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The 20 Keys Methodology – Continuous Improvement for Organizational Efficiency

-730. Gilmore, H. L. (1990) Continuous Incremental Improvement: An Operations Strategy for Higher Quality, Lower Costs, and Global Competitiveness, SAM Advanced Management Journal, Winter, 21-25. Ivanova, A., Gray, J., Sinha, K. (2014). Towards a unifying theory of management standard implementation: the case of ISO 9001/ISO 14001, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 34, 1269–1306. Jacobson, G. H., Mccoin, N. S., Lescallette, R., Russ, S., Slovis, C. M. (2009) Kaizen: A method of process improvement in the emergency department, Academic

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Effects of Administrator’s Role in Training Programmes and Trainees’ Motivation on Training MaIntenance

. The transfer of training of kaizen improvement skills using relapse prevention by supervisors in a private-sector enterprise. Nova Southeastern University. Gegenfurtner, A., Veermans, K., Festner, D., & Gruber, H. 2009. Motivation to transfer training: An integrative literature review. Human Resource Development Review 8(3): 403-423. Goldstein, L., & Ford, J. K. 2002. Training in organizations: Need assessment, development and evaluation (4th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Group/ Thomson Learning. Gurdjian, P., Halbeisen

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Lean Management – System Assumptions and Barriers to Implementation

01 May 2018] , [Accessed 01 May 2018],5772 , [Accessed 01 May 2018] Imai, M. (1997). Gemba kaizen a commonsense, low-cost approach to management. Kaizen Institute. Janiszewski, J.M., Siemieniuk, K. (2012). Lean Management jako koncepcja wspomagająca zarządzanie innowacjami w przedsiębiorstwie. Studia i Prace Wydziału Nauk Ekonomicznych i Zarządzania, 30, pp. 49-64. Kolasińska-Morawska, K. ed. (2011

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The Effects of Implementing 5S as the Foundation for Work Improvement on the Workplace

-173. Gapp, R., Fisher, R., Kobayashi, K. (2008). Implementing 5S within a Japanese Context: An Integrated Management System. Management Decision, 46(4), pp. 565-579. Grudziewski, W.M. (2004). Metody projektowania systemów zarządzania. Warszawa: Difin, pp. 14. Imai, M. (2006). Gemba Kaizen. Zdroworozsądkowe, niskokosztowe podejście do zarządzania. Warszawa: MT Biznes, , pp. 104. Jaca, C., Viles, E., Paipa-Galeano, L., Santos, J., Mateo, R. (2014). Learning 5S principles from Japanese best practitioners: case studies of five

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