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Simple lipoaspirate washing using a coffee filter

, Tubio M, Gola M, Albertini V, et al. “In vitro” and multicolor phenotypic characterization of cell subpopulations identified in fresh human adipose tissue stromal vascular fraction and in the derived mesenchymal stem cells. J Trans Med. 2007; 5:55. 18. Mitchel JB, McIntosh K, Zvonic S, Garret S, Floyd ZE, Kloster A, et al. Immunophenotype of human adiposederived cells: temporal changes in stromal-associated and stem cell-associated markers. Stem Cells. 2006; 24:376-85.

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Original article. Biting behavior of Malaysian mosquitoes, Aedes albopictus Skuse, Armigeres kesseli Ramalingam, Culex quinquefasciatus Say, and Culex vishnui Theobald obtained from urban residential areas in Kuala Lumpur

. Ramalingan S. On the restriction of Armigeres durhami Edwards and the description of Armigeres kesseli n. sp. (Diptera: Culicidae). Trop Biomed. 1987; 4:55-6. 32. Richard HF, David RC. Mosquitoes of Medical Importance. Washington D.C.: U.S. Department of Agriculture. 1959. 33. Rozendaal JA. Vector control: method for use by individuals and communities. World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland. 1997. p. 52-177. 34. Mahanta B, Handique R, Dutta P, Narain K, Mahanta J. Temporal variations in biting density and rhythm of

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Co-occurrence of mosquito larvae in stagnant water in residential areas in Malaysia

:643-9. 13. Reiskind MH, Wilson ML. Interspecific competition between larval Culex restuans Theobald and Culex pipiens L.(Diptera: Culicidae) in Michigan. J Med Entomol. 2008; 45:20-7. 14. Leisnham, PT, Juliano SA. Spatial and temporal patterns of coexistence between competing Aedes mosquitoes in urban Florida. Oecologia. 2009; 160:343-52. 15. Tubaki RM, Menezes RMTD, Vesgueiro FT, Cardoso RP. Observations on Haemagogus janthinomys Dyar (Diptera: Culicidae) and other mosquito populations within tree holes in a gallery forest in the

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A nonlinear model for diagnosing malignancy in patients with exudative plural effusion using routine plural fluid findings

novel method for diagnosing cirrhosis in patients with chronic hepatitis B: artificial neural network approach. J Med Syst. 2011; 35:121-6. 15. Raoufy MR, Eftekhari P, Gharibzadeh S, Masjedi MR. Predicting arterial blood gas values from venous samples in patients with acute exacerbation chronic obstructive pulmonary disease using artificial neural network. J Med Syst. 2011; 35:483-8. 16. Jang JSR. Self-learning fuzzy controllers based on temporal backpropagation. IEEE Trans Neural Netw. 1992; 3:714-23. 17. Tu JV

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A pilot study of four-dimensional visualization of mandibular and temporomandibular joint movement

concerning “320-slice CT neuroimaging: initial clinical experience and image quality evaluation” (Siebert E, et al. Br J Radiol. 2009;82:561-70). Br J Radiol. 2009; 82:615. 20. Bauknecht HC, Siebert E, Dannenberg A. Image quality and radiation exposure in 320-row temporal bone computed tomography. Dentomaxillofac Radiol. 2010; 39:199-206.

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Effect of Tinospora crispa on glucose uptake in skeletal muscle: role of glucose transporter 1 expression and extracellular signal-regulated kinase1/2 activation

insulin. Role of mammalian target of rapamycin, protein kinase b, and phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase in GLUT1 mRNA translation. J Biol Chem. 1999; 274:33085-91. 25. Somwar R, Sumitani S, Taha C, Sweeney G, Klip A. Temporal activation of p70 S6 kinase and Akt1 by insulin: PI 3-kinase-dependent and -independent mechanisms. Am J Physiol. 1998; 275:E618-25. 26. Fujishiro M, Gotoh Y, Katagiri H, Sakoda H, Ogihara T, Anai M, et al. MKK6/3 and p38 MAPK pathway activation is not necessary for insulin-induced glucose uptake but regulates glucose

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Susceptibility of Aedes albopictus Skuse (Diptera: Culicidae) to permethrin in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

University Press Inc.:New York; 1995. p. 171-6. 27. Gill SS. Larvicidal activity of synthetic pyrethroids against Aedes albopictus (Skuse). Southeast Asian J Trop Med Public Health. 1977; 8:510-4. 28. Lee HL, Nor Asikin, Nazni WA, Sallehuddin S. Temporal variations of insecticide susceptibility status of field-collected Aedes albopictus (Skuse) in Malaysia. Trop Biomed. 1998; 15:43-50. 29. Ping LT, Yatiman R, Gek LP. Susceptibility of adult field strains of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus in Singapore to pirimiphos

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Effects of a daytime nap on the recognition of neutral and emotional memories

discrepant results. Acta Psychol (Amst). 1972; 36:290-321. 5. LaBar KS, Phelps EA. Arousal-mediated memory consolidation: role of the medial temporal lobe in humans. Psychol Sci. 1998; 9:490-3. 6. Sharot T, Phelps EA. How arousal modulates memory: Disentangling the effects of attention and retention. Cogn Affect Behav Neurosci. 2004; 4: 294-306. 7. Walker MP, Stickgold R. Sleep-dependent learning and memory consolidation. Neuron. 2004; 44:121-33. 8. Marshall L, Born J. The contribution of sleep to hippocampus

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Determining safe entry sites for filler injections on the lateral canthal vertical line: anatomical study of the midface arterial perforators in soft embalmed cadavers

on perforators in several regions of the face such as the nasolabial, perioral, and superficial temporal regions, where reconstructive flaps are applied [ 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 ]. None of these studies have investigated perforators in relation to filler injections. To our knowledge, there are no existing studies that have investigated the middle midface region. Therefore, we have focused on the middle part of the midface. Knowledge of the anatomy of the midface perforators is necessary to achieve an optimal and safe outcome for clinical manipulations during injectable

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Correlation between broth microdilution, E-test and disk diffusion methods for testing antifungal susceptibility of Candida species isolated from Thai blood samples

mold isolates collected from 2010 to 2011: application of new CLSI clinical breakpoints and epidemiological cutoff values for characterization of geographic and temporal trends of antifungal resistance. J Clin Microbiol. 2013; 51:2571-81. Pfaller MA Messer SA Woosley LN Jones RN Castanheira M Echinocandin and triazole antifungal susceptibility profiles for clinical opportunistic yeast and mold isolates collected from 2010 to 2011: application of new CLSI clinical breakpoints and epidemiological cutoff values for characterization of geographic and temporal trends of

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