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Improving the Properties of Clay Soil by Using Laterite Soil for Production of Bricks

Framework for Implementing Sustainability in the Building Sector. 2012, pp. 126–152. [15] BAYIZITLIOĞLU, B.: The Historic Environment: Policy & Practice Conservation and Maintenance of Earth Constructions: Yesterday and Today Conservation and Maintenance of Earth Constructions: Yesterday and Today.Hist. Environ. Policy Pract., Vol. 7505, December 2017, pp. 1–32. [16] DEBOUCHA, S.- HASHIM, R.: Correlation between total water absorption and wet compressive strength of compressed stabilized peat bricks.Vol. 6, No. 10, 2011, pp. 2432–2438. [17] GETACHEW, K

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The Concept of Sustainable Development and Its Impact on the Shaping of Modern International Relations through Global Agreements

References Berdo J. (2006), Zrównoważony rozwój w stronę życia w harmonii z przyrodą [ Sustainable development leading to a life of harmony with nature] , Earth Conservation, Sopot Ciechanowicz J. (1999), Międzynarodowe Prawo Ochrony Środowiska [International environmental protection law] , PWN Legal Press, Warsaw Collados C. and Duane T. (1999), Natural Capital and Land Quality of Life , ‘Ecological Economics’, no. 30 Daly H. (2002), Sustainable

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Strategic Planning for the Development of Ukrainian Agriculture in the Face of Climate Change

), Conceptual approaches to strategic planning , ‘Chernivtsi University Scientific Herald’, Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine, issue 592. Nelson M., and J. Vucetich (2009), On advocacy by environmental scientists: What, whether, why, and how , ‘Conservation Biology’, no. 23. NeuralTools: Guide to Using (2009). Palisade Corporation, NY USA. Pielke R.A. (2007), The honest broker: Making sense of science in policy and politics , Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Tucker J., Daoud M., Oates N. et al. (2015), Social vulnerability in three high

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Multi-Criteria Land use Function Optimization

References BIŁOZOR A., JĘDRZEJOWSKA K., 2012. Optymalizacja przestrzeni miejskiej–studium na przykładzie miasta Olsztyn. Studia i Materiały Towarzystwa Naukowego Nieruchomości–vol. 20 nr 2 2012. BIŁOZOR A., 2013. Development of a Decision-Making Algorithm for Determination of the Optimal Land Use Function. Real Estate Management and Valuation. Volume 21, Issue 3, Pages 15–24. BOWMAN, T., TYNDALL, JC., THOMPSON J., KLIEBENSTEIN J., COLLETTI JP. 2012 multiple approaches to valuation of conservation design and low-impact development features in residential

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Information on the Environment and its Protection in Real Property Management

25.4.2007) DYREKTYWA 2002/49/WE Parlamentu Europejskiego i Rady z dnia 25 czerwca 2002 r. odnosząca się do oceny i zarządzania poziomem hałasu w środowisku EKOPORTAL.GOV.PL - Witryna prowadzona przez Centrum Informacji o Środowisku. dostęp. 20.11.2013 GASTON K.J., CHARMAN K., JACKSON S.F., ARMSWORTH P.R., BONN A., BRIERS R.A., CALLAGHAN C.S.Q., CATCHPOLE R., HOPKINS J.,. KUNIN W.E, LATHAM J., OPDAM P., STONEMAN R., STROUD D.A., TRATT R., 2006, The ecological effectiveness of protected areas: The United Kingdom Biological Conservation, 132 (2006), pp

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Contribution to the Research of Sustainable Tourism Development Concept in the Example of Istria (Croatia)

challenge of sustainable tourism. The Environmentalist, 17, 135-141. Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, 2008. The concept of sustainable tourism in Croatia - First steps taken, holistic view missing. Study on the concept of sustainable tourism - Croatia and the world. Zagreb. Spenceley, A. e., 2008. Responsible Tourism. Critical Issues for Conservation and Development. London: Earthscan. Statistical Office of the Rijeka Municipalities Association, 1986. Statistical Yearbook of Rijeka Municipalities Association (Statistički

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Proposed Concept of Segmentation of Traditional Japanese Emissive Market for Managing Tourist Promotion of Mediterranean Countries

segments. Tourism Management, 23, 367-378. Croatian National Tourist Board, 2013. data base HTZ. Dwyer, L., Teal, G., and Kemp, S., 2007. Organisational culture & strategic management in a resort hotel. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 3(1), 27-36. Fennell, D., and Weaver, D., 2005. The Ecotourism Concept and Tourism Conservation Symbiosis. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 13(4), 373-390. Finn, M., Elliott White, M., and Walton, M., 2000. Tourism and leisure research methods. Harlow, Great Britain

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Fees For Advertisements In The Right-Of-Ways Of Public Roads Incurred By A Given Bank Brand In Poland

Billboards in the U.S. Economy, Journal of Advertising Research, Volume 43, Issue 02, June 2003, pp. 150-161. W awrzynek J., 2007, Metody opisu i wnioskowania statystycznego (Methods of Statistical Description and Inference) , Wydawnictwo Akademii Ekonomicznej im. Oskara Langego we Wrocławiu, p. 62. Act on amending certain acts in connection with the strengthening of the tools of landscape protection from April 2015 (2015 Journal Of Laws, item 774). Act on Nature Conservation from April 2004 (consolidated text, 2013 Journal Of Laws, item 627 as amended

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Urban Greenery as a Component of Real Estate Value

Olsztyn za lata 2012-2013 , accessed 12.04.2016. R udawa D., 2006, Projektowanie nie „zazielenianie” ( Designing vs. “Covering with Greenery”), Facility Manager, Vol. 2, No. 19, pp. 50-53. S itarski M., 2011. Dlaczego należy zmienić definicję „zadrzewień” i „terenów zieleni” w ustawie o ochronie przyrody. (Why is it Necessary to Change the Definition of “Tree Patches” and “Green Areas” in the Nature Conservation Law?), Człowiek i Środowisko (Man and Environment), Vol. 35, No. 1-2, pp. 93

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The Influence of Real Estate on Its Surroundings Based on the Example of the Manufaktura Complex in Lodz

References ASABERE P. K., HUFFMAN F. E., 2001, Historic Districts and Land Values , The Journal of Real Estate Reaserch, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 1-7. BOLITZER B., NETUSIL N. R., 2000, The impact of open spaces on property values in Portland, Oregon , Journal of Environmental Management, No. 59, pp. 185–193. BRUN C. de (red.), 2007, The Economic Benefits of Land Conservation , The Trust for Public Land. CROMPTON, J.L., 2001, The Impact of Parks on Property Values: A Review of the Empirical Evidence , Journal of Leisure Research, No. 33, pp. 1

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