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Politics and the ‘Ideology’ of Journalism in Romania: Results from Local Case Studies

of Professional Journalism. European Journal of Communication 9 (3): 227-248. Cohen, Elliot D., ed. 1992. Philosophical Issues in Journalism. New York: Oxford University Press. Deuze, Mark. 2005. What is journalism? Journalism 6 (4): 442-464. Donsbach, Wolfgang and Thomas E. Patterson. 2004. Political News Journalists: Partisanship, Professionalism, and Political Roles in Five Countries. In Comparing Political Communication: Theories, Cases, and Challenges, eds. Frank Esser and Barbara Pfetsch, 251-270. Cambridge

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Use of Development Dialogues in Learning and Changing Journalism Practice

References Ahva, L. (2010) Making news with citizens: Public journalism and professional reflexivity in Finnish newspapers. Tampere: Tampere University Press. Bereiter, C. (2002) ‘Design Research for Sustained Innovation’, Cognitive Studies, Bulletin of the Japanese Cognitive Society 9(3): 321-327. Cottle, S. (2004) ‘Media Organisation and Production: Mapping the Field’, in Cottle, S. (ed.) Media Organisation and Production , London: Sage, pp. 3-24. Daniels, H. and Warmington, P

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Facing Irregularities in Sport: Whistleblowing and Watchdog Journalism. The Romanian Case

. (1999). Romania under the Communist Rule. Oxford: The Center for Romanian Studies. Fincher, R.D. (2009). Mediating Whistleblowers Disputes. Dispute Resolution Journal , 64(1), 62-70. Flynn, K. (2006). Covert Disclosures: Unauthorised leaking, public officials and the public. Journalism Studies , 7(2), 256-273. Grigore, V., Stanescu, M. & Stoicescu, M. (2018). Promoting Ethics and Integrity in Sport: the Romanian Experience in Whistleblowing. Revista Românească pentru Educaţie Multidimensională, 10(1). 84-92. Hersh, M. (2002

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Public Opinion, Journalism and the Question of Finland’s Membership of NATO

References Bjereld, Ulf & Ekengren, Ann-Marie (1999) Foreign Policy Dimensions: A Comparison between the United States and Sweden, International Studies Quarterly; Sept 99, Vol. 43 Issue 3, p503, 16p. De Vreese, Claes H. (2004) The Effects of Frames in Political Television News on Issue Interpretation and Frame Salience, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Spring 2004, 81/1. Forsberg, Tuomas & Kekäle, Petri & Ekholm, Peter (2001)Yleinen mielipide ja ulkopolitiikka. Hyvä renki muttei niin huono isäntäkään

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Disrupting journalism from scratch
Outlining the figure of the entrepreneur–journalist in four French pure players

Introduction Despite the common idea that the internet is “killing” the media, the past decade has seen ongoing renewal in journalism, particularly online. In a 2012 article ( Christensen et al., 2012 ), David Skok, a journalist who was a Nieman Lab fellow, paired up with Harvard economist Clayton M. Christensen to encourage the media to “be the disruptor”. Together, they adapted Christensen’s original theory of disruptive innovation to the media, according to which businesses should regularly rethink their practice to match the evolving society and market

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Return of the Talking Heads
Entering the Third Wave of Television News Dramaturgy

References Anderson, Chris, Bell, Emily, & Shirky, Clay (2012) Post-industrial Journalism: Adapting to the Present. Columbia University: Tow Center for Digital Journalism. Andersson, Ralf (2013) Den industrialiserede nyhedsproduktion: En undersøgelse af den ændrede produktionsform i DR nyheder [The industrialized newsproduction: An investigation of the changed production in DR]. Odense: University of Southern Denmark. Barnhurst, Kevin G. (2011) The Problem of Modern Time in American Journalism. KronoScope 11: 98

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Local Journalism when the Journalists Leave Town
Probing the news gap that hyperlocal media are supposed to fill

. Notwithstanding the closures, these towns are firmly anchored in the same domestic, linguistic and cultural contexts, and their citizens have the same information needs regarding polity and community matters. However, as news organisations move out, it will take more resources for journalists to cover these municipalities in situ . At the same time, new forms of (hyper)local journalism have emerged, raising hopes and questions about how they fit into a wider news ecology and what they can contribute to their communities. Thus, there are two simultaneous developments in local

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The Phenomenon of Journalism-related Crimes Under the Circumstances of Hybrid War in Ukraine

of Criminal Law & Criminology, 101(2): 529-573. Dudorov, O. and Khavroniuk, M. eds., 2014. Kryminalne pravo: navchalnyi posibnyk. Kyiv: Vaite. DW, 2016. The Berlin prosecutor’s office closed the case against the journalist of Channel One. 19 March [online]. Available at: (Accessed 4 July 2017). EthicNet, 2008. International principles of professional ethics in journalism. [online]. Available at:

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Cognitive Theories and the Concept of Journalism


The general aim of cognitivists - the attempt to compare logical and illogical, rational and irrational in the human behavior - can be considered as one of the main object not only in the psychology, but also in the journalism. If you don’t take into account assumed problems, the truth can be treated as a lie, an importance as an irrationality, an advantage as defects. In practice the ignorance of balancing, consonance and knowledge for the benefit of “must” turned round for tendentiousness, propaganda, manipulation, rationing of authoritarian and totalitarian models of journalism or for passing from journalistic standards in total. Therefore the article describes the spectrum of cognition in the context of modern Journalism and problems of Media practices, including the balance in journalism in terms of theories of consistency.

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A Hidden Theory in Financial Crisis Journalism?
The Case of Norway

1. This independent study was financed through a grant from the Norwegian Council for Applied Media Research (RAM). The authors are grateful for this support. References Albæk, Erik, Christiansen, Peter M. & Togeby, Lise (2003). ‘Experts in the Mass Media: Researchers as Sources in Danish Daily Newspapers, 1961-2001. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly 80(4): 937-948. Allern, Sigurd & Ihlen, Øyvind (2007). “This is the Issue: Framing Contests, Public Relations and Media coverage”, pp. 233-248 in Strömbäck, Jesper, Ørsten, Mark & Aalberg

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