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Academic Self-Efficacy in Military Higher Education: Assessment of the Psychometric Qualities of Perceived Academic Efficacy Scale

- Social and Behavioral Sciences, 199 (2015), pp. 472 - 478, 2015. [8] Alyami, M., Melyani, Z., Al Johani, A., Ullah, E., Alyami, H., Sundram, F., Hill, A., Henning, M., The Impact of Self-Esteem, Academic Self-Efficacy and Perceived Stress on Academic Performance: A Cross-Sectional Study of Saudi Psychology Students, European Journal of Educational Sciences (EJES), Vol. 4, No. 3, pp. 51-68, 2017. doi: 10.19044/ejes.v4no3a5URL: [9] Alegre, A., Academic self-efficacy, self- regulated learning and

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Technical Errors And The Venue Of The Match In Handball

Literature 1. Butler J.L., Baumeister R.F. (1998). The trouble with friendly faces: Skilled performance with a supportive audience. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 75, 1213-1230. 2. Sęk H., Cieślak R. (2004). Social Support, Stress and Health . Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN. 3. Wallace H.M., Baumeister R.F., Vohs K.D. (2005). Audience support and choking under pressure: A home disadvantage? Journal of Sport Sciences 23, 429-438. 4. Baumeister R.F., Steinhilber A. (1984). Paradoxical effect of supportive audience on

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Elimination of Negative Character Features as an Element of Building a Positive Image of Physical Education Teacher

] Zieliński, J. (2001). The modern image of the physical education teacher created by high school students. Przegląd Naukowy Instytutu Wychowania Fizycznego i Zdrowotnego Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego 4, 413-419. [in Polish] Basiaga-Pasternak, J. (2002). Physical education teacher in the opinion of high school students. Studia Humanistyczne 2, 31-40 [in Polish]. Brouwers, A. & Tomic W. (2000). A longitudinal study of teacher burnout and perceived self-efficacy in classroom management. Teach. Teach. Educ. 16(2), 239

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Health Care Professional’s Attitude Towards the Effective Management of Pain in the Critically Ill Neonate

R eferences 1. Ahn Y, Jun Y. Measurement of pain-like response to various NICU stimulants for high-risk infants. Early Hum Dev. 2007;83:255-62. 2. Gradin M, Schollin J. The role of endogenous opioids in mediating pain reduction by orally administered glucose among newborns. Pediatrics. 2005;115:1004-7. 3. Lucas-Thompson R, Townsend EL, Gunnar MR, et al. Developmental changes in the responses of preterm infants to a painful stressor. Infant Behav Dev. 2008;31:614-23. 4. Johnston CC, Collinge JM, Henderson SJ, Anand KJS. A cross

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Effects of eight weeks of physical training on physical performance and heart rate variability in children

., Desouza C., Jones P., Seals D. (1998) Elevated heart rate variability in physically active young and older adult women. Clin. Sci., 94: 579-584. 7. Dishman K., Nakamura Y., Garcia M., Thompson R., Dunna A., Blair S. (1999) Heart rate variability, trait anx­iety, and perceived stress among physically fit men and women. Int. J. Psychophysiol., 37: 121-133. 8. Finley J., Nugent S. (1995) Heart Rate Variability in in­fants, Children and young adults. Journal of the Auto­nomic Nervous System 51, 103-108. 9. Gamelin F

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Association Between Match Activity Variables, Measures of Fatigue and Neuromuscular Performance Capacity Following Elite Competitive Soccer Matches

speed >4 m·s -1 in accordance with standardised Prozone metrics. All measures of fatigue were assessed at baseline, immediately (with the exception of perceived ratings of wellness and CMJ), 40 and 64 h following a match. Procedures Creatine kinase (CK) – capillary blood samples were collected in order to measure serum CK. Samples were collected at the clubs training facility or stadium on arrival (Baseline, 40 and 64 h post-match) and immediately following a match (post-match), and stored on ice before subsequent analysis. Samples were analysed using the ABX

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Physiological and Psychological Changes at the End of the Soccer Season in Elite Female Athletes

indicator of sympatho-vagal balance ( Bosquet et al., 2008 ). RESTQ-sport test analysis The RESTQ-sport recovery-stress questionnaire was used ( Kellmann and Kallus, 2001 ) to determine the perceived stress of seasonal activities. The soccer players had to answer 77 questions related to 19 different scales. In addition, the RESTQ-sport scores were classified as general stress scores (mean of 7 scales), general recovery scores (mean of 5 scales), sport-specific stress scores (mean of 3 scales), and sport-specific recovery scores (mean of 4 scales). The final score

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The resting salivary antimicrobial proteins and cortisol concentration in wrestlers during 12-week training

References 1. Acevedo E., R. Kraemer, G. Kamimori, R. Durand, L. Johnson, V. Castracane (2007) Stress hormones, effort sense and perceptions of stress during incremental exercise: An exploratory investigation. J. Strength Cond. Res., 2: 283-288. 2. Allgrove J.E., E. Gomes, J. Hough, M. Gleeson (2008) Effects of exercise intensity on salivary antimicrobial proteins and markers of stress in active men. J. Sports Sci., 26: 653-661. 3. Bishop N.C., M. Gleeson (2009) Acute and chronic effects of exercise on markers of mucosal immunity. Front

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Workplace Deviant Behaviour Among Public Sector Employees: The Roles of Perceived Religiosity and Job Status

-Hai, L. & Tziner, A. (2014). Relationship between counterproductive work behaviour, perceived justice and climate, occupational status, and leader-member exchange. Journal of Work and Organisational Psychology, 30 (1), 1-12. doi:10.5093/tr2014a1 Cheung, C. & Yeung, J. W. (2011). Meta-analysis of relationships between religiosity and constructive and destructive behaviours among adolescents. Children and Youth Services Review, 33 , 376-385. Elsevier Ltd. doi:10.1016/j.childyouth.2010.10.004 Drabek, M., & Merecz, D. (2013). Job stress, occupational

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Burnout, Depression and Proactive Coping in Underground Coal Miners in Serbia - Pilot Project

.J. Cusack, L. & Hegney, D. (2015). Understanding individual resilience in the workplace: the international collaboration of workforce resilience model. Front Psychol. Feb 4;6:73. DOI: 10.3389/ fpsyg.2015.00073. eCollection 2015 7. Liu, L. Wen, F. Xu, X. & Wang, L. (2015). Effective resources for improving mental health among Chinese underground coal miners: Perceived organizational support and psychological capital. J Occup Health. 57(1), 58-68. DOI: 10.1539/joh.14-0082-OA. 8. Stanetić, K. & Tešanović, G. (2013). Influence of age and length

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