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Impact of comorbidity on the outcome in men with advanced prostate cancer treated with docetaxel

Disclosure: B. Seruga received honoraria for his advisory role at Sanofi. All remaining authors have declared no conflicts of interest. References 1. Jespersen CG, Norgaard M, Borre M. Androgen-deprivation therapy in treatment of prostate cancer and risk of myocardial infarction and stroke: a nationwide Danish population-based cohort study. Eur Urol 2014; 65: 704-9. 2. Greenspan SL, Coates P, Sereika SM, Nelson JB, Trump DL, Resnick NM. Bone loss after initiation of androgen deprivation therapy in patients with prostate cancer. J Clin

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Imaging primary prostate cancer with 11C-Choline PET/CT: relation to tumour stage, Gleason score and biomarkers of biologic aggressiveness

References Jemal A, Siegel R, Xu J, Ward E. Cancer statistics. CA Cancer J Clin 2010; 60 : 277-300. Brawley OW, Ankerst DP, Thompson IM. Screening prostate cancer. CA Cancer Clin 2009; 59 : 264-73. Albersen PC. A challenge to contemporary management of prostate cancer. Nat Clin Pract Urol 2009; 6 : 12-3. Avazpour I, Roslan RE, Bayat P, Saripan MI, Nordin AJ, Abdullah RSAR. Segmenting CT images of bronchogenic carcinoma with bone metastases using

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Contemporary Distribution of High-Grade Prostate Cancer in the Circumstances of Opportunistic Testing

References 1. Arnold M, Karim-Kos HE, Coebergh JW, Byrnes G, Antilla A, Ferlay J, et al. (2015). Recent trends in incidence of five common cancers in 26 European countries since 1988: analysis of the European Cancer Observatory. Eur J Cancer 51(9):1164-87. doi: 10.1016/j. ejca.2013.09.002. 2. Hoffman RM, Meisner AL, Arap W, Barry M, Shah SK, Zeliadt SB, et al. (2016). Trends in United States Prostate Cancer Incidence Rates by Age and Stage, 1995-2012. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 25(2):259-63. doi: 10.1158/1055-9965.EPI

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Consumption of the Whole-Grain Rye Bread and Progression of Prostate Cancer

., Widmark, A., Johansson, A., Adlercreutz, H., Aman, P., Shepherd, M. J., Hallmans, G. (2000). Rye bran and soy protein delay growth and increase apoptosis of human LNCaP prostate adenocarcinoma in nude mice. Prostate , 42 (4), 304-314. Bylund, A., Lundin, E., Zhang, J. X., Nordin, A., Kaaks, R., Stenman, U. H., Aman, P., Adlercreutz, H., Nilsson, T. K., Hallmans, G., Bergh, A., Stattin P. (2003). Randomised controlled short-term intervention pilot study on rye bran bread in prostate cancer. Eur. J. Cancer. Prev ., 12 (5), 407

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Mir-15A Reconstitution in Prostate Cancer Cell Line Suppresses Cancer Progression Through Down Regulation of MYB and Androgen Receptor Upregulation

, 2005 102(39), 13944-9. 4. Heinlein C. A. et C. Chang. Androgen receptor in prostate cancer. - Endocr. Rev., 25, 2004, N 2, 276-308. 5. Jun-jie YU and XIA Shu-jie. Novel role of microRNAs in prostate cancer. - Chin. Med. J., 126, 2013; N15, 2960-4. 6. Kalkbrenner F., S. Guehmann et K. Moelling. Transcriptional activation by human c-myb and v-myb genes. - Oncogene, 5, 1990, N 5, 657-661. 7. Lagos-Quintana M., R. Rauhut, A. Yalcin et al. Identification of tissue-specific MicroRNAs from mouse. - Curr. Biol

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Texture analysis in perfusion images of prostate cancer—A case study

, Investigative Radiology   28 (suppl 5): S72-S77. Bradford, T., Tomlins, S., Wang, X. and Chinnaiyan, A. (2006). Molecular markers of prostate cancer, Urologic Oncology   24 (6): 538-551. Cenic, A., Nabavi, D., Craen, R., Gelb, A. and Lee, T.-Y. (2000). A CT method to measure hemodynamics in brain tumors: Validation and application of cerebral blood flow maps, American Journal of Neuroradiology   21 (3): 462-470. Charlesworth, P. and Harris, A. (2006). Mechanisms of disease: Angiogenesis in

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Dosimetric Comparison: Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Vs. 3D Conformal Radiotherapy In Prostate Cancer Radical Treatment

REFERENCES 1. Jemal A, Center MM, De Santis C, Ward EM. Global patterns of cancer incidence and mortality rates and trends. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarker Prev 2010; 19(8):1893-907. 2. NCCN Guidelines Version 1.2018. Prostate cancer. January 2018. 3. Brundage M, Lukka H, Crook J, et al. The use of conformal radiotherapy ant the selection of radiation dose in T1 or T2 low or intermediate risk prostate cancer-a systematic review. Radiother Oncol 2002; 64(3):12. 4. Al-Mamgani A, Heemsbergen WD, Peeters ST, Lebesque JV. Role of intensity

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Consequence of the introduction of routine FCH PET/CT imaging for patients with prostate cancer: a dual centre survey

References 1. Balogova S, Kobetz A, Huchet V, Michaud L, Kerrou K, Paycha F, et al. Évolution de la demande des examens de médecine nucléaire pour cancer de la prostate depuis l’enregistrement de la fluorocholine (18F): analyse sur deux ans à l’hôpital Tenon. Méd Nucl 2012; 36: 363-70. 2. Mohler JL, Armstrong AJ, Bahnson RR, Boston B, Busby JE, D’Amico AV, et al. Prostate cancer, Version 3.2012: featured updates to the NCCN guidelines. J Natl Compr Canc Netw. 2012; 10: 1081-7. 3. Even-Sapir E, Metser

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Lack of ERG-antibody in Benign Mimickers of Prostate Cancer

, Epstein JI. Small glandular proliferations on needle biopsies: most common benign mimickers of prostatic adenocarcinoma sent in for expert second opinion. Am J Surg Pathol 2005;29:874-80. 4. Brimo F, Epstein JI. Immunohistochemical pitfalls in prostate pathology. Human Pathology 2012;43:313‑24 5. Tomlins SA, Rhodes DR, Perner S, et al. Recurrent fusion of TMPRSS2 and ETS transcription factor genes in prostate cancer. Science 2005;310:644-648. 6. Mosquera JM, Mehra R, Regan MM, et al. Prevalence of TMPRSS2:ERG fusion

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Role of transurethral resection of the prostate in the management of prostate cancer

References: 1. Dae Keun Kim, Sang Jin Kim, Hong Sang Moon, et al. The role of TURP in the detection of prostate cancer in BPH patients with previously negative prostate biopsy. DOI:10.4111/kju.2010.51.5.313. 2. S Radhakrishnan, TJ Dorkin, N Sheikh & DR Greene. Role of transition zone sampling by TURP in patients with raised PSA and multiple negative transrectal ultrasound-guided prostatic biopsies. Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases 2004:7;338–342. 3. Koenraad van Renterghem, Gommert Van Koeveringe, Ruth Achten, Philip

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