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Big Data in Health Care: Applications and Challenges

model was applied ( Celesti, Fazio, Romano, & Villari, 2016 ). HIS presents the ability to capture, store, and process health care data and often requires a large number of techniques to assist it. In other words, one of the major research challenges is how to integrate advanced techniques of information processing into HIS ( Roberts, 1985 ). Cloud computing, a technique for data storage and sharing, is widely used in information system. The use of cloud computing in HIS is well known and very common for data processing, data backup, and information sharing between

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Citation performance of publications grouped by keywords, titles, and abstracts

, Waltman and van Eck 2012 ). The method used in this study is related to the categorization done by co-word analysis. Our method is simple and primitive. We treated each word separately and grouped publications according to these single words. If categorization by single words can explain field differences properly, then it is more plausible that a cluster of words also produces meaningful results. Milojevic et al. (2011) conducted a co-word analysis from 16 journals in Web of Science. They were able to integrate words that had the same semantic structure. There

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Burgeoning Data Repository Systems, Characteristics, and Development Strategies: Insights of Natural Resources and Environmental Scientists

scientific data instrumentation and opportunities for repository system development and service improvement. By adopting the classic critical incident methodology ( Flanagan, 1954 ) and creative scenario-building approach, this study aims to answer the following questions: What are the most valuable data features , search properties, and integrative characteristics for scientific data discovery , use , and analysis? How do scientists perceive the characteristics and compare the functionalities of different types of data repository systems? 2 Methodology To

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Document- and Keyword-based Author Co-citation Analysis

contribution and limitation in the last section. 2 Related Studies 2.1 Author Co-Citation Analysis Traditional ACA constructs the raw co-citation matrix mainly by calculating co-citation frequencies among co-cited authors and maps the knowledge domains of certain field(s) via a series of analyses and transitions ( Jeong et al., 2014 ). It is also helpful to find out developing disciplines and distributions of sub-domains via ACA to promote the process of academic integration and communication. In this paper, we introduce the related work following the main steps

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Enhancing Clinical Decision Support Systems with Public Knowledge Bases

rather than concentrating on a small number of narrowly defined diseases. Therefore, our diagnosis prediction algorithms need to draw evidence and help from large-scale, publicly accessible data and knowledge bases, and our methods concentrate on two knowledge bases, Wikipedia, the free text collection that provides rich contextual information but at the word level, and SemMedDB, the conceptual level knowledge bases consisting of the medical concepts and their relationships extracted from PubMed. Figure 2 shows our methods, each of which integrates some or all of the

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Information Security Compliance in Organizations: An Institutional Perspective

stakeholders through the development and implementation of specific strategies and policies for information security ( Cavusoglu et al., 2015 ). This is because that there are increasing pressures on organizations from their operations environments that force individual organizations to pursue such legitimacy. Often such pressures determine the ways in which organizations integrate their information security practices and solutions in the process of complying with information security standards and policies ( Khansa & Liginlal, 2007 ). The presence of various laws and

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Implementation of a Linked Data-Based Genealogy Knowledge Service Platform for Digital Humanities

publishing of a Linked Data data set based on Linked Data technologies so as to support DH. An additional goal is the development of tools for data display, processing, and integration, as well as for utilization on other projects. DM2E has published a Linked Data data set and opened it under CC0 license by default. However, data providers are also allowed to select from other specific open access licenses. The data set contains a variety of historical resources, including manuscripts and related humanities resources such as archive items, letters, books, and journal

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Petabytes in Practice: Working with Collections as Data at Scale

folder number for the underlying physical record, filename and path assigned at the time of capture, SHA256 fixity information, and format information captured by the identity program in the ImageMagick suite. Figure 1 Storage Pool. C = Cassandra Figure 2 Expanded Storage Pool. We rely on Apache Spark ( Zaharia et al., 2016 ) to distribute the training of the machine-learning models. Training and testing data are stored in Cassandra, as Spark integrates with it as a persistence layer. Although Spark has an ML library (Meng, et al., 2016), the

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Business Values/Implications of AI and Machine Learning

society and enterprises. AI and machine learning provide a lot of opportunities for IS. They provide not only new methodologies for us but also phenomena for us to study. 6 Leon Zhao: “AI’s use of computational algorithms to replace human intelligence in decision-making” Many people do not know that I am actually a “hidden” AI researcher. This is because I wrote my dissertation on expert database systems. My dissertation actually concerned the optimization of AI integration in databases. How can one materialize tables in the expert system? Why did I choose this

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To Phrase or Not to Phrase – Impact of User versus System Term Dependence upon Retrieval

française de linguistique appliquée 13 1 9 22 Metrikov, P., Pavlu, V., & Aslam, J. A. (2015, October). Aggregation of crowdsourced ordinal assessments and integration with learning to rank: A latent trait model. In Proceedings of the 24th ACM International on Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (pp. 1391-1400). ACM. Metrikov P. Pavlu V. Aslam J. A. 2015 October Aggregation of crowdsourced ordinal assessments and integration with learning to rank: A latent trait model Proceedings of the 24th ACM International

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