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, Tonev S, Vitolo A, Davidson M, Spicer J, Greenhill LL, Reiss AL. Neuroanatomical abnormalities in adolescents with attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry 2008; 47(11): 1321-8. 40. Mataró M, Garcia-Sánchez C, Junqué C, Estévez-González A, Pujol J. Magnetic resonance imaging measurement of the caudate nucleus in adolescents with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and its relationship with neuropsychological and behavioral measures. Arch Neurol 1997; 54(8): 963-8. 41. Qiu A, Crocetti D, Adler M, Mahone EM, Denckla MB, Miller

productivity Metal tolerant plants maintained biomass productivity under metal stress. Hence biomass is an important parameter to be considered for analyzing metal toxicity. Plants cleaned with double distilled water and kept in an air dry oven for 7.0 days before measurement of biomass. The dry weight of the individual plants measured with the help of a weight balance (Sartorius, Germany). The biomass expressed as mg dry weight. Photosynthetic pigments Plant pigments measured from acetone – DMSO (1:1) extract of leaf discs. The leaf discs of uniform size made with the help

, Biotti MG, Mera V, Melzi D’Eril G, et al. Plasma measurement of D-dimer levels for the early diagnosis of ischemic stroke subtypes. Archives of internal medicine. 2002 Dec 9-23;162(22):2589-93. PubMed PMID: 12456231. Epub2002/12/03. eng. 84. Takano K, Yamaguchi T, Uchida K. Markers of a hypercoagulable state following acute ischemic stroke. Stroke; a journal of cerebral circulation. 1992 Feb;23(2):194-8. PubMed PMID: 1561647. Epub 1992/02/01. eng. 85. Alvarez-Perez FJ, Castelo-Branco M, Alvarez-Sabin J. Albumin level and stroke. Potential association between lower

model’s prediction capabilities. Fig. 2 shows the application of three performance metrics to evaluate each of the models. These three metrics showed little disparity between ranking the models. This proved the relationship between ROC and PR even though the curves and AUC values can be different ( 49 ). Although ROC-AUC, PR-AUC and MCC are not directly comparable measurements, it was observed that ROC-AUC scores are traditionally higher than the other metrics ( Fig. 2 ). This means that evaluation of model performance based on ROC-AUC scores alone can be misleading

each) from individual plants having similar growth characteristics. The samples were then dried at 80°C in a hot-air oven for two days. The samples were kept in a desiccator before the measurement of dry weight. The data were expressed as dry matter percentage of weight. Sample collection and statistical analysis Only healthy leaves which showed visual uniformity in colour were employed, both in photosynthetic pigment and leaf total protein quantification experiments. Means were compared using Duncan’s multiple range test at a significance level of p <0.05. Data

enzymes in isolated chloroplasts, polyphenoxidase in Beta vulgaris. plant physiology 24: 1-15. 21. Bates, L. S., Waldren, R. P., & Teare, I. D. Rapid determination of free proline for water stress studies. Plant and Soil, 1973, 39, 205-207. 22. Lowry, O. H., Rosebrough, N. J., Farr, A. L., and Randall, R. J. Protein Measurement with the Folin Phenol Reagent J. Biol. Chem. 1951, 193, 265-275. 23. Heath RL, Packer L.. Photoperoxidation in isolated chloroplasts. I. Kinetics and stoichiometry of fatty acid peroxidation. Archives in Biochemistry and Biophysics 1968

mechanisms in A. orientalis , changes not only in proline but also in soluble sugars, sugar alcohols, and glycine betaine should also be considered. MDA is frequently used as a biomarker of ROS-mediated cellular damage after oxidative stress ( 33 , 37 ). An increase in MDA content indicates increased peroxidation of cell membrane lipids, and MDA measurement provides a means of estimating the intensity of the stress and extent of its damaging effects ( 24 ). In our study, both Mo and Zn treatments increased MDA production. However, MDA contents were found to be increased