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Sow Productivity on Commercial Pig Farms in the Republic of Macedonia


The objectives of the present study were to determine the production performances of sows on commercial pig farms in the Republic of Macedonia, to compare the differences in sow productivity data between small and large farms and to examine interrelationships of key production parameters among farms with different sizes. The study was retrospectively based and included the annual (2012) analyses of the sow productivity data in small (<200 sows, n=4) and large (200-1000 sows, n=5) commercial pig farms. The data was statistically evaluated and compared with the known literature. Sows productivity was greater on the small farms compared to the large ones. The small farms had larger litter per sow (PBL), more pigs born alive (PBA), higher weaning weight (WW) and more pigs weaned per sow per litter (PWSL) than the large ones (p<0.001). Small farms also had greater farrowing rate (FR) (p<0.01). Higher replacement rate (RR), lower average parity (AP), greater number of litters per sow per year (LSY) and higher sow death rate (SDR) were observed in large farms (p<0.001). The large farms also had less non-productive days (NPD) than the small farms (p<0.001). Different intensity of correlations also were observed for several productive parameters among the farm groups. The data obtained in this study show that sow productivity on Macedonian pig farms is lower than in EU countries. Small herds are more efficient than the large herds. Despite all limitations, our study provides information for veterinarians regarding reproductive parameters of sows and their interrelationships on Macedonian pig farms. Further investigation should be made in order to identify whether specific management factors have effect on the productivity of the breeding herd.

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Equine Recurrent Airway Obstruction

). Correlation between nuclear factor-kB activity in bronchial brushing samples and lung dysfunction in an animal model of asthma. Am J Respir Crit Care Med, 161: 1314-1321. PMid:10764329 4. Lavoie, J.P., Maghni, K., Desnoyers, M., Taha, R., Martin, J.G., Hamid, Q.A. (2001). Neutrophilic airway inflammation in horses with heaves is characterized by a Th2-type cytokine profile. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 164: 1410-1413. PMid:11704587 5. Léguillette R

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Optimization, Validation and Application of UV-Vis Spectrophotometric-Colorimetric Methods for Determination of Trimethoprim in Different Medicinal Products

REFERENCES 1. Fresta, M., Furneri, P.M., Mezzasalma, E., Nicolosi, V.M., Pugeisi, G. (1996). Correlation of trimethoprim and brodimoprim physicochemical and lipid membrane interaction properties with their accumulation in human neutrophils, Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 40(12): 2865 - 2873. PMid:9124856 PMCid:PMC163637 2. Saha, N., Kar, S.K., (1977). Metal complexes of pyrimidine-derived ligands - I: Nickel (II) complexes of 2-hydrazino-4,6-dimethyl pyrimidine, J. Inorg. Nucl. Chem. 39, 195-200. 3

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Comparison Between Lignocaine Hydrochloride and Ropivacaine Hydrochloride as Lumbosacral Epidural Anaesthetic Agents in Goats Undergoing Laparoscopy Assisted Embryo Transfer

). Correlation between subjective and objective measures used to determine severity of postoperative pain in dogs. J. Am. Vet. Med. Assoc. 210, 1619-1622. PMid:9170089 32. Lin, H. (2014). Commonly used preanesthetics. In: Farm animal anesthesia. Lin, H and Walz, P (editors), first edition, Wiley Blackwell, Lowa, USA.

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Use Of Hormonal and Ultrasonographic Examinations to Determine the Fetal Number in Bulgarian Local Goats

sheep. PhD thesis, Stara Zagora. [in Bulgarian] 4. Capezzuto, A., Chelini, M.O.M., Felippe, E.C.G., Olivera, C.A. (2008). Correlation between serum and fecal concentration of reproductive steroids throughout gestation in goats. Anim Reprod Sci. 103, 78-86. PMid:17156948 5. Medan, M.S., Abd El-Aty, A.M. (2010). Advances in ultrasonography and its application in domestic ruminants and other farm animals‘ reproduction. J Adv Res. 1, 123-128. 6. Karen, A

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Influence of Breed and Parity on Teat and Milking Characteristics in Dairy Cattle

:// 18. Bobić, T., Mijić P., Vučković, G., Gregić, M., Baban, M., Gantner, V. (2014). Morphological and milkability breed differences of dairy cows. Mljekarstvo 64(2): 71-78. 19. Mijić, P., Knežević, I., Baban, M., Domaćinović, M., Rimac, D. (2003). Investigation of correlations and milking parameter distribution on cattle farms in eastern Croatia. Acta Agron Hung. 51(2): 191-198. 20. Blottner, S., Heins, B.J., Wensch-Dorendorf, M., Hansen, L.B., Swalve, H.H. (2011). Short communication

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Assessment of the Effect of Selected Components of Equine Seminal Plasma on Semen Freezability

storage. Reprod Dom Anim, 41, 33-38. PMid:16420325 29. Pesch, S., Bergmann, M., Bostedt, H. (2006). Determination of some enzymes and macro- and microelements in stallion seminal plasma and their correlations to semen quality. Theriogenology 66, 307-313. PMid:16413936 30. Kareskoski, M., Reilas, T., Sankari, S., Andersson, M., Guvenc, K., Katila, T. (2010). Alkaline and acid phosphatase, β-glucuronidase and electrolyte levels in

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