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Considerations on the efficiency of the attack hit in a women’s senior volleyball team

), 1-12. 6. Ţurcanu F., Ţurcanu D.S. (2106). Study on increasing the efficiency in volleyball, Studia Universitatis Babes - Bolyai, Educatio Artis Gymnasticae, 61 (2), 91-95.

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Is profitability a good proxy for efficiency? Evidence from the subsector of tour operators

References Aday, S., Farrell, H., Lynch, M, Sides, J. and Freelon, D. (2012). Blogs and Bullets II: New Media and Conflict after the Arab Spring. United States Institute of Peace, Peaceworks No. 80. Available from: [Accessed: 2017-06-08]. Aissa, S. B. and Goaied, M. (2016). Determinants of Tunisian hotel profitability: The role of managerial efficiency. Tourism Management, 52, 478-487. DOI: 10.1016/j.tourman.2015.07.015 Ali, M. and Byerlee, D. (1991). Economic

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Technical efficiency of FDI firms in the Vietnamese manufacturing sector

-90. Badunenko, O., Fritsch, M. & Stephan, A. (2006) What Determines the Technical Efficiency of a Firm? The Importance of Industry, Location, and Size. Available at: Bernard, Andrew B. & J. Bradford Jensen. (1999) Exceptional Exporter Performance: Cause, Effect, or Both?.Journal of International Economics.47(1). pp. 1-25. Blancas, L.C. et al. (2014) Efficient Logistics: A Key to Vietnam’s Competitiveness. Available at:

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Cost Efficiency of Banks in Croatia

References 1. Ariss, R. T. (2010). On the implications of market power in banking: Evidence from developing countries. Journal of banking & Finance , Vol. 34, pp. 765-775. 2. Berger, A. (1993). ’Distribution-Free’ Estimates of Efficiency in the U.S. Banking Industry and Tests of the Standard Distributional Assumptions. Journal of Productivity Analysis , Vol. 4, pp. 261-292. 3. Berger, A., Hannan T. (1998). The efficiency cost of market power in the banking industry: A test of the “quiet life” and related hypotheses, Review of Economics and

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Efficiency of Public and Nonpublic Primary Health Care Providers in Poland

References Charnes, A., Cooper, W. W., & Rhodes, E. (1978). Measuring the efficiency of decision making units. European Journal of Operational Research, 2(6), 429-444. Debreu, G. (1951). The coefficient of resource utilization. Econometrica, 19(3), 273-292. Farrell, M. J. (1957). The measurement of Productive Efficiency. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, 120(3), 253-290. Folland, S., Goodmand, A. C., & Stano, M. (2013). The Economics of Health and Healthcare. New Yersey, USA: Pearson

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Banking Integration and Efficiency Convergence in Baltic Countries in Post-Crisis Period

References Andries, A.M. (2011). The Determinants of Bank Efficiency and Productivity Growth in the Central and Eastern European Banking Systems. Eastern European Economics, 49 (6), 38-59. doi:10.2753/eee0012-8775490603 Andries, A.M., & Capraru, B. (2012). Competition and efficiency in EU27 banking systems. Baltic Journal of Economics, 12(1), 41-60. doi:10.1080/1406099x.2012.10840510 Andries, A.M., & Cocris, V. (2010). A comparative analysis of the Efficiency of Romanian Banks. Romanian Journal of Economic

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References [1] FALKNER, H.: : Promoting High Efficiency Motors in Europe, The Role of the Copper Industry, ETSU, European Copper Institute (2000), 13-26. [2] CORINO, S.-ROMERO, E.-MANTILLA, L. F. : How the Efficiency of Induction Motor is Measured?, [3] AHO, T.-SIHVO, V.-NERG, J.-PYRHONEN, J. : Ro- tor Materials for Medium-Speed Solid-Rotor Induction Motors, Electric Machines & Drives Conference, IEMDC ’07, IEEE In- ternational (2007), 525-530. [4] AHO, T.-NERG, J

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Efficiency Assessment of Universities with DEA Method Based on Public Data

References Abott, M., & Doucouliagos, C. (2003). The Efficiency of Australian Universities: A Data Envelopment Analysis. Economics of Education Review, 22, 89-97. Avkiran, N. K. (2001). Investigating Technical and Scale Efficiencies of Australian Universities through Data Envelopment Analysis. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 35, 57-80. Avkiran, N. K. (2006). Productivity Analysis in the Service Sector with Data Envelopment Analysis. Australia: University of Queensland - Business School. Banker

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The Comparative Efficiency Analysis of EU Members Agriculture Sectors

References 1. Aigner, D.J., Lovell, C.A.K., & Schmidt, P. (1977). Formulation and Estimation of Stochastic Frontier Production Function Models. Journal of Econometrics , Vol. 6, No 1, 21–37. 2. Asmild, M., & Hougaard, JL. (2006). Economic Versus Environmental Improvement Potentials of Danish Pig Farms. Agricultural Economics 35(2), 171–181. 3. Baležentis, T., Li, T., & Baležentis, A. (2015). The trends in efficiency of Lithuanian dairy farms: a semiparametric approach. Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure

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Technical Efficiency in the Small Scale Industrial Sectors of Punjab and Haryana - A Comparative Analysis

-297. Annual Report (2010), Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion , Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. Austria, M. S. and Martin, W. (1995), "Macro-economic Instability and Growth in the Philippines, 1950-87: A Dynamic Approach", The Singapore Economic Review , Vol. 40, No.1, pp 65-81. Bhavani, T. (1991), "Technical Efficiency in Indian Modern Small Scale Sector: An Application of a Frontier Production Function," Indian Economic Review , Vol. 26, No. 2, pp 149

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