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Verification of Counterurbanisation Processes: Example of the České Budějovice Region

: Sociologický časopis , Vol. 44, No. 2, p. 321-348. http://, DoA: 18.05.2011. Ouredníček, M., Špačková, P. and Feřtová, M. , 2011: Změny sociálního prostř edí a kvality života v depop-ulačních regionech České republiky (Changes in social milieu and quality of life in depopulating areas of the Czech Republic - in Czech). In: Sociologický časopis , Vol. 47, No. 4, p. 777-803. http://sreview.soc., DoA

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A disequilibrium mechanism: When managerial decisions cause macroeconomic instability

-105. Retrieved from: Maziarz, M. (2017a). The Reinhart-Rogoff controversy as an instance of the ‘emerging contrary result’ phenomenon. Journal of Economic Methodology , 24 (3), 1-13. doi: 10.1080/1350178X.2017.1302598 Maziarz, M. (2017b). Przyczynowość w ekonomii. Najnowsze badania i nierozwiazane problemy. Annales. Ethics in Economic Life , 20 (1), 63. doi: 10.18778/1899-2226.20.1.05 McClelland, D. C., & Burnham, D. H. (2008). Power is the great motivator . Harvard, US: Harvard Business Review Press. McWilliams, A

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Locating South Africa within the global adventure tourism industry: the case of bungee jumping

Tourism Research, Vol. 9, pp. 257-274. DOI: 10.1002/ jtr.610 Sirgy, M.J., 2010: Toward a Quality-of-Life theory of leisure travel satisfaction. In: Journal of Travel Research, Vol. 49, pp. 246-260. DOI: 10.1177/0047287509337416 Smalman, N., 17 February 2012: Big Swing court case reaches a result; content/en/lowveld/lowveld-news-general?oid=50359 08&sn=Detail&pid=490171&Big-Swing-court-casereaches- a-result, DoA: 11th August 2013. Spenceley, A., 2010: Tourism Product Development

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Factors controlling consumer behaviour in frontier towns

context of local daily life, national politics and supranational requests - in German). In: Beiträge zur Regionalen Geographie , 51, Leipzig: Institut fur Landerkunde Leipzig e.V. Weiler, H.N., 1995: Grenzen als intelektuelle Herausforderung: Die Europa-Universitaet Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) (Borders as intelectual challenge: the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) - in German). In: Pfeiffer, W. editor, Wissenschaftseinrichtungen und Strukurentwicklung in der Grenzregion. Modelfall Europa- Univesitaet Viadrina Frankfurt (O

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Analysis of Innovations in the European Union Via Ensemble Symbolic Density Clustering

2013, establishing Horizon 2020 - the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020) and repealing Decision No 1982/2006/EC, h2020/legal_basis/fp/h2020-eu-establact_en.pdf. Rendón E., Abundez I., Arizmendi A., Quiroz E., 2011, Internal versus external cluster quality indexes, International Journal of Computers and Communications, issue 1, vol. 5, 27-34. Rynardowska-Kurzbauer J., 2015, Innowacyjność wybranych krajów Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej, Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki

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Pedagogy of Financial Education among College Students

Schemes in the EU27. Hamburg, Germany. Hogarth, J.M. (2006). Financial Education and Economic Development. [Accessed 25.08.2015]. Available from Internet: Ishikawa, K. (1985). What is Total Quality Control? The Japanese Way. London, England: Prentice Hall. Johnson, E., & Sherraden, M.S. (2007). From Financial Literacy to Financial Capability Among Youth. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, (34(3)), 119-145. Kivial, B., & Morduch, J. (2012). From Financial

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Some considerations on the relationship between economic and social cohesion and implementation of the cohesion policy

.04.2015). • Baun Michael and Marek Dan, 2014, Cohesion policy in the European Union , Palgrave Macmillan Publishers, London and New York. • Benner Chris and Pastor Manuel, 2014, “Brother, Can you Spare some Time? Sustaining Prosperity and Social Inclusion in America’s Metropolitan Regions”, Urban Studies , LII(7): 1339-1356. DOI: 10.1177/0042098014549127. • Camagni Roberto, Capello Roberta, 2015, “Rationale and Design of EU Cohesion Policies in a Period of Crisis”, Regional Science Policy & Practice , VII(1): 25-47. DOI: 10.111/rsp3.12047. • Citizen

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Correspondence Analysis as a Tool for Computer Modeling of Sustainable Development

Bibliography Butlin J., 1987, Our common future. By the World Commission on Environment and Development, Journal of International Development, no. 1(2). Countries in the world by population , 2018, Worldometers. Retrieved from . GNI per capita, Atlas method (current US$) – Country Ranking , 2018, Index mundi. Retrieved from [income] . Hack P.A., 2018, New Generation of Data for Human Development . Retrieved from http

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Health services, 2015

supplementary estimate for vote 38 health. 8 December. Dáil Debates. Dáil Éireann. (2015b).Written questions to Minister for Health, Number 308. 28 April. Dáil Debates, 876 (1). Dáil Éireann. (2015c). Written questions to Minister for Health, Numbers 332, 345, 379, 432 and 433. 7 July. Dáil Debates. Department of Health. (2012). Future health. A strategic framework for reform of the health services 2012-2015. Dublin: Department of Health. Department of Health. (2014a). Implementation of the Protection of Life in

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Belarus: Transformation from Authoritarianism towards Sultanism

. Institute of the Judiciary in Belarus. PHD thesis, Kaunas: Vytautas Magnus University. Korosteleva, E. 2003. Is Belarus a Demagogical Democracy? Cambridge Review of International Affairs , 16(3). Korosteleva, E. 2005. The quality of democracy in Belarus and Ukraine. Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics, 20(1). Levitsky, S. and Way, L., 2002. The rise of competitive authoritarianism. Journal of Democracy, 13(2), pp. 51–65. Linz, J. and Stepan, A. 1996. Problems of Democratic Transition and Consolidation. Southern Europe, South

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