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Transformative Adult Learning in New Social Movement – a Case Study from South Africa

-544. Baatjes, I., 2002. The new knowledge-rich society: perpetuating marginalisation and exclusion. Proceedings of the International Conference on technical and Vocational Education and Training. Developing skills fore the new economy, 17 to 19 October 2002, Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada, 17-19 October 2002. Available at: <> [Accessed 26 February 2011]. Baatjes, I., 2008. Adult basic education and training. In: Kraak, A. and Press, K., eds., Human resources development review 2008. Education

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The post-80s generation in Beijing: collective memory and generational identity

”, Lilun tansuo, zhongguo qingnian yanjiu, 11:28-33. Chicharro, G., 2010. Le fardeau des petits empereurs. Une génération d’enfants uniques en Chine, Nanterre, Société d’ethnologie. Conway, M.A. and Haque, S., 1999. “Overshadowing the reminiscence bump: Memories of a struggle for independence,” Journal of Adult Development, 6 (1): 35-44. Conway, M.A. and Pleydell-Pearce, C.W., 2000. “The construction of autobiographical memories in the self-memory system,” Psychological Review, 107 (2): 261-288. Conway, M

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Caste Politics and State Integration: a Case Study of Mysore State

Statistics, 1970. Economic development of Mysore, 1956-69. Bangalore: Government of Mysore. Diwakar, R. R., 1956. The Story of Karnataka Unification. Hubli. Govindaraju, C. R., 2009. Movement for United Karnataka: Cultural Dimensions. Hampi: Kannada University. Hallappa, G., 1964. History of Freedom Movement in Karnataka: Vol 2. Bangalore: Government of Karnataka. Karnataka State Gazetteer, 1982. Bangalore: Government of Karnataka. Manor, J., 1975. Princely Mysore before the

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China and Global Financial Governance: Centripetalism, Elevation and Disparity

. Does China Matter? A Reassessment. London: Routledge, pp.37-54. Martinez-Diaz, L. and Woods, N., 2009. G20 - the Perils and Opportunities of Network Governance for Developing Countries. The Global Economic Governance Programme Briefing Paper Maxwell, S., 2009. Is the G-20 a temporary sticking plaster or a full organ transplant? A Development Charter for the G-20. Overseas Development Institute, pp. 27-28 Mearsheimer, J. J., 2006. China’s Unpeaceful Rise. Current History, April, pp.160-162 Nelson, R. M

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Patronage or Signaling: How Mayors Use City Payroll to Stay in Office

-burmistrz-zwalnia-a-radnipytaja-gdzie-te-oszczednosci>. [Accessed 05 December 2016]. Enikolopov, R., 2007. Politicians, bureaucrats and patronage. (Job market paper). Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. Available from: <>. [Accessed: 31 October 2016]. Eslava, M., 2006. The Political Economy of Fiscal Policy: Survey. (583). Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, DC. Available from: <>. [Accessed: 31 October 2016]. Eurostat, 2004. Database - Cities

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Abuse and Violence Against Foreign Domestic Workers. A Case from Hong Kong

. Violence against Women, 8(10). Sobsey, D., 1994. Violence and Abuse in the Lives of People with Disabilities: The End of Silent Acceptance? Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes. Stone, A.A., and Neale, J.M., 1984. New Measure of Daily Coping: Development and Preliminary Results. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 46. Straight, E.S., Harper, F.W.K., and Arias, I., 2003. The impact of partner psychological abuse on health behaviors and health status in college women. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 18

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