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The Role of Fastening Loads in the Safety Management of Intermodal Transport of Truck Semi-Trailers

REFERENCES Alonsoa, M., Mántarasb, D.A., Luquec, P., 2018. Methodology for determining real time safety margin in a road vehicle , Transportation Research Procedia 33, 331–338, . Antonowicz, M., Majewski, J., 2014. O bezpieczeństwie w transporcie lądowym – zarys problematyki , Logistyka, 2, 5109-5199. Farid, A., Abdel-Aty, M., Lee, J., 2019, Comparative analysis of multiple techniques for developing and transferring safety performance functions , Accident Analysis and Prevention,122, 85–98, doi

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Levels of Pro-Environmental Maturity in Micro and Small Enterprises

REFERENCES Berrone P., Gomez-Mejia L.R., 2009. Environmental performance and executive compensation: an integrated agency-institutional perspective . in: Acad. Manag. J., 52 (1), 103-126. DOI: 10.5465/AMJ.2009.36461950 Bos-Brouwers H.E.J., 2010. Corporate sustainability and innovation in SMEs: Evidence of themes and activities in practice . Business Strategy and the Environment, Volume19, Issue7, November, 417-435. DOI: 10.1515/emj-2016-0024. Burger T., 2005. Green awareness of Polish society . Warsaw, 2005, 9-11 (Institute of Economy and

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The Analysis of Selected Relationships Between Human Resource Management Style and the Effectiveness of Knowledge Management

REFERENCES Armstrong, M., 2003. A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice . 9th ed. Kogan Page, London, 161–162. Białasiewicz, M., 2013. Kształtowanie kapitału ludzkiego w organizacji . WNUS, Szczecin. Chen, H., Hou, J., Chen, W., 2018. Threshold Effect of Knowledge Accumulation between Innovation Path and Innovation Performance: New Evidence from China’s High-tech Industry . Science Technology and Society 23 (1), 163–184, DOI: 10.1177/0971721817744459. Cui, A.S., Wu, F., 2016. Utilizing customer knowledge in innovation

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Evaluation of the Level of Work Safety, Advancement and Efficiency of the Use of Machines and Devices on Labelling and Packaging Line and an Attempt to Compare the Results Using the Modified Mckinsey Matrix

Globalization and Its Socio-Economic Consequences, University of Zilina, Zilina, 425-432. Ingaldi, M., Dziuba, Sz. T., 2015. Modernity Evaluation of the Machines Used During Production Process of Metal Products , 24 th International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials, Tanger, Ostrava, 1908-1914. Knop, K., 2018. The Impact of Performance Improvement Achieved by the Closing Machine up to the Level of World-Class OEE on the Results of the Production Process , Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 5, 117-122. Knop, K., Borkowski, S., 2009. Quality

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Assessment and Management of Risk in Improving the OHS Management System

. Olechowski, A., Oehmen, J., Seeringa, W., Ben-Dayac, M., 2016. The professionalization of risk management: What role can the ISO 31000 risk management principles play? . International Journal of Project Management, 34(8), 1568-1578. Rae, A., Provan, D., 2019. Safety work versus the safety of work . Safety Science, 111, 119-127. Rembiasz, M., 2017. Impact of employee age on the safe performance of production tasks . MATEC Web of Conferences (the 4th International Conference on Computing and Solutions in Manufacturing Engineering, CoSME’16), 94, 07009

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Knowledge Management in Intelligent Organizations

, empowerment and IT capability . evidence from SMEs, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Industrial Management & Data Systems, 112, 5, 709. Koohang, A., Paliszkiewicz, J., Gołuchowski, J., Trust, 2018. Knowledge Management, and Organizational Performance: Predictors of Success in Leadership, In: Liebowitz, J., Paliszkiewicz, J., Gołuchowski, J., (Eds). Intuition, Trust, and Analytics; CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, Auerbach Publications: Boca Raton, FL, USA, 83-105. Łęgowik-Świącik, S., 2016. Identyfikacja i kwantyfikacja modelu decyzyjnego w

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Business Risk and Project Management in Civil Construction Branch

enterprise performance by creating enterprise risk model . Polish Journal of Management Studies, 11 (2), 2015, pp. 50-61. Ključnikov, A., Belás, J., Smrčka, L. The role of risk-taking and competitive aggressiveness in management of SMEs . Polish Journal of Management Studies, 14(1), 2016, pp. 129-139. Knapp B. W., A Project Manager’s Guide to Passing the Project Management (Pmp) Exam , The Project Management Excellence Center, Inc., US 2006. Kowalczuk, A. The analysis of the competitiveness of the biggest enterprises in the construction industry in

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Analysis of Deflection and Cracking of Concrete Beams with Non-Metallic Reinforcement

. Performance of concrete beams reinforced with basalt fibre composite Rebar . Construction and Building Materials, 176, 470-481. Elgabbas, F., Vincent, P., Ahmed, E.A., Benmokrane, B., 2016. Experimental testing of basalt-fiber-reinforced polymer bars in concrete beams . Composites Part B, 91, 205e218. Fiore, V., Scalici, T., Di Bella, G., Valenza, A., 2015. A review on basalt fibre and its composites . Composites Part B, 74, 74-94. Kosior-Kazberuk, M., Wasilczyk, R., 2017. Analysis of deflection and cracking of concrete beams with non

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Analysis of the Design and Implementation Phase of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems in Manufacturing Enterprises

REFERENCES Balzarova, M.A., Castka, P., 2008. Underlying mechanisms in the maintenance of ISO 14001 environmental management system . Journal Of Cleaner Production 16,1949-1957. Boira, lO., Henri, J., 2012. Modelling the impact of ISO 14001 on environmental performance: A comparative approach . Journal of Environmental Management 99, 84-97. Campos, L.M.S., 2012. Environmental management systems (EMS) for small companies: a study in Southern Brazil . Journal of Cleaner Production 32, 141-148. Castillo-Rojas, S.M., Casadesus, M

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Ergonomic Evaluation of Working Position Using the Reba Method – Case Study

-205. Kathiravan, S., Gunarani, G.I., 2018. Ergonomic performance assessment (EPA) using RULA and REBA for residential construction in Tamil Nadu . International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology, 9(4), 836-843. Kompier, M., A von der Beek, 2008. Psychosocial factors at work and musculoskeletal disorders : Scandinavian Journal of Work and Environmental Health, 323-325. Kong, Y.-K., Lee, S.-Y., Lee, K.-S., Kim, D.-M., 2018. Comparisons of ergonomic evaluation tools (ALLA, RULA, REBA and OWAS) for farm work . International Journal of Occupational Safety

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