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Indoor air pollution and the contribution of biosensors

pollutants. In the next section, we will describe some conventional methodologies and biosensor techniques are used to determine the IAQ, including the use of genotoxicant bioreporters. Conventional and biosensor techniques for indoor pollutant detection In the previous section, we have identified a list of indoor pollutants that can negatively affect human health and requires monitoring. Various biological, physical and chemical sensors are continuously being developed for this purpose. Four key parameters are usually used to evaluate a sensor’s performance

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Polymerization degree-dependent changes in the effects of in vitro chitosan treatments on photosynthetic pigment, protein, and dry matter contents of Ipomoea purpurea

photosynthetic performance in plants. Therefore, it can be said that both chitosan types can increase photosynthetic performance in I. purpurea , based on the findings of our study. This increase might be attributed to enhanced stomatal conductance, transpiration rate and/or cell size and number ( 23 ). In our experiments, the reduced amounts of photosynthetic pigments due to oligomeric chitosan application in increasing concentrations might be attributed to the effects of oxidative damage on the photosynthetic apparatus. This may be because chitosan has been reported to

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Biocomposites based on collagen and keratin with properties for agriculture and industrie applications

vegetation, to cover the silicves and to prevent the dehiscence. In these reference works, only the collagen hydrolysates from fish skin has been tested also in rapeseed germination. The present papers refer to application of collagen-based products from bovine skin and wool keratin to stimulate germination of rape seeds and plants nutrition in the start of vegetation. Correlation of this information with other specific data (e.g. with soil characteristics) can lead to the initiation of high-performance rapeseed cultures, reducing the contribution of synthetic

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Photosynthetic light reactions in Oryza sativa L. under Cd stress: Influence of iron, calcium, and zinc supplements

analysis considered significant at P ≤ 0.05, n=6. Discussion Chlorophyll fluorescence analysis revealed consequences of nutrient supplements on photosynthetic light reactions during Cd stress. Cadmium accumulation retarded photosynthesis in rice plants ( 19 ). In the present study, a supplement of Fe and Ca helped to restore biomass under Cd stress. This effect was the outcome of maintenance of photosynthetic performance and lowering of Cd accumulation in leaves respectively. But Zn supplement was not effective in the restoration of biomass under Cd stress

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Optical properties of translucent zirconia: A review of the literature

favorable mechanical properties and esthetic performance at 0,5-1mm ( 67 ). Conventional zirconia has excellent strength, but its color is white and opaque as chalk; to individualize the color and translucency of a natural tooth, it is required important post-milling work, like stratification of feldspathic porcelain. The introducing of translucent zirconia blocks, which are directly milled into monolithic restorations has been one of the most challenging innovation of the last decade in dentistry. In addition, the translucent zirconia discs are provided in a high

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Compared salt tolerance of five local wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars of Albania based on morphology, pigment synthesis and glutathione content

content in salt tolerance of wheat Triticum aestivum L.). Journal of Botany 2009; 41: 633-638. Khan MA Shirazi MU Khan MA Role of proline, K/Na ratio and chlorophyll content in salt tolerance of wheat Triticum aestivum L.) Journal of Botany 2009 41 633 638 16 Akram NA, Ashraf M. Improvement in growth, chlorophyll pigments and photosynthetic performance in salt-stressed pants of sunflower Helianthus annuus L.) by foliar application of 5-aminolevunilic acid. Agrochimica 2011; 55: 94-104. Akram NA Ashraf M Improvement in growth

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Renewables as important energy source for Moldova

renewable sources and to establish mandatory national targets for the share of RES in gross final consumption of energy and share of RES in final energy consumption in transport; ✔ Law no. 92 of 29.05.2014 on the energy performance of buildings; ✔ Law no.44 of 27.03.2014 on the labelling of energy-related products; ✔ National Action Plan for Energy from Renewable Sources. Besides the fact that the Republic of Moldova has adopted a series of legislative documents meant to stimulate the development of renewable sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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Nanobiotechnology medical applications: Overcoming challenges through innovation

, Health and Risks. Procedia Soc Beh Sci 2017; 237:1076-1080. 10.1016/j.sbspro.2017.02.158 Di Sia P Nanotechnology Among Innovation, Health and Risks Procedia Soc Beh Sci 2017 237 1076 1080 6 Harifi T, Montazer M. Application of nanotechnology in sports clothing and flooring for enhanced sport activities, performance, efficiency and comfort: a review. J Ind Text 2015; 46:1147-1169. Harifi T Montazer M Application of nanotechnology in sports clothing and flooring for enhanced sport activities, performance, efficiency and comfort: a review J Ind

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Toxic, but beneficial compounds from endophytic fungi of Carica papaya

, Sérémé P, Lund OS. Effect of sorghum seed treatment in Burkina Faso varies with baseline crop performance and geographical location. Afr. Crop Sci. J. 2016 24:109–125. 10.4314/acsj.v24i2.1 Zida EP Néya JB Soalla WR Jensen SM Stokholm MS Andresen M Kabir MH Sérémé P Lund OS Effect of sorghum seed treatment in Burkina Faso varies with baseline crop performance and geographical location Afr. Crop Sci. J 2016 24 109 125 70 Stokholm MS, Wulff EG, Zida EP, Thio IG, Néya JB, Soalla RW, Głazowska SE, Andresen M, Topbjerg HB

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Real time human micro-organisms biotyping based on Water-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization

and published ( 18 , 20 ). The identifications were performed directly on the tissue by doing a full scan first to verify the presence of the targeted masses. Then after switching to MS/MS mode, they were subjected to collision-induced dissociation (CID) in the transfer cell with respectively 20 and 35 V. The resulting spectra were annotated manually, and assignments were verified by interrogating the high accuracy mass measurements of the precursor ions using the LipidsMap database. Results Bacteria growth time courses To assess the performance of

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