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Automated evaluation of agricultural damage using UAV survey

References [1] Molnár, A., Stojcsics, D., Lovas, I., “Precision agricultural and game damage analysis application for unmanned aerial vehicles”, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND INFORMATICS 1:(10) pp. 38-43. (2016) [2] Molnár, A., Stojcsics, D., “GPGPU accelerated large scale 3D object reconstruction application for fixed and rotary wing unmanned aerial vehicles”, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS - ENGINEERING & DEVELOPMENT 1:(10) pp. 189-194. (2016) [3] Harwin, S., Lucieer, A., “Assessing the Accuracy of

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Implementation of Embedded Linux Systems on FPGA Based Circuits for Real Time Process Control

”,Product Specification. 2011. [6] Jonathan Corbet, Alessandro Rubini, Greg Kroah-Hartman,“Linux Device Drivers, 3rd Edition”, O'Reilly Media, 2005. [7] Williams, Rob,“Real-Time Systems Development”, Butterworth Heinemann, 2005. [8] Sven-Thorsten Dietrich, Daniel Walker, “The Evolution of Real-Time Linux”,OSADL Project: Real Time Linux Workshops, 2005. [9] Khaled Salah, Jose M. Alcaraz Calero, Jorge Bernal Bernabe, Juan M. Marin Perez, Sherali Zeadally, “Analyzing the security of Windows 7 and Linux for cloud computing

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Evaluation and Comparison of Low FPGA Footprint, Embedded Soft-Core Processors

References [1] Angelov V, Lindenstruth V. The Educational Processor Sweet-16. In: 2009 International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications. IEEE; 2009. p. 555–9. [2] Zavala HA, Nieto CO, Ruelas HJA, Dominguez CAR., Design of a General Purpose 8-bit RISC Processor for Computer Architecture Learning, Comput. y Sist. 2015 Jun 29; 19(2):371−85. [3] Lopez Presa JL, Perez Calle E., MMP16 a 16-bit Didactic Micro-Programmed Micro-Processor. In: 2011 3rd International Conference on Computer Research and Development, IEEE, 2011, p. 61

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Comparative FEM Analysis of Gears Modeled With Analytical, Solid Subtracting and Mixed CAD Generating Method

–27. [7] Tolvaly-Rosca F., Máté M., Forgó Z., Kakucs A., “Development of Helical Teethed Involute Gear Meshed with a Multi-Edge Cutting Tool Using a Mixed Gear Teeth Modeling Method”, Procedia Engineering, Vol.181, pp.153-158, 2016. [8] Ding H, Adayi X.Z.D., “Methods of and outlook for the modeling of spiral bevel gear”, Mach Des Manuf 2014; 51(1): 257–260. [9] Jiang Dan, Wang Lancheng “Research on the method of accurate NURBS surface fitting to scattered points”, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, November 2006, Volume 31, Issue

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Research on Corporate Social Responsibility in Dangerous Industrial Environments

). Challenges of Integrating CSR into Curricula. An analysis of the Romanian educational sytem in Education and Corporate Social Responsibility: International Perspectives Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility, volume 4, Emerald Group Publishing, 2013 [8] Bakos L: Survey on Managerial Attitudes Regarding CSR in the Case of SMEs, International Conference of Management and Industrial Engineering, ICMIE 2013, Bucureşti, 2013 ISSN 2344-0937, 115-123oldal [9] Bakos L: Decision making and managerial attitude regarding Corporate

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Web Application for Romanian Language Phonetic Transcription

Technology and Human–Computer Dialogue (SpeD), 2013, pp. 77–82. [9] J. Domokos, S. László, O. Buza, G. Toderean “Romanian language voice browsing for web applications using grapheme level acoustic modeling” in Advanced Engineering Forum, Vol. 8–9, 2013, pp. 29–36. [10] J. Domokos, O. Buza, G. Toderean, “Romanian phonetic transcription dictionary for speeding up language technology development” in Language Resources and Evaluation, Vol. 49, Issue 2,, 2015, pp. 311-325. [11] A. Stan, M. Giurgiu, “Romanian Language Statistics and Resources for Text

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