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Populist Party Leaders in Belgium: an Analysis of VB AND PVDA-PTB

, E., & Pauwels, T. (2016). The Vlaams Belang: Party Organization and Party Dynamics. In R. Heinisch & O. Mazzoleni (Eds.), Understanding Populist Party Organisation: The Radical Right in Western Europe (pp. 49–78). London: Palgrave Macmillan. Van Haute, E., Pauwels, T., & Sinardet, D. (2018). Sub-State Nationalism and Populism: The Cases of Vlaams Belang, Nex Flemish Alliance and DéFi in Belgium. Comparative European Politics, 16 , 954–975. doi:10.1057/s41295–018–0144-z Viviani, L. (2017). A Political Sociology of Populism and Leadership. Società

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Constitutionalizing Power: How Do Rules Legitimize the Executive?

Journal of Political Research, 51: 693-699. Heritier, Adrienne. 1999. “Elements of democratic legitimation in Europe: an alternative perspective”, Journal of European Public Policy, 6 (2): 269-282. Katz, Richard S. and Peter Mair. 1995. “Changing Models of Party Organization and Party Democracy: The Emergence of the Cartel Party”, Party Politics 1 (1): 5-28. Molenaar, Fransje. 2014. “Legitimizing political party representation: Party law development in Latin America”, International Political Science Review, 35 (3): 324

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Newcomers in Politics? The Success of New Political Parties in the Slovak and Czech Republic after 2010?

Politics Vol. 1 (1995): 447–472. 13. Kitschelt, Herbert. “The Formation of Party Systems in East Central Europe.” Politics Society Vol. 20, No.1 (1992): 7–50. 14. Kopecky, Pavel. “Developing Party Organization in East-Central Europe. What type of Party is likely to Emerge?” Party Politics Vo. 1, No. 4 (1995): 515–534. 15. Kriesi, Hanspeter. “The Political Opportunity Structure of New Social Movements: Its Impact on Their Mobilization”: 167–198. In: Craig J. Jenkins and Bert Klandermans, eds. The Politics of Protest. Comparative Perspectives on

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Springing up like mushrooms after the rain: „New” parties in Montenegro’s institutionalised party system

–466. Hug, Simon (2001): Altering party systems: Strategic behavior and the emergence of new political parties in Western democracies. University of Michigan Press. Kapidžić, Damir – Komar, Olivera (2019): Segmental volatility in ethnically divided societies: (re) accessing party system stability, Working paper. Katz, Richard S. – Mair, Peter (1995): Changing models of party organization and party democracy: the emergence of the cartel party. Party Politics 1(1): 5–28. Katz, Richard S. – Mair, Peter (2009): The cartel party thesis: A restatement

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Party Leaders in the Czech Populist Parties and Movements

Role of Leader in the Process of Institutionalisation of Entrepreneurial Parties: Czech ANO and the Public Affairs Party. In: Harmel Robert, Svåsand Lars G. (eds.), Institutionalisation of Political Parties. Comparative Cases. London — New York: ECPR Press, Rowman&Littlefield, pp. 43–67. Hopkin Konathan, Paolucci Caterina (1999), The Business Firm Party. Model of Party Organisation. Cases from Spain and Italy. European Journal of Political Research, 35(3): 307–339. Jagers, J., Walgrave, S. (2007). Populism as political communication style: An empirical

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Business‑Firm Parties and the Czech Party System after 2010

model of party organization: Cases from Spain and Italy. European Journal of Political Research 35 (3): 307-339. Ilonszki, Gabriella - Olson, David M. (2012): Questions about Legislative Institutional Change and Transformation in Eastern and East Central Europe: Beyond the Initial Decade. In Olson, David M. - Ilonszki, Gabriella, M. (eds.). Post-Communist Parliaments: Change and Stability in the Second Decade. Oxon: Routledge, 1-12 Just, Petr (2012): Praxe demokratickeho vladnuti a vyvoj vladnich koalic v ČR [Democratic Governance

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Does Novelty Necessarily Mean Change? New Political Parties within the Polish Party System

, eds., Wybory 2011. Partie i ich programy, 311–332, Instytut Studiów Politycznych PAN, Warszawa. Katz, Richard S. – Mair, Peter (1995): Changing models of party organization and party democracy: the emergence of the cartel party. Party Politics 1(1): 5–28. Key, Valdimer O. (1942): Politics, Parties, and Pressure Groups , Thomas B. Cromwell Company, New York. Koła i kluby (2015): available at (4 January 2019). Koła i kluby (2019): available at (15

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New Parties and Democracy in Slovenia

–64, New York: Free Press. Lucardie, Paul (2000): Prophets, purifiers and prolocutors. Towards a Theory on the Emergence of New Parties. Party Politics 6(2): 175–185. Mair, Peter (1994): Party Organizations: From Civil Society to the State, in Katz, S. Richard – Mair, Peter, eds., How Parties Organize, 1–22, Sage Publications. Mair, Peter. (2013): Ruling the Void: The Hollowing of Representative Democracy , Verso Books. Michels, Robert (1911/1999): Political Parties. A Sociological Study of the Oligarchical Tendencies of Modern Democracy

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The AfD as a ‚Leaderless’ Right-Wing Populist Party. How the Leadership-Structure Dilemma Left an Imprint on the Party’s Leadership

Instituts für Deutsches und Internationales Parteienrecht und Parteienforschung, 22 , 23–37. Häusler, A. (2013). Die “Alternative für Deutschland”: Eine neue rechtspopulistische Partei? Düsseldorf: Heinrich Böll Stift ung NRW. Harmel, R., & Svåsand, L. G. (1993). Party leadership and party institutionalisation: Three phases of development. West European Politics, 16 (2), 67–88. Heinisch, R., & Mazzoleni, O. (2016a). Comparing Populist Organizations. In R. Heinisch & O. Mazzoleni (Eds.), Understanding Populist Party Organisation. The Radical Right in

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Politics and Policy in East-Central Europe in the Early 21st Century: Synergies and Conflicts Between Policy Regimes and Political Systems

Administration Reform and European Union Accession in Central and Eastern Europe. Washington D. C.: The World Bank. Nunberg, Barbara. 1999. The State After Communism: Administrative Transitions in Central and Eastern Europe. Washington D. C.: The World Bank. O'Brennan, John. 2006. The Eastern Enlargement of the European Union. London: Routledge. Poguntke, Thomas, Nicolas Aylott, Robert Ladrech and Kurt Richard Luther. 2007. "The Europeanization of National Party Organizations: A Conceptual

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