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Corresponding author: Prof. Dr. Codrut Sarafoleanu, ENT&HNS Department, “Sfanta Maria” Hospital, 37-39 Ion Mihalache Blvd., District 1, Bu- charest, Romania e-mail: Received for publication: March 10, 2018 / Accepted: March 15, 2018 A 65-year-old male patient presented to our ENT Department for progressive dysphagia. He described the symptom like a sensation of food getting stuck in the throat. Prior, the patient had been evaluated clinical- ly and paraclinically (neck CT scan) for the same symptoms in another ENT Department. After the

Corresponding author: Vlad Budu, MD, PhD, "Prof. Dr. D. Hociota" Institute of Phono-Audiology and Functional ENT Surgery, 21 Mihail Cioranu Street, 061344, District 5, Bucharest, Romania e-mail: Received for publication: September 2, 2018 / Accepted: September 20, 2018 In our clinical practice we are dealing a lot with pa- tients with chronic rhinosinusitis and it is mandatory to have an accurate diagnose in order to establish the proper therapeutic approach. We usually rely on a cor- rect anamnesis, a rigorous nasal endoscopy performed

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