

References Bejerot, N. & Hartelius, J. (1984): Missbruk och motåtgärder. Stockholm: Ordfront Bergström, G. & Boréus, K. (2000): Texternas mening och makt, metodbok i samhällsvetenskaplig textanalys. Lund: Studentlitteratur CAN (2007): Drogutvecklingen i Sverige 2007 rapport 107. Stockholm: CAN Edelman, M. (1988): Constructing The Political Spectacle. Chicago / London: The University of Chicago Press. Ekendahl, M. (2011): The limits of legitimacy: service providers

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Participatory Budgeting: A Comparative Study of Croatia, Poland and Slovakia

-Cieślak, G. 2013. “Efektywność inwestycji publicznych w kapitał ludzki.” Ekonomista 3, 319–344. Kraszewski, Dariusz and Karol Mojkowski. 2014. “Budżet obywatelski w Polsce, Fundacja im. Stefana Batorego, Warszawa: 2014.” Available at (last accessed 18 August 2014). Michalski, Grzegorz and Aleksander Mercik. 2011. “Liquid Assets Strategies in Silesian Non-Profit Organizations.” Financial Management of Firms and Financial Institutions 2011, 258

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The Europeanisation of Slovak Political Parties

, 2003, pp. 3 – 27. Evaluation of the European Parliament Elections 2004. [online] 2004 [cit. 2004-25-03] Dostupné na: FIALA, P. a kol.: Evropeizace zájmů. Politické strany a zájmové skupiny v České republice. Brno: Munipress, 2009. FIALA, P.- MAREŠ, M.- SOKOL, P.: Eurostrany. Politické strany na evropské úrovni . Brno: Barister & Principal, 2007. FIGEĽ, J. - ADAMIŠ, M.: Slovensko na ceste do Európskej únie – Kapitoly a súvislosti

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Binge Drinking and Internalised Sexual Stigma among Italian Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Young Adults

stress and changes in relationship quality in same-sex couples. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 25 (6), 989–1007. Newcomb, M. E., Heinz, A. J., & Mustanski, B. (2012). Examining risk and protective factors for alcohol use in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth: A longitudinal multilevel analysis. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 73 (5), 783–793. Ortiz-Hernández, L., Tello, B. L. G., & Valdés, J. (2009). The association of sexual orientation with self-rated health, and cigarette and alcohol use in Mexican adolescents and

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The credibility of risk information about licit substances: An exploratory study of attitudes among Swedish adults

meta-analysis. British Medical Journal, 342 , d671. Roth, H. D., Roth, A. B., & Liu, X. (2005). Health risks of smoking compared to Swedish snus. Inhalation Toxicology, 17 , 741–748. Savolainen, R. (2007). Filtering and withdrawing: Strategies for coping with information overload in everyday contexts. Journal of Information Science, 33 , 611–621. Seale, C. (2003). Health and media: An overview. Sociology of Health and Illness, 25 , 513–531. Smith, G., Wolf, M. S., & von Wagner, C. (2010). Socioeconomic status, statistical confidence, and

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Effects of Four Voice Qualities and Formant Dispersion on Perception of a Female Voice

). Praat: Doing phonetics by computer [Computer program]. Version 5.3. 03. 2011. Borkowska, B. & Pawlowski, B. (2011). Female voice frequency in the context of dominance and attractiveness perception. Animal Behaviour, 82, 55-59. doi: Bruckert, L., Liénard, J., Lacroix, A., Kreutzer, M., & Leboucher, G. (2006). Women use voice parameters to assess men's characteristics. Proceedings of the Royal Society, 273, 83-89. doi: Charlton, B. D

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