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Traditional versus modern apple cultivars – a comparison of juice composition

Bruille J., Barritt B.H., 2004. Global Apple Study - A Comparison of Production Practices and Costs of Production in Leading Apple Producing Countries. INTERPOMA: 5-16. Dziubiak M., 2005. Moda na stare odmiany jabłoni, Szkółkarstwo 1: 58-60. FAO, EUROSTAT, Gerhauser C., 2008. Cancer chemopreventive potential of apples, apple juice and apple components. Planta Med. 74: 1608-1624. Iacopini P., Camangi F., Stefa ni A., Sebastiani L

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Concept of Reconfigurability in Interoperation Manufacturing Buffers for Smart Factory

REFERENCES Bubeník, P., 2004. A scheduling system for minimizing the costs of production . Strojniški vestnik : Journal of mechanical engineering, 50(5), 291-297. ISSN 0039-2480. Bubeník, P., Horák, F., 2014. Proactive approach to manufacturing planning . Quality Innovation Prosperity, 18(1), 23-32. Dulina, L., Malcho, M., Micieta, B., 2003. Optimal utilization of the employees potention in the manufacturing condition, 14th International Symposium of the Danube

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Detection of icaA and icaD genes of Staphylococcus aureus isolated in cases of bovine mastitis in the Republic of Serbia

REFERENCES 1. Kossaibati MA and Esslemont RJ: The costs of production diseases in dairy herds in England. Vet J 1997, 154:41-51. 2. Cantekin Z, Ergun Y, Solmaz H, Özmen GÖ, Demir M, Saidi R: PCR assay with host specific internal control for Staphylococcus aureus from bovine milk samples. Mac Vet Rev 2015, 38:97-100. 3. Watts JL: Etiological agents of bovine mastitis. Vet Microbiol 1988, 16:41-66. 4. Cojkic A, Cobanovic N, Suvajdzic B, Savic M, Petrujkic B, Dimitrijevic V: Chronic mastitis in cows caused by Streptococcus dysgalactiae

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Animal performance and economic implications of alternative production systems for dairy bulls slaughtered at 15 months of age

supplementation at pasture showed reduced performance in the current study, but the profitability of the system increased due to savings on feed, which is consistent with the findings of Crosson et al . (2009) . Utilising pasture in a 15-mo bull production system can reduce the overall costs of production, but this also presents the challenge of achieving the required market specifications. Although numerous studies have investigated the effects of calf nutrition on performance during the finishing period, many of those studies focussed on the influence of pre

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Reengineering of production processes and its impact on the financial situation and business performance of the company

calculation: (4) ROSC = Profit Share   Capital ROSC = {{Profit} \over {Share\;Capital}} Return on sales ROS , which is a ratio widely used to evaluate the entity’s operating performance. ROS indicates how much profit an entity makes after paying for variable costs of production, such as wages, raw materials, etc. (but before interest and tax). It is the return achieved from standard operations and does not include unique or one-off transactions. This indicator encompasses the profit margin aspect. ROS is usually expressed as follows: (5) ROS = EBIT

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In silico selection approach to develop DNA aptamers for a stem-like cell subpopulation of non-small lung cancer adenocarcinoma cell line A549

dissociation constant and the highest binding energy. In cancer, aptamers have been suggested to replace the antibodies mostly for diagnostic purposes, as they are more reliable in terms of reproducibility, stability, and costs of production 7 . The detection of circulating tumour cells (CTC) in body fluids prior to, or at the first medical intervention, would represent a particular challenge for the prediction of disease progression 8 . The two technologies used for CTC enumeration, the Cell Search System ® based on the detection of cancer cell membrane protein markers

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Selected methods of securing the refining sector against crude oil price fluctuations

before the sharp fall in prices on the market in mid-2008. It is also worth noting that the above-mentioned uncertainty of crude oil price on the market volatility increased even more after a significant reduction in crude oil prices in the second half of 2014. As Czyżowski [2015] claims, the market lost its reference point in the moment when the strategy of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was to look to the marginal costs of production to support oil prices, progressing from the physical market to the paper market. It is also worth

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The effects of individual internal versus external reference prices on consumer decisions for pay-what-you-want payments

second hypothesis is as follows: H2: The PWYW payments increase with consumers’ perception of costs of production expressed as the share of the product price. H2a: The PWYW payments increase with consumers’ perception of authors’ reward expressed as the share of the product price. Our stakeholders found the last two hypotheses interesting in the context of the Polish market for e-books. Prices of e-books in Poland are on average 20–30% lower than prices of paper books. Consumers see this as a minor price difference, and actually expect the price of a digital copy

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