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Context dependency as a Function of Prediction Error-Based Attention

REFERENCES Abad, M. J., Ramos-Álvarez, M. M., & Rosas, J. M. (2009). Partial reinforcement and context switch effects in human predictive learning. The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology , 62 , 174-188. Alcalá, J. A., Callejas-Aguilera, J. E., Lamoureux, J. A., & Rosas, J. M. (2019). Discrimination reversal facilitates subsequent acquisition of temporal discriminations in rats’ appetitive conditioning. Manuscript under review. Alcalá, J. A., Callejas-Aguilera, J. E., Nelson, B., & Rosas, J

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The effects of Guarana (Paullinia cupana) supplementation on the cognitive performance of young healthy adults – a Systematic Review

den Eynde et al., 2008). It is usually found at low concentrations in energy drinks and is thought to enhance the stimulating properties of caffeine. Studies made on guarana show that the herb improves decision-making performance ( Pomportes et al., 2014 ), temporal performance ( Pomportes et al., 2017 ), task performance ( Kennedy et al., 2004 ), working memory and attentional processing ( Scholey et al., 2013 ). Promising effects in some cognitive domains were found by Haskell et al. (2007) , Kennedy et al. (2004) , Scholey et al. (2013) and Nehlig (2010

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Association of severity of depressive symptoms with sleep quality, social support and stress among Pakistani medical and dental students: A cross-sectional study

quality and high stress levels. Limitations This study has several limitations. Firstly, the use of convenient sampling and inclusion of only one medical school in the survey limits generalizability of these findings. The cross-sectional nature of this study limits inferences related to causality and temporality, and the use of self-administered questionnaires may introduce recall bias. Use of questionnaire can add recall bias in measurement of mental health indicators. Important variables such as use of pharmacological or psychological treatments among the

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Order effects in attributions of sporting abilities in team handball

. Journal of Sports Sciences, 24, 1265−1272. Butler, R. (2000). Making judgments about ability: The role of implicit theories of ability in moderating inferences from temporal and social comparison information. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 78, 965−978. Chapman, G. B., Bergus, G. R., & Elstein, A. S. (1996). Order of Information Affects Clinical Judgment. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 9, 201−211. Curley, S. P., Young, M. J., Kingry, M. J., & Yates, F. J. (1988). Primacy Effects in Clinical Judgments

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CogMap Analyst – a quantitative analysis of the structure and content characteristics of sketch drawings of cognitive maps of urbanized spaces

American Geographers. 77, 191‒207. Lynch, K. (1960). The Image of the City. Massachusetts Institute of Technology and thePresident and Fellows of Harvard College. Montello, D. R. (1992). The geometry of environmental knowledge. Theories and Methods of Spatio-Temporal Reasoning in Geographic Space. 136‒152. Nedas, K. (2006). Semantic similarity of spatial scenes. PhD Thesis, University of Maine, Orono, ME, USA, p. 309. Nedas, K., Egenhofer, M. (2008). Spatial-scene similarity queries. Transactions in GIS. 12(6), 661

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Prejudice reduction in an educational setting. Practical outcomes from theoretical approaches

temporal categorization of effective intergroup contact]. Psychologia Społeczna,1(2), 164-175. Bilewicz, M. (2009). Perspective Taking and Intergroup Helping Intentions: The Moderating Role of Power Relations. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 39(12), 2779-2786. Boski, P. (2009). Kulturowe ramy zachowań społecznych. [Cultural frames of social behaviour.]. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN i ACADEMICA Wydawnictwo SWPS. Bratt, C. (2008). The Jigsaw classroom under test: No effect on intergroup relations evident. Journal

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Existential/spiritual resources and the subjective quality of life experiences among elderly adults

w kulturze ,14, 55‒68. Dembiński, P. (2001). Globalizacja – wyzwanie i szansa, [Globalization – challenge and Chance] In J. Klich (Eds.) Globalizacja. Kraków: ISS, 19‒31. Diener, E., & Larsen, R. (1984). Temporal stability and cross-situational consistency of affective, behavioral, and cognitive responses. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 47, 871‒883. DiMaggio, P., & Hargitai, E., & Neumann, W., & Robinson, J. (2001) Social Implications of the Internet. Annual Review of Sociology , 27, 307‒336 Dionne E. (2001). Wyzwoliciel

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Nocturnal Enuresis is an Under-recognised Side Effect of Clozapine: Results of a Systematic Review

impairment, neurological disability, diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus and psychosis itself. Only Long et al. (2015) attempted to explore the alternative causes of new incontinence. Clozapine associated nocturnal enuresis should only be considered once the mentioned have been excluded. – The diagnostic tool was used to determine the presence of nocturnal enuresis. Those studies that relied solely on patient recall had less power than those that used a validated questionnaire during the interview setting. – The temporal relationship between clozapine initiation

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Coping and Sport-motivation of Adolescent Handballers in Debrecen

, & Sarason, I. G. (Eds.), Stress and anxiety (pp. 115-143). New York: Hemisphere. Standage, M., & Gillison, F. (2007). Students’ motivational responses toward school physical education and their relationship to general self-esteem and health-relation quality of life. Psychology of Sport and exercise, 8, 704-721. Stuller Gy. (1995). A pszichológia és a sportpszichológia alapjai . Budapest: Recrus Kft. Vallerand, R. J., & Losier, G. (1994). Self-determined motivation and sportmanship orientations. an assessment of their temporal relationship. Journal

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