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North European Export Industry and the Shadows of Sulphur Directive

:// 9. Diesen, M. (1998) Economics of the Pulp and Paper Industry . Gummerus Oy, Jyväskylä. 10. Dieter, M. and Englert, H. (2007) Competitiveness in the global forest industry sector: an empirical study with special emphasis on Germany. European Journal of Forest Research , Vol. 126, pp. 401-412. 11. Einemo, U. (2013) Methanol Sea Trial Expected to Start this Month. Sustainable Shipping . Petromedia Ltd., < >. 12. Entec (2010) Study to Review Assessments Undertaken of the Revised MARPOL Annex VI Regulations

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Evaluation of Rice Straw Yield, Fibre Composition and Collection Under Mediterranean Conditions

, J. G. 2001. Rice parameters describing crop performance of four rice cultivars. In Agronomy Journal, vol. 93, pp. 1354–1361. LIU, Z. – LIU, X. – FEI, B. – JIANG, Z. – CAI, Z. – YUA, Y. 2013. The properties of pellets from mixing bamboo and rice straw. In Renewable Energy, vol. 55, pp. 1–5. MATÍAS, J. – GARCÍA, A. – GONZÁLEZ, D. – GARCÍA, J. – HERNÁNDEZ-GARCÍA, F. I. – IZQUIERDO, M. 2018. Use of rice husk in Iberian pigs during the pre-montanera period for welfare diets. Preliminary results. In Archivos de Zootecnia, Proceedings 9 th International

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Determination of Toxic Metals Content in Iranian and Italian Flavoured Olive Oil

olive oil by nonaqueous capillary electrophoresis with UV-visible and fluorescence detection. In Journal of Separation Science, vol. 35, no. 24, pp. 3529–3539. HUANG, C. L. – SUMPIO, B. E. 2008. Olive oil, the Mediterranean diet, and cardiovascular health. In Journal of the American College of Surgeons, vol. 207, no. 3, pp. 407–416. INTERNATIONAL OLIVE COUNCIL. 2012. Health benefits of olives and olive oil. A review of the research commissioned by the International Olive Council, 11 pp. JAFARI MOGHADAM, R. – ZIARATI, P. 2016. Reduction of arsenic

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Assessing flow regime alterations in a temporary river – the River Celone case study

Biology, 55, 147-170. Prat, N., Gallart, F., Von Schiller, D., Polesello, S., García- Roger, E.M., Latron, J., Rieradevall, M., Llorens, P., Barberá, G.G., Brito, D., De Girolamo, A.M., Dieter, D., Lo Por to, A., Buffagni, A., Erba, S., Nikolaidis, N.P., Querner, E.P., Tournoud, M.G., Tzoraki, O., Skoukulidis, N., Gomez, R., Sanchez-Montoya, M., Tockner, K., Froebrich, J., 2014. The MIRAGE TOOLBOX: an integrated assessment tool for temporary streams. River Research and Applications, doi: 10.1002/rra. Refsgaard, J.C., van der Sluijs, J

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Can a change in cropping patterns produce water savings and social gains: A case study from the Fergana Valley, Central Asia

. Option analysis of the operation of the Toktogul reservoir. Issue Paper No. 7. Toktogul 3.pdf. (Accessed on 20.02.2014). Keyzer, M.A., Merbis, M.D., Pavel, I.F.P.W., van Wesenbeeck, C.F.A., 2005. Diet shifts towards meat and the effects on cereal use: can we feed the animals in 2030? Ecological Economics, 55, 187–202. Khan, S., Hanjra, M. A. 2008. Sustainable land and water management policies and practices: A pathway to environmental sustainability in large irrigation systems. Land Degradation and

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A Study on the Implementation of Nanotechnology in Enhancing the Environmental Changes

., Troell, M., Lindahl, T., Singh, S., Cornell, SE., Srinath Reddy, K., Narain, S., Nishtar, S., & Murray, C.J.L. (2019). Food in the Anthropocene: The EAT-Lancet commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems. The Lancet, Vol. 393, Issue 10170 , 447-492.

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The sugar level in divers’ blood in hyperbaric conditions


The authors examined 104 divers performing dives in water, 14 exposed to simulated conditions in decompression chambers and 11 control subjects. The average blood sugar reading before diving amounted to 100 mg% with readings of 101 mg% after diving, whereas in the control group these readings were 107 and 100 mg% respectively and in the group of simulated dives, 102 before and 106 mg% after the exposure. It was found that the diet applied ensured a sufficiently high level blood sugar level in the subjects to protect them against hypoglycaemia. Further research in decompression chambers is required.

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Building A Nutritional Plan To Support Prolonged Exercise

REFERENCES: 1. Gerard Dente with Kevin J. Hopkins, Macrobolic Nutrition, Priming Your Body To Build Muscle & Burn Fat, Basic Health Publications, Inc., (USA, 2004)8 2. Newton LE, Hunter GR, Bammon M, Roney RK: Changes in psychological state and self-reported diet during various phases of training in competitive bodybuilders. (J Strength Cond Res 1993) 7:153–158, 3. Helms et al.: Evidence-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding contest preparation: nutrition and supplementation. (Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition

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Use of Linear Optimization Model in Defining The New Standards for The Preparation of Food for Servicemen in Preparation for Participation in Peacekeeping Operations

recommendations for healthy diet of the population in Bulgaria. National Center of Public Health and Analyses ISBN9526 [5] Nestorova, V., Hygiene of nutrition and food legislation. MATKOM, 2014 [6] Nichev, N. Glushkov, P. Economic efficiency of the feeding of servicemen and civilians in NMU "Vasil Levski", under preparation for participation in dispatch operations. Sofia: Publishing complex of the University of National and World Economy - reports from the tenth International Scientific Conference on the topic of Logistics in a changing world

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The Determinant Role of Misinformation in the Manifestation of the Principle of Operational Surprise

. [7] Otto Hans-Dieter, Lexiconul erorilor militare, Piteşti, Editura Paralela 45, 2005, pp. 225-227. [8] For details on the complexity of the 1982 Armenian-British Armed Conflict, we recommend the work Războiul din Falkland, by author Gologan Mircea.

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