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Review - Flavins as photoreceptors of blue light and their spectroscopic properties

fosfoerscence of the flavomononucleotide stabilized by poly(vinyl alcohol) matrix. Acta Biophys. Acad. Sci. Hung.   19 (3-4), 259-264. Durr H., Salomon M. & Rüdiger W. (2005). Chromophore exchange in the LOV2 domain of the plant photoreceptor phototropin1 from oat. Biochemistry , 44 (8), 3050-3055. Eaton W. A., Hofrichter J., Makinen M. W., Andersen R. D. & Ludwig M. L. (1975). Optical spectra and electronic structure of flavine mononucleotide in flavodoxin crystals. Biochemistry , 14 , 10, 2146

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EMR study and superposition model analysis of Cr3+ and Fe3+ impurity ions in mullite powders used in aerospace industry


In this work, the electron magnetic resonance (EMR) spectra of the mullites powders were measured for different grain sizes (0.07 and 0.12 mm). We have used EMR spectroscopy at X-band, combined with superposition model (SPM) calculations to reveal electronic structure and establish correlations between structure, and surroundings of these complexes.

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Isotropic distributions in hcp crystals

ferromagnetic iron. Phys. Status Solidi B , 123 , 649–652. 11. Šob, M. (1985). Electronic structure and positron annihilation in alkali metals: Isolation of ionic core contribution and valence high-momentum components. Solid State Commun ., 53 , 249–253. 12. Aguiar, J. C., Mitnik, D., & DiRocco, H. O. (2015). Electron momentum density and Compton profile by a semi-empirical approach. J. Phys. Chem. Solids , 83 , 64–69. 13. Ahuja, B. L., Sharma, M. D., Sharma, B. K., Hamouda, S., & Cooper, M. J. (1994). Compton profile of polycrystalline yttrium. Phys

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Understanding electron-positron momentum densities in solids: effect of the positron distribution

, 6950–6970. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.47.6950. 10. Andersen, O. K. (1975). Linear methods in bands theory. Phys. Rev . B , 12 , 3060–3083. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.12.3060. 11. Skriver, H. L. (1984). The LMTO method. Muffin-tin orbitals and electronic structure . Berlin: Springer-Verlag. 12. Harthoorn, P., & Mijnarends, P. E. (1978). The effect of symmetry on electron momentum densities in solids. J. Phys. F-Met. Phys ., 8 , 1147–1158. .

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Fractal Analysis on Morphology of Laser Irradiated Vanadium Surfaces Under Different Ambient

Surface Science, 255 (2009) 9779-9782 [5] Chakrabarti, K. Hermann, R. Druzinic, M. Witko, F. Wagner, and M. Petersen: Geometric and electronic structure of vanadium pentoxide: A density functional bulk and surface study, Phys. Rev. B 59 (1999) 10583-10590 [6] Yifu Zhang, Meijuan Fan, Min Zhou, Chi Huang, Chongxue Chen, Yuliang Cao, Guangyong Xie, Houbin Li And Xinghai Liu: Controlled synthesis and electrochemical properties of vanadium oxides with different nanostructures, Bull. Mater. Sci., 35 (3) (2012) 369-376. [7

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Bending Of Adsorbed FCN And FNC Molecules Induced By The Renner-Teller Effect

. Chem., (2008) 1392 [16]. X. Yin, J. R. Moss, Coord. Chem. Rev., 181 (1999) 27 [17]. F. Rondinelli, N. Russo, M. Toscano, Theor. Chem. Acc., 115 (2006) 434 [18]. R. Srivastava, T. H. Bennur, D. Srinivas, J. Mol. Catalysis A: Chemical, 226 (2005) 199 [19] N. N. Gorinchoy, I. I. Balan, I. B. Bersuker, Comput.&Theoret. Chem., 976, (2011) 113 [20] I. B. Bersuker, Electronic Structure and Properties of Transition Metal Compounds. Introduction to the Theory, Second Ed., Wiley, New York (2010) [21] J. M. Hu, Y. Li, Y. F. Zhang, J. Q. Li, Y

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Magnetic and structural properties of Sc(Fe1−xSix)2 Laves phases studied by Mössbauer spectroscopy and neutron diffraction

, silicides, and phosphides of transition and noble metals. J. Less-Common Met. , 82 , 75–80. DOI: 10.1016/0022-5088(81)90200-9. 7. Wiertel, M., Surowiec, Z., Beskrovnyi, A. I., Sarzyński, J., & Budzyński, M. (2005). Determination of magnetic moments and hyperfine fields in ScFe 2 Laves phase compound. Annual Report Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics . Dubna, Russian Federation: Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Retrieved June 18, 2014 from: . 8. Yamada, H. (1988). Electronic structure and magnetic

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The influence of thermal annealing on structure and oxidation of iron nanowires

. M., & Schwertmann, U. (2003). The iron oxides. Structure, properties, reactions, occurrences and uses . Weinheim, Germany: Wiley-VCH. 9. Wang, C. M., Baer, D. R., Amonette, J. E., Engelhard, M. H., Antony, J., & Qiang, Y. (2009). Morphology and electronic structure of the oxide shell on the surface of iron nanoparticles. J. Am. Chem. Soc. , 131 (25), 8824–8832. DOI: 10.1021/ja900353f. 10. Long, G. J., Hautot, D., Pankhurst, Q. A., Vandormael, D., Grandjean, F., Gaspard, J. P., Briois, V., Hyeon, T., & Suslick, K. S. (1998). Mossbauer-Bauer-effect and x

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The Composition of Cigarette Smoke: A Chronology of the Studies of Four Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

:2-benzanthracene, chrysene, 1:2:5:6-dibenzanthra-cene, and 20-methylcholanthrene; Cancer Res . 11 (1951) 56–63. 129. Coulson, C.A.: Electronic configuration and carcino-genesis; Adv. Cancer Res. 1 (1953) 1–56. 130. Pullman, A. and B. Pullman: Electronic structure and carcinogenic activity of aromatic molecules. New developments; Adv. Cancer Res. 3 (1955) 117–169. 131. Falk, H.L. and P. Kotin: The experimental production of hydrocarbons in simulated cigarette smoking: Their analysis and quantitation

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The Composition of Cigarette Smoke: A Catalogue of the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

, 59 W.E. and A.G. Kammer: Preliminary studies in a quantitative approach to skin carcinogenesis; J. Natl. Cancer Inst. 16 (1958) 989–994. 282b. Preussmann, R. and B.W. Stewart: N -Nitroso carcino-gens; Chapter 12, in : Chemical Carcinogens. Second Edition, edited by C.E. Searle, American Chemical Society Monograph 182, American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 1984, pp. 643–828. 283. Pullman, A. and B. Pullman: Electronic structure and carcinogenic activity of aromatic molecules. New developments; Adv. Cancer Res. 3 (1955) 117

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