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The origin of native selenium microparticles during the oxidation of sideritic mudstones in the Veřovice Formation (Outer Western Carpathians)

clay. Geochim . Cosmochim. Acta 71, 5731–5749. Cornelis G., Johnson C.A., Van Gerven T. & Vandecasteele C. 2008: Leaching mechanisms of oxyanionic metalloid and metal species in alkaline solid wastes: A review. Appl. Geochem . 23, 955–976. De Cannière P., Maes A., Williams S., Bruggeman Ch., Beauwens T., Maes N. & Cowper M. 2010: Behaviour of selenium in Boom clay. External report of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre. SCK.CEN-ER-120, 10/PDC/P-9, 1–328. Online: Jiang X., Lin X., Yao D., Zhai S. & Guo W

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Genetic variability of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) and Norway spruce (Picea abies L. Karst.) natural regeneration compared with their maternal stands

-2070. Dobrowolska D. 2010. Warunki powstawania odnowień naturalnych sosny zwyczajnej (Pinus sylvestris L.) na terenie Nadleśnictwa Tuszyma [Establishment condition of Scots pine natural regeneration in Tuszyma Forest District]. Leśne Prace Badawcze,71 (3): 217-224. Gudet J. 2002. J. Fstat version 1.2: a computer program to calculate Fstatistics. Journal of Heredity, 86 (6): 485-486. Gömöry D. 1992. Effect of stand origin on the genetic diversity of Norway spruce (Picea abies Karst.) populations. Forest Ecology Management, 54: 215

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Foreign medical practitioners: requirements for medical practice and postgraduate training in Thailand under ASEAN Economic Community liberalization in 2015

) psychiatry, (2) child and adolescent psychiatry, (3) forensic medicine, (4) anatomical pathology, (5) clinical pathology, (6) general pathology, (7) therapeutic radiology and oncology, (8) family medicine, (9) emergency medicine, (10) nuclear medicine, (11) oncology, and (12) hematology. Internship experience is not required for application in these fields and applicants in this category can begin their training as early as the year following graduation. The duration of training is normally 3 years, except for 4-year training programs in child and adolescent psychiatry

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Identification of European and Japanese Larch and Their Interspecific Hybrid with Morphological Markers: Application to Young Seedlings

-194. DESTEUCQ, O. (2003): Catalogue of Larch basic materials in Europe. ‘Towards a European Larch Wood Chain’ EU project. Ed. Centre de Recherche de la Nature, des Forêts et du Bois, Gembloux (B). ENNOS, R. A. and T. QIAN (1994): Monitoring the output of a hybrid larch seed orchard using isozymes markers. Forestry 67: 63-74. GROS-LOUIS, M. C., J. BOUSQUET, L. E. PÂQUES and N. ISABEL (2005): Species-diagnostic markers in Larix spp. based on RAPDs and nuclear, cpDNA and mtDNA gene sequences, and their phylogenetic implications. Theor. Appl. Genet

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Zirconia Nanoparticles Impact On Morphophysiological Data And Mineral Composition Of P. ostreatus

, Santos-Rocha TA, Rasteiro MG, Antunes F, at al. Toxicity of organic and inorganic nanoparticles to four species of white-rot fungi. Sci Total Environ. 2013;458-460:290-297. DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2013.04.019.Epub2013May8. . [4] Doroshkevich NV, Frontasyeva MV, Doroshkevich VS, Shylo AV, Ostrovnaya TM, Pavlov SS, et al. Interaction of P. ostreatus (Jacq.: Fr.) Kummer mushroom with zirconium oxide nanoparticles. Annual report FLNP JINR. 2014;103-107.

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Genetic Diversity and Gene Flow of Quercus crispula in a Semi-Fragmented Forest Together With Neighboring Forests

-990. BACLES, C. F. E., A. J. LOWE and R. A. ENNOS (2004): Genetic effects of chronic habitat fragmentation on tree species: the case of Sorbus aucuparia in a deforested Scottish landscape. Molecular Ecology 13: 573-584. BERG, E. E. and J. L. HAMRICK (1992): Regional genetic variation in turkey oak, Quercus laevis. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 23: 1270-1274. COTTRELL, J. E., R. C. MUNRO, H. E. TABBENER, A. D. MILNER, G. I. FORREST and A. J. LOWE (2003): Comparison of fine-scale genetic structure using nuclear microsatellites within two

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ANA Testing: What should we know about the methods, indication and interpretation?

1 Introduction Autoantibody detection plays an important role in the clinical management of patients with connective tissue disease. Detection of Anti-nuclear antibody (ANA) is a common screening test ordered during initial workup. Though ANA testing is simple, different laboratories vary in their test methodology and reporting format, and that could be confusing. In this review, a general introduction on the common diagnostic assays employed in ANA test, along with issues related to the interpretation would be discussed. In addition, an update on anti

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The Effect of Altitude on the Pattern of Gene Flow in the Endemic Canary Island Pine, Pinus canariensis

References DEL ARCO AGUILAR, M. J., P. L. PÉREZ DE PAZ, O. RODRÍGUEZ DELGADO, M. SALAS and W. WILDPRET (1992): Atlas Cartográfico de los Pinares Canarios II: Tenerife. Gobierno de Canarias, Consejería de Política Territorial, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. AUCKLAND, L., T. BUI, Y. ZHOU, M. SHEPHERD and C. WILLIAMS (2002): Conifer Microsatellite Handbook. Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas. BOHONAK, A. J. (2002): IBD (Isolation by Distance): A program for analyses of isolation by distance. Journal of Heredity

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Donald Trump’s Administration Confronting Missile Defence: Key Challenges and Probabilistic Overview

Works Cited Armstrong, M.J. The Effectiveness of Rocket Attacks and Defenses in Israel . “Journal of Global Security Studies”, no. 3.2 (2018), pp. 113–132. Baucom, D. The Rise and Fall of Brilliant Pebbles . “The Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies”, no. 29.2 (Summer, 2004), pp. 143–190. Web. 24 July 2018, . Baucom, D. US Missile Defense Program, 1944 – 1994: A Protracted Revolution. Ballistic Missile Defense

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A New Breeding Strategy for Pinus radiata in New Zealand and New South Wales

Forest Research Institute, Rotorua, N. Z.. 354p. (pp 226-230). JOHNSON, I. G., I. M. COTTERILL, C. A. RAYMOND and M. HENSON (2008): Half a century of Pinus radiata tree improvement in New South Wales. New Zealand Journal of Forestry 52: 7-13. KING, J. N., M. J. CARSON and G. R. JOHNSON (1998): Analysis of disconnected diallel mating designs II - results from a third generation progeny test of the New Zealand radiata pine improvement programme. Silvae Genetica 47: 61-76. KUEHN, L. A. (2005): Implications for connectedness

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