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Commentary on The Psychology of Creativity: A Critical Reading

. P. (2014b). Thinking through creativity and culture: Toward an integrated model . New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers; DOI: 10.15290/ctra.2014.01.02.15 Goncalo, J. A., Flynn, F. J., & Kim, S. H. (2010). Are two narcissists better than one? The link between narcissism, perceived creativity, and creative performance. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 36 , 11, 1484-1495. Guilford, J. P. (1950). Creativity. American Psychologist, 5 , 444–454. falseHass, R. W. (2012). Historiometry as extension of the Consensual Assessment Technique

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How Safe Is Your Neighborhood? Iranian Women’s Perception of Safety and Security

-Sideris, Anastasia., Robin Liggett and Hiroyuki Iseki. (2002). The geography of transit crime: Documentation and Evaluation of Crime Incidence on and around the Green Line Stations in Los Angeles.Planning Education and Research, 2, 135-151. McCord, Eric S, Jerry H. Ratcliffe, R. Marie Garcia and Ralph B. Taylor. (2007). Nonresidential crime attractors and generators elevate perceived neighborhood crime and incivilities. Research in Crime, 3, 95-320. Merry, Sally. E. (1981). Defensible space undefended: social factors in crime control. Urban Affairs

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Social engineering of human resources and provision of medical services on leadership styles in hospitals

References A ij , K.,A ernoudts , R., J oosten , G. 2015. Comparison of Leadership Traits among Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in High-performing, Lowperforming and Lean-Management Hospitals in the USA , British Journal of Education, Society & Behavioural Science, 9(2), 118-130. A usten , A. 2010. Organizacja i zarządzanie,, Wydawnictwo Politechniki Śląskiej, Gliwice, Nr 4 (12), 25-43. B aysaka , B., Y enerb , M.I. 2015. The Relationship Between Perceived Leadership Style And Perceived Stress On Hospital Employees , Procedia - Social And

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Neuromuscular Responses to Simulated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fights

Sports Med, 2007; 28: 116-124 Coutts AJ, Reaburn P. Monitoring changes in rugby league players' perceived stress and recovery during intensified training. Percept Mot Skills, 2008; 106: 904-916 Degoutte F, Jouanel P, Filaire E. Energy demands during a judo match and recovery. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2003; 37: 245-249 Franchini E, de Moraes Bertuzzi RC, Takito MY, Kiss M. Effects of recovery type after a judo match on blood lactate and performance in specific and non-specific judo task. Euro J Appl Physiol

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A variety of processes that affect the perception of skin aging

References 1. Willis J, Todorov A. First impressions: Making up your mind after a 100-ms exposure to a face. Psychol Sci . 2006;17(7):592-8. 2. Christensen K, Thinggaard M, McGue M, Rexbye H, Hjelmborg JVB, Aviv A, et al. Perceived age as clinically useful biomarker of ageing: Cohort study. BMJ . 2009;339(7735):1433. 3. Weinkle SH, Tiesman JP. Genomics of skin aging: practical applications. J Drugs Dermatol . 2009;8:3. 4. Uotinen V, Rantanen T, Suutama T. Perceived age as a predictor of old age mortality: A 13-year prospective study

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Linking job expectation, career perception, intention to stay: Evidence from generation Y

., & Vienazindiene, M. (2010). Expectations and Job Satisfaction: Theoretical and Empirical Approach. 6th International Scientific Conference. ISSN 2029-4441 [5] Dabke D., & Patole S., (2014). Predicting Employee Engagement: Role of Perceived Organizational Support and Perceived Superior Support. Tactful Management Research Journal . Vol. 3, Issue 1, pp. 2319-7943 [6] Dessler, G., (2013). Human Resource Management (Global Edition: 13th ed.). United States of America: Pearson Education. [7] Gamage, P., N., & Herath, H. M. D. K. (2013). Job Related Factors and

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Talent Management, Employee Recognition and Performance in the Research Institutions

. pp. 129-77. Gbadamosi, G. & Ross, C., (2012). Perceived Stress and Performance Appraisal Discomfort: The Moderating Effects of Core Self-Evaluations and Gender. Public Personnel Management, 41(4): 637-659. Haghparast, S., mehrdad, m. & hasan, m., (2012). Relationship between talent management and organizational success.. International Research Journal of Applied and Basic Sciences, 3(12): 2424-2430. III, V. Y. & Ste-Onge, S., (2012). Performance management effectiveness: practices or context?. The International Journal of Human Resource

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Practical Skills of Rhythmic Gymnastics Judges

Sport Sci , 2009; 27: 1125-1136 Cohen L, Manion L. Research Methods in Education. London: Routleledge Falmer; 2000 Ghasemi A, Momeni M, Rezaee M, Gholami A. The difference in visual skills between expert versus novice soccer referees. J Hum Kinet , 2009; 22: 15-20 Goldsmith PA, Williams JM. Perceived stressors for football and volleyball officials from three rating levels. J Sport Behavior , 1992; 15: 106-118 Ittenbach RF, Eller BF. A personality profile of Southeastern conference football officials. J

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Empty nose syndrome

-6632.2009.04481.x. 7. Zhao K., Blacker K., Luo Y., Bryant B., Jiang J. - Perceiving nasal patency through mucosal cooling rather than air temperature or nasal resistance. PLoS One, 2011;6:e24618. 8. Wu X., Myers A.C., Goldstone A.C., Togias A., Sanico A.M. - Localization of nerve growth factor and its receptors in the human nasal mucosa. J Allergy Clin Immunol., 2006;118(2):428-433. Epub 2006 Jun 6. 9. Houser S.M. - Surgical treatment for empty nose syndrome. Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg., 2007;133(9):858-863. 10

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Measuring and evaluating the differences of compared images for a correct car silhouette categorization using integral transforms

References [1] Stylidis, K., Wickman, C., Söderberg, R. (2015). Defining perceived quality in the automotive industry: An engineering approach. Procedia CIRP, 36 (2015), 165-170. [2] Bogue, R. (2013). Robotic vision boosts automotive industry quality and productivity. Industrial Robot: An International Journal, 40 (5), 415-419. [3] Di Leo, G., Liguori, C., Pietrosanto, A., Sommella, P. (2017). A vision system for the online quality monitoring of industrial manufacturing. Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 89, 162

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