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Sustainable Business Development Through Leadership in SMEs

business, enterprise of the future - change management concepts and paradigms]. Warszawa, Poland: Poltext. Hall, J. K., Daneke, G. A., & Lenox, M. J. (2010). Sustainable development and entrepreneurship: Past contributions and future directions. Journal of Business Venturing, 25(5), 439-448. Hambrick, D. C., & Mason, P. A. (1984). Upper echelons: The organization as a reflection of its top managers. Academy of management review, 9(2), 193-206. Hemingway, C. A., & Maclagan, P. W. (2004). Managers' personal values as drivers

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Strategic development of cargo transit services: a case study analysis

Literature Androniceanu, A. (2017). Improving citizens’ satisfaction concerning the social welfare services at urban level. Theoretical and Empirical Researches in Urban Management, 12 (4), 67-82. Блудова, Т. В. (2006). Транзитний потенціал України: формування та розвиток [ Transit potential of Ukraine: formation and development ]. Kyiv, Ukraine: NIPMB. Britchenko, I., & Cherniavska, T. (2017). Transport security as a factor of transport and communication system of Ukraine self-sustaining development. Scientific bulletin Polissia, 1 (1

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Lean Management as an Instrument of Sustainable Development of Enterprises

. Iwasiewicz, Zarządzanie jakością, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa 1999. [9] D. Jones, J. Womack, Lean thinking - szczupłe myślenie Eliminowanie marnotrawstwa i tworzenie wartości w przedsiębiorstwie,, Wrocław 2008. [10] L. Kaźmierczak-Piwko, The development of instruments, Management Systems in Production Engineering No 4 (8), 2012. [11] M. Krasiński Lean management w zapobieganiu i przezwyciężaniu kryzysu w przedsiębiorstwie. [Online]. Available: [12] Langas

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Eco-Innovation in Municipalities as an Element of Smaller Agglomerations Sustainable Development - Case Study

Poland , WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment, 120. DOI: 10.2495/SDP090552 Nowicka-Skowron, M., Nitkiewicz, T., 2011. Sustainable energy sector development through empowerment of individual consumers in EU , 6th International Scientific Symposium on Electrical Power Engineering, ELEKTROENERGETIKA 2011, 274-277, Slovak Republic Oslo manual, 2005. Guidelines for collecting and interpreting innovation data (3rd ed.), OECD Publishing, Luxembourg. Ostraszewska, Z., Tylec, A., Vasylyk, S., 2019. The role of human resources in the creation of

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Role of stakeholders leading to development of higher education services

.1108/00251740510597680 Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia. (2015). Statistical yearbook of Latvia 2014 . Riga, Latvia: Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia. Čiegis, R., & Zeleniūtė, R. (2008). Ekonomikos plėtra darnaus vystymosi aspektu [Economic development in the aspect of sustainable development]. Taikomoji Ekonomika: Sisteminiai Tyrimai , 2 (1), 37-54. Freeman, R. E. (1984). Strategic Management : A stakeholder approach . Boston, USA: Pitman. Garvare, R., & Johansson, P. (2010). Management for sustainability – A stakeholder theory. Total Quality Management

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Development of Learners’ Creativity Potential


The aim of the paper is viewing the ways to develop learners’ creativity potential. The concept of learners’ creativity potential is defined. The structure of creativity potential is specified. Two groups of activities included into the technology are described: the activity of the teacher (activating, cognitive-search, reflexive components); creative self-actualization of students (motivational, procedural, effective components). The methodology of the research includes case study and pedagogical experiment (the pretest-post-test control and experimental group design). Data are gathered by means of conversational interviewing. The research results in suggesting a technology to develop learners’ creativity potential. The paper includes the results of testing the impact of the technology on the level of creativity. The criteria of development of divergent thinking fluency, flexibility, originality, accuracy; self-reliance; imagination; creative motivation; reflexive-analytical skills were considered.

Statistical data processing is performed applying the chi-square test. It shows that the suggested technology is effective in developing learners’ creativity potential.

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Urban Transport Safety Improvement Based on Centralized Traffic Control System, Colombian Case Study

Science and Network Security, Vol. 7 (7), Julio 2007. [7] Thai, T. L., Lam, H., NET framework Essentials , O’Reilly & Associates, 2003. [8] Marmol, F., Programación orientada a objetos en C# , Universidad de Murcia, Julio 2004. [9] Montilva, J., Gharawi, K. H. M., The watch model for development business software in small and midsize organization , IV World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (SCI’2000), Orlando, Florida (USA), Julio 2000. [10] República de Colombia, Ministerio de Transporte, Manual de Señalización vial

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Oilfield development and operations planning under geophysical uncertainty

minimum cost development of offshore oil fields. Management Science , 18 (8), 378-387. doi: 10.1287/mnsc.18.8.B378 Frair, L., & Devine, M. (1975). Economic optimization of offshore petroleum development. Management Science , 21 (12), 1370-1379. doi: 10.1287/mnsc.21.12.1370 Goel, V., & Grossmann, I. E. (2004). A stochastic programming approach to planning of offshore gas field developments under uncertainty in reserves. Computers & chemical engineering , 28 (8), 1409-1429. doi: 10.1016/j.compchemeng.2003.10.005 Gupta, V., & Grossmann, I. E. (2014

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The Impact of Radiation Effect on MHD Stagnation-Point Flow of a Nanofluid over an Exponentially Stretching Sheet in the Presence of Chemical Reaction

References [1] Choi S.U.S. (1995): Enhancing thermal conductivity of fluids with nanoparticles . – In: Siginer, D.A. and Wang, H.P., Eds. Developments and Applications of Non-Newtonian Flows, ASME, New York, pp.99-105. [2] Buongiorno J. (2006): Convective transport in nanofluids . – ASME Journal of Heat Transfer, vol.128, pp.240-250. [3] Cheng L. (2008): Nanofluid two phase flow and thermal physics: a new research frontier of nanotechnology and its challenges . – Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, vol.8, pp.3315-3332. [4] Hu W

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Motion Analysis of the Hydraulic Ladder

.S. 5, 638 267. [17] Sira-Ramirez H. and Agrawal S. (2004): Differentially Flat Systems , ser. Control Engineering Series. New York: Marcel Dekker. [18] Kuric I., Bulej V., Saga M. and Pokorny P. (2017): Development of simulation software for mobile robot path planning with inmultilayer map system based on metric and topological maps. – International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, vol.14, No.6, 1729881417743029. [19] Saga M. and Jakubovicova L. (2014): Simulation of vertical vehicle non-stationary random vibrations considering various

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